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  1. I have not edited any of my posts since I was here yesterday. Care to quote me on what you are accusing me of? Let me give you a few examples: Still scratching my head on where I called people names. And no one said anything about my posts? Let me scratch a little harder.... So yes, accused of baiting. Actually, here is what was said..... Putting words into my mouth. I'm sorry, I don't remember saying anyone was below me. Could you find that quote for me please? Accused of baiting again. Here, I was called ignorant. So yep....looks like everything I said was true about the accusations, name calling and putting words in my mouth.
  2. Where have I ever stated I am for/against gays? I have not made a statement either way, in fact...I pointed out both sides. And I am the ignorant one? You (you as in certain posters) have put words in my mouth, called me ignorant, said I called someone dumb when I said it was the "dumbest post", accused me of baiting when I have only been making statements that well, you simply don't like. Really? Are any of you adults? The FACT is, not everyone believes like you. Not everyone likes gays (or fat people, or alcoholics, or Jordan, or Jeff, etc). This does not make them a bad or uneducated or ignorant person. They believe a certain way because of life experiences and that, honey, is just how it is. Its not about minority/majority. Its about the freedom to believe in the things you believe are right for you. Just because its right for someone else does not mean its right for you. I am not defending Jeff because I like and/or agree/disagree with him. I have stated previously that I do not care for him anymore after seeing his ego in the Jury House. All I am saying is that calling someone ignorant because they don't think like you do is ridiculous. And for the record, I wasn't talking book smarts either. If someone doesn't think a gay person can teach children, showing them statistics or reports, or trying to make them no longer "ignorant" (as you put it) isn't going to change their mind. Ivgal, please don't PM me and tell me everythings ok if you are going to continue to flame me here on these boards.
  3. No, actually its your personal belief that if others believe differently than you do, they must be ignorant. Yet you try to make your personal belief to come off as fact. A person believing a gay person shouldn't teach children makes them no more ignorant than you preaching how people who don't think like you are ignorant. If a person thinks gays aren't capable of teaching children (or whatever scenario you want to put in here), it is a personal belief and has nothing to do with their intelligence or education level. Are some children dumber because they believe in Santa Claus? Are some of our Scientists ignorant (as you put it) because they believe in life on other planets and some people don't? Fact is, a persons personal belief has NOTHING to do with their intelligence level. Osama Bin Laden was as against our belief's as he could be, but his planning of his attacks proved he was a pretty smart cookie. He was not ignorant just because he didn't believe the way we do. He brought this economy down to its knees, so yes....he won. Not a dumb man. If you REALLY want the proof that your ways are flawed then just look at it like this..... Person A (a business owner) hates gays and you want to educate him to make him "educated". Person A believes his way of believing is right and tries to make you understand how vile and nasty gays are. How would you feel if person A did that? Now you know how they feel when you do that. Its like a form of hypocrisy. You are trying to do to others what you don't want done to you lol. Saying people who dont believe the same things you do are ignorant, shows a LOT about your need for some education yourself.
  4. Dumbest post I've seen on these boards. I really feel sorry for this person.
  5. IF Rachael can make it to F2, she is a guaranteed win regardless. She will have the votes of Jeff, Jordan, Brenden, and Shelly (a vote to "make up" for what she did to J/J).
  6. Why must everyone be expected to accept those who prefer the same sex? Why must everyone be expected to not accept those who prefer the same sex? One is no more right or wrong than the other. Get over yourselves. Someone believes a certain way and makes a comment about it. Big freakin deal. It doesn't make them a bad person. "I dont like gays and I think they shouldn't teach children" "Im gay and believe I should have the same rights as those who aren't" "I dont like gays and I think they should not adopt" "Im gay and I can be a better parent than a male/female couple" WHO CARES? Just because of a person BELIEF'S doesn't make them mean, bad, arrogant, etc. Show me a crime someone has done and we'll talk. Hurting your feelings isn't a crime.
  7. Actually he did throw comps. He was smart enough to throw the comps when he wasnt a target so that it wouldn't put a target on his back. He swapped sides back and forth when he needed to in order to further himself in the game. Pretty smart player IMO. Definitely deserving of a F2 2nd place win or possible even a win.
  8. I know right...like Adam was supposed to keep her (or anyone for that matter) so he could help them win. I guess Adam just gave up his summer to be on tv and had no desire to win the money. Who woulda thunk it? Shame on Adam for doing what everyone else was doing (insert eye roll here).
  9. Napper

    America's Choice - Jury Prize $25,000

    Every time I have tried to vote (4 times this morning) online, this is what i get: Validate captcha failedValidate captcha failedValidate captcha failed User must be logged in to answer this poll question: 686(I have checked the captcha's repeatedly and they are correct. I am also clearly logged in because my username is displayed and it gives me the option to log OUT chuskey11 | Logout Anyone else having issues here? This isnt the first time that I have tried to vote. I have not gotten in one single vote yet. Sorry its all jumbled up, I was copying/pasting from the site to show what I am getting.
  10. Thats what I thought too, but it confused me when they gave the option to vote for all 12. I wonder if they ever announce who got the most votes over all (if in the F2) and then say who the winner is (not in F2).
  11. Janelle is my all time fav player on BB - ever. How on earth she ever had anything to do with Porche is beyond me. Janelle is spicy and fiesty and Porche is just.....a waste of space? Not sure how to put it. I have never, ever liked Porche in this game. Its not a noob/vet thing because I like Adam. Its just that Porche made for a very dull season and did as much coat tail riding as Jordan.
  12. I looooove Jordan in the game, but as a person and not a gamer. Sure, she won a HOH and came close on others. I think she tried once the comp got there but didn't really put any forethought into it. She was very blah all season except for her incident with Shelley. I never seen very much mental strategizing and she all but admitted (numerous) times that she didnt want to be there anyway. I cannot STAND Dani, but I would have rather seen Dani win over Jordan this season. I would have liked to seen a Jor/Rach F3 with Rach winning but I will take Adam/Rach just the same. Its really quite stomach turning that all the J/J lovers keep trying to shove them down our throats....like we should like them too. Most of us DO like J/J but that doesn't mean we think they should win.
  13. Ya'll are forgetting the Grod factor here. Its almost as if the "winner" is already determined. Why else would Adam and Porche give up so easily on this part 1 HOH comp? The show is all about roller coaster rides. Its been up/down for weeks. Porche nominated (up), Porche wins Veto (down), Rach gets to stay (up), Jordan has to leave (down), Rach wins part 1 HOH (up)........ Rach prob wont win final HOH (down), People will start rooting for Adam (up), Porche will win the game (down). There is SO much hype and hope for Rachael at this point, its almost a surety she wont win the game. It has happened SOOO many times now where an undeserving person wins. I am still rooting for a Rach/Adam F2, with Rach winning the game AND America's Choice.
  14. Yeah ole Rob and Amber have it made. She won, he won, CBS paid for and aired their wedding....give me a break. Enough is enough. Get real people with no jobs or average jobs, homeless people, people who could totally change their lives to have the money. Give me a Muslim who wears a head wrap, a fat person, a midget. Give me the real world because hot young models on every single show don't cut it for me. I haven't watched Survivor in years now. They throw in 1 or 2 older people and make a cast of swim suit models and calendar boys. I just can't connect with that.