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  1. mischiefmanaged

    Bopper Minton and Mark Jackson

    Love it whenever these guys are on.
  2. mischiefmanaged

    Colton Cumbie

    Is this crumb cake for real? Why is anyone even listening to him. Where's that throw-up smiley?
  3. mischiefmanaged

    Amani and Marcus Pollard - 3rd place

    I thought they were going to throw up on that awful spinning teacup ride. I was concerned the ride provided only one vomit bag per teacup. Thought everyone was going to toss their cookies though, honestly. I heaved after riding a Ferris wheel once.
  4. mischiefmanaged

    Bill and Cathi Alden (Eliminated 7th-Nov 27)

    Wouldn't mind at all if these two won. And oh boy what rockin' bodies at sixty-something!
  5. mischiefmanaged

    "Coach" Wade

    Now, that was fun to watch. Loved this episode. Had to watch it at 1:37 AM due to basketball hogging the channel but it was worth it.
  6. mischiefmanaged

    Got a Question for Shelly?

    Who do you respect most from the house? ... and respect the least? What most surprised you about yourself during the season?
  7. "Pet peeve about your teammate: My dad gets stuck in his ways and will not hear reason." Yep, saw some of that tonight. Dad reminds me of a stubborn but careless kid sometimes and Zac seems more thoughtful, may be just the editing.
  8. mischiefmanaged

    Liz and Marie Canavan (Eliminated 4th-Oct 23)

    Darn it, I liked them. Love how they got all excited about cleaning elephant ... dung. Thought they were positive and fun, sorry to see them go.
  9. mischiefmanaged

    "Coach" Wade

    Even Dragonslayers can whine and wimp out once in a while, sigh...
  10. mischiefmanaged

    Rupert Boneham for Gov.

    Have to say it was kind of fun to see this. Good luck to him.
  11. mischiefmanaged

    "Coach" Wade

    Coach. He's just doing it for me. I like "Benjamin" even better...
  12. Coach is my weakness

  13. mischiefmanaged

    Bill and Cathi Alden (Eliminated 7th-Nov 27)

    Forget the age, I wouldn't want a partner who's a "Procrastinator, tidy and worrisome".
  14. I like them already. But uh oh, "I'm gluten-free..." Hope that doesn't cause speed bumps.
  15. I was rooting for them within seconds. They seem so energetic without being uptight and ready to kill each other. Hope they'll be around for the long run.
  16. mischiefmanaged

    Brandon Hantz

    Ok, not liking this guy one bit. Creeps me out. Serious screw loose, this one. Have a bad feeling he's not going home anytime soon either.
  17. mischiefmanaged

    Brandon Hantz

    This guy's entered my head almost as much as Coach has since the premiere. Hope neither of these guys gets voted out any time soon. Would like to see what Brandon's made of. Would like to continue my embarrassing crush on Coach. At some point, sweet sedated Coach will grow tiresome and I'll want to see the mighty Dragonslayer unleashed.
  18. mischiefmanaged

    Porsche - BB13 Second Place

    Gosh my taste sucks. I actually thought it made her look more... interesting. Creative or energetic or enigmatic or something.
  19. mischiefmanaged

    Christine Shields Markoski

    Don't like her already.
  20. mischiefmanaged

    Brandon Hantz

    I gave this guy the benefit of the doubt until he creeped me out on tonight's episode. And how many dorky ways can he wear a T-shirt trying to hide his tattoo. He could just reveal it without calling attention to it and if someone asks, laugh it off and deny any family relation.
  21. mischiefmanaged

    Edna Ma

    What a sweetheart she was tonight when she was the only one to stay back and graciously ask Coach if he needed help carrying anything, when all his team mates turned their sore loser backs to him.
  22. mischiefmanaged

    John Cochran

    Didn't realize I was rooting for him so much until he was warned he might be sent home.
  23. mischiefmanaged

    Adam - Week 11 - Evicted 9/14 Jury #7

    I feel so happy that Rachel won, and then a few seconds later it's tainted by Adam's ridiculous big baby behavior. Just can't get that spiteful hypocritical delusional jerk out of my head.
  24. mischiefmanaged

    Porsche - BB13 Second Place

    Congratulations. Have to admit I was a whole lot of happy when she went to final 2 and Angry Adam was sent through the door of shame. I don't think I disliked her too much but if she would have won against Rachel... I'm still furming about Adam's sore losership, and so happy Rachel won... that I'm glad Porshe won 2nd place.
  25. mischiefmanaged

    Jordan - Week 10 Nominee - Evicted - Jury #6

    She looked super adorable tonight, and loved her smile when she realized Rachel won. Also adorable that Jeff had his hand sweetly resting on her knee back there.