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    Currently enjoying the summer with my kiddos... :) Counting down first to BB13...then Counting down till Harry Potter Deathly Hallows 2...have my midnight tickets already!!
  1. Bring on BB 14!!!!!!!!

  2. Mercury99

    Rachel - Week 3 - HOH

    Well then BB is not a good place for her..... she even said to Brendan.....this place brings out the worst in them. Well I hope its true shes not like this on the outside...Shes really not making any headway on gaining respect from people... . Lisa
  3. Mercury99

    Rachel - Week 3 - HOH

    :shocking: I had read about how Rachel acted after the Luxury comp....but OMG! seeing it live first hand last night just made me sick to my stomach! I mean really?!?! How old are we? Honestly Jordan just chose... there was no meaning behind it.. you could tell. What does she act like outside this house?! The exact same probalby worse around all her friends... shes spoiled and ignorant about how things really are. I was picturing her being the next Bridezilla...she might as well apply to the show now! It just sickens me how she is . I really will be ready when BB isnt the Brenchel show! Lisa
  4. Mercury99

    Celebrity Guest for Sunday 7/24 Show

    :animated_rotfl: I VOTE for the Hoff!!! But him and Rachel together.... they could be nominated for the Biggest Cheese of all time!
  5. Mercury99

    Live Show - July 21

    WOW some hostile people after last nights show.... I mean I wasnt too thrilled to see her win again.... I could even sense Julie's like ....great here we go again.!! lol But im hoping something will come up...more drama of some sort!! I agree they are the most annoying people on this planet.. But things sound like they are about to change.... I sure hope so.!! Lisa
  6. Mercury99

    Live Show - July 21

    I just want a newbie to win just to get rid of Brenchel too...they are so sickening... I love to see like Shelly win... let the fun begin!! Or even Adam...so we can see him stumble all over trying to figure out what to do... Lisa
  7. I would say keep it up..... this is why we are all here reading right?!?!?!? For info??? Just keep on doing what you are doing!!! Lisa
  8. Mercury99

    Is BB fixed/manipulated?

    Im glad im no the only one that is sitting here waiting for the other shoe to drop...lol they are a very boring group... just in general , there personalities... just arent getting to shine...They all act like since the returning members are automatically better than they are?!?! Why....they all need to step up dramatically. And Brenchel.... is about and I hate to say this...this most interesting.. I love their fights... they are so insane... lol They make me want to strangle them. Everyone else...even Jeff and Jordan are boring... Ok Im better... I will keep watching though..... gulity pleasure.... they need to throw Enzo in there to liven them up... or Russell, he was just a bundle of fun... lol And to add yes i feel they pull them in the DR and just play on all their weaknesses to get anything to happen....anything... lol Lisa
  9. Mercury99

    Harry Potter 7 part 2

    The kids were just too adorable!!! Just seeing them ride off in the train... ugh...got me good. Im looking forward to the Pottermore.com....that should be fun I hope too! Its like I dont want to give Harry up!! LOL Lisa
  10. Mercury99

    Harry Potter 7 part 2

    I cant believe more people havent commented!! OMG it was so good, I enjoyed the funny,sweet,sad parts. It just encompassed the last book so well. Just cried like a baby at the end. I want JK Rowling to get working on another series....any series...I will read anything she writes!! Lisa
  11. Mercury99

    Make your Mark - CBS HOH Questions

    Ok good I thought it was just me, I couldnt get it to load at all... I will keep trying!! They need to mix something up here.... I hate to admit... im getting a bit. :sleep1: But thats just me.. lol Cant wait to answer this!! Lisa
  12. Mercury99


    Im just thrilled for this!!!! Counting the days to July 31st ,there will be new info...and I they keep adding little bits here and there too!!
  13. Mercury99

    Daniele - Week 1

    We all need a drink already... lol This started out crazy in the first few weeks.... Too bad for Dani now she had a huuge target on her back after the 4 weeks are up.. Now she sits and does nothing and didnt do anything to get it in the first place. I just hope this isnt some big plot by BB to bring ED back later? Guess we will have to wait and see.
  14. Mercury99

    Dick - Week 1 DOR

    WOW wasnt expecting to come today and read this.... Bummer for the show.. I ED was omg just amazing player....abeit a crazy mixedthe F up type of dude. I wonder soooooo how do they keep the whole duo thing? So Danielle is on her "own"?
  15. Very excited to make it onto the boards this year!! My daughter and I are crazy nuts over BB. So I couldnt pass up the opportunity to join up right away! This is the best site to follow BB.... Im hoping they make this year their best, add alot, have more going on...crazier challenges... mix things up. Very concerned about the returning cast members though...not quite sure about this twist... but will have to wait and see... If its Rachel or Brennden..it will be Hoping to makes some friends along the way too! Lisa