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  1. Was wondering about this. Haven't been visiting the message boards this season and haven't watched any of the feeds. But Shelly drives me absolutely nuts. As a matter of fact, the entire "cast" is driving me nuts this season. They really need to find some likeable/SMART people next season. BB is becoming very difficult to watch.
  2. Checking in for the first time this season to see who people like or hate. Not watching the feeds, just the shows. Without question this is my least favorite season of BB. Could not be more bored. Some extremely bad "acting" in the diary room and just boring, ugly and unimaginative people. Ugh. Haven't missed an episode of BB for years, but not feeling remotely inclined to continue tuning in. Probably will out of habit, but what a meh cast.
  3. bolt1963

    Friday, July 17th

    have a clue how they are coming off? Have not watched any of the live feeds and first time logging into this site this season. Quick browsing, looks like I have who I hate and like along the lines with everyone else. My question is do these people know they are most likely disliked by America? Or do they think they are the "good" guys? I have no problem with people who are jag offs like Russell...at least he knows what a douche he is. Just hate people who think they are angels and above board when they are skanky douches.
  4. Kinda watching this season so far. Guess they went with ugly people to make it more interesting, but so far looks like they missed their mark. If I wanted to watch annoying idiots- at least give me some eye candy.
  5. Am I to assume that your name refers to the Chargers? If so, RIGHT ON, GO BOLTS!!! I know we say it every year, but this is really gonna be our year, I can feel it!!!

  6. bolt1963

    Why No Cbs Popularity Polls This Season?

    You people are nuts. But at least I have a reason to watch the rest of the season now. I have decided Natalie is one of the most vile, disgusting, nauseating low rent skanks that has been on since Jen Vasquez. But at least Jen was tolerable to look at and didn't have finger nails on a chalk board excruciating voice as Natalie. My lord- how can anyone tolerate listening to that ditz for longer than a minute.
  7. bolt1963

    Why No Cbs Popularity Polls This Season?

    Sorry Jem- I am simply not very smart. CBS needs to bring the popularity polls back. Not that I am one to follow the herd, but it makes the show watchable knowing who people like. Last nights episode was kinda in the background while I watched the Padre game online- but found myself watching maybe a couple minutes of it. These people do absolutely nothing for me.
  8. Since my last post was deleted (mod who deleted, could you shoot me a PM and let me know what in the world was so egregious about it? ) Am wondering what the general feeling of America is. Did previous HGs just get their wittle feelings hurt who weren't popular? Seems to me, BB is taking the fun away from this reality show.
  9. bolt1963

    Tuesday, April 8th

    Usually able to muster up some sort of interest and root for a few people a season. But find myself not even watching the episodes this season, let alone subscribing to the live feeds. Am I missing out? Or is this group the most brain dead, boring and most importantly utterly nasty group BB has ever had? Someone needs to get a hold of casting and knock them upside the head with a stupid stick.
  10. bolt1963

    Monday, September 10th

    Apoligies to anyone who has to go through cancer. But sorry- there is simply no excuse for anyone in today's world to suck on cancer sticks. Complaining about how "hard" it is- is just an excuse to enable your disgusting habit. Have a little will power and self control and don't feed your mind excuses.
  11. bolt1963

    Amber Week 8 Evicted

    I am honestly terrified that Amber even has .7 on the popularity poll. My gawd- there have been worthless HGs before- but this skank takes the cake. Bring back Skanky! And I swear- if CBS spends another minute on this fake religion or even honest religion garbage, I am going to puke. I know a lot of you guys are religious- but wow- just wow.
  12. Question for you religious people. Are you or people you know as crazy as these two nut jobs? My request next year is for CBS NOT to cast anyone who actually believes "GOD" (if there was one, but thats another conversation) gives a flying rip about what happens to them in Big Brother. And isn't "GOD" supposed to love all his children equally? Why would "GOD" want Jameka or Amber win BB? And how does he choose b/w the two? Its almost unwatchable with all that ridiculous "everything happens for a reason" and "GOD" talk- my lord people- its called LIFE.
  13. bolt1963

    Just Not Fair!!!---update (finally Fair)

    Dick is too old to be banging a little baby Jens age- which was my point. And you are dead wrong- he would absolutely bang her. Her dissing his old ass at the start is what set him off in the first place. Dude thinks he has juice- and isn't used to being shot down so bluntly.
  14. bolt1963

    Just Not Fair!!!---update (finally Fair)

    I am sure this has been pointed out many times, not reading the message boards too much. But this is the deal- its way too obvious. Dick thinks he is still a kid. He probably still pulls little babies in their 20s. He probably had a hard on for Jen the first day or two- then Jen pulled that don't let that disgusting man touch my body during that competition. Since then- Dick has been taking out his anger on a chick that totally rejected him and threw out the "old" card to someone who doesn't consider himself old. He has been a bitter little brat- and his actions are just pent up frustration. I can absolutely 100% guarantee you he would f*ck Jen in a heart beat. It would be an angry I hate you grudge f*ck- but he would not hesitate.