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  1. finallly some one who makes sense here. This is the first week ANYONE has played their own game! This is the FIRST week that HOh hasn't been controlled, taken over, and abused by the sloths macstinky and manyeasty. There is nothing E could have done differently that would have helped save her, so why not go after the biggest threats? So okay her plan 2 backdoor manyeasty has failed, but no matter what she will take away a minion from the control freaks of the house. If either arryn or andy go, she still has taken away a tool from them, and they would have been putting her up on the block, even if she hadn't tried to break up the nasty duo.
  2. Who cares how many comps this total waste of a human being wins? She is still a unapologetic racist, who is allowing others to control the HOH's she wins, U thinks this makes her awesome? Gagging here They are an awful cast, with Amanda and Aaryn being the worst of the bunch, I am reading all these posts supporting an apologetic racist house guest, that if any of you watch the feeds, you will find that she hasn't stopped with her hate speech, and I cannot support or cheer for somone as nasty, as cold, or as racist as she and Amanda are. I do not understand all this cheering for such a openly cold racist human being
  3. Okay, looks like I am in the minority here, but I am going to vent, and then that is the last you will see me this season - UNLESS- by some miracle, Janelle manages to get the votes to stay! If and When Janelle leaves, this will turn into another chill town, without anyone likeable to cheer for. I think Danielle wasted her HOH, by NOT getting out Frank. I can't believe that both brat and dan trust and like elf(boogie) better than janelle. Well they will get what is coming to them and I predict that the following weeks will see dan/brit and then danielle leaving, I predict that Wil/Joe or Ash will win the next HOH, and then possibly the very next one! Janelle made this season bearable - she ACTUALLY played the game, while elf was just nauseating with his dr's, and a lazy dumb ass to boot. They have had 3 chances to get rid of Frank and like Janelle said, they are handing him the 500K, with Ian getting the 50K, cause Frank will drop Shane when it comes to F3 Remember you heard it here. Out and about, have a good summer! Toy
  4. Why when I go into chat, is there no sign of anybody being there, or being able to actually "chat"
  5. why can't I get into chat

  6. I am getting nothing when I hit "Chat", or try my shortcut to get in
  7. 11:58pm, BBT Adam asks big brother to make the next competition on Saturday instead of tomorrow, he feels they deserve a day of rest (Wuss) and complains about his back. He complains that they have done so much in the last couple of days, that they need to delay the next comp. They both think the next one will be the picture mash-up and Porsche says she will be spending the night looking at pictures again. Adam, me too. Porsche is cheating at cards with Adam, doesn't like to lose this girl. The topic comes up again, about who will win in F2 with whose votes, Porsche makes comment that maybe evicting Jordan tonight was a bad move that people in Jury would get mad at her. Porsche really trying to get Adam to make a deal to take each other to the F2, for some reason, they don't think Rachel will win. Adam is worried about Dani's vote. Adam is still trying to get her to understand, that he wants to win against the best, that is making Porsche feel like he won't take her. Now they are talking about America's favorite, and Porsche thinks it might be Kalia or Shelley, Adam doesn't agree. (What they don't realize that it isn't only the players in jury that are eligible.) (My guess is, that after tonight and everything she said, Jordan will get it.... just guessing.) Now Adam is trying to get Porsche to understand why he put her up in last HOH, I think he wants her jury vote. (For some reason, I think both of these newbies are thinking of taking Rachel to F2, cause they don't think that Rachel would have the votes to beat them.) Porsche, tells him "it really didnt' matter to me". Then Adam tells about Jordan's reaction to when he told her she was going up on the block. Porsche's reaction to this is a snide comment "what a funny little person she is, does she think she is a planner"?? Then Porsche says she would have won that veto comp, anyway she didn't need to be pepped up, that she is good at things like that. Adam going on about sticking to his word, being a good competitor and blah, blah, blah... Rachel is out of DR, they start talking about hoping the next part of the comp is not tomorrow but Saturday. They start re-hashing tonight's comp, and Porsche comments on how awful she looked standing up there, and how she looked bad the last endurance comp also. Lovely, now they are talking about throwing up in the pool of goo. And deciding it was a good thing that none of them did. Porsche mentions how every time Adam squirmed, he shook the whole contraption, and it made it worse for her. Now they are talking about what the jurors see in the jury house, Porsche and Adam think that the jurors see the speeches that are made at eviction time, Rachel tells them no. Adam still seems mad at Kalia and her lies and false promises. (Well, I might as well hit the hay, nothing going to happen any more tonight except card playing and telling stories.)
  8. It is now 11:51PM BBT, and Rachel is in DR, Porche and Adam are playing cards still, they have gone over a few different scenarios on who would get whos vote in the Final 2. Adam makes a joke that they should start a fight with Rachel so that, she hits one of them and gets self-evicted. Porche makes a comment about how Adam should take her, and Adam goes over his redundant speech, that he has won as many competitions as Rachel so if Brendon doesn't vote for him, then Brendon is a hypocrite. (I don 't know how this guy can call every group win a win in his columns for competitions??) (He never HAD to fight to stay, like Rachel did, he didn't start winning anything until Jeff was evicted, and he floated back and forth the whole season, sorry, I don't see him as the competitor as Rachel is.... just saying.) They continue to play cards in silence, then talk about the competition tonight and how long they were up there, 22 minutes for Adam.
  9. Kalia and Jordan talking in HOH, sounds to me like Kalia is trying to wreak havoc with the Vets, by throwing Rachel under the bus, and hinting that maybe Rachel would flip on J&J and not have their backs. Kalia says " I am not blowing smoke up your butt,, and then goes on to say that Brenchel might possibly flip next week. Jordan is listening and almost agreeing with Kalia, she keeps saying how angry Jeff would be with Brenchel, if they do flip on them. Kalia keeps saying things like Brenchel is a "real couple" compared to other teams. Also puts idea into Jordans head that Rachel might think she can play dom and pull him over to ther side. Jordan replies with the comment "we are bored, it is making us paranoid" Kalia continues throwing logs onto the anit rachel fire. Personally, I think Kalia is doing whatever she can to break up the alliance of the vets, but constantly reminding jordan of all the stupid mistakes rachel has been making. Now it is just general chit chat. Gotta go for now
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