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  1. 8:00AM BBT We have wake up FOTH. 8:17AM BT HG are starting to move around and doing ADLs. Tamar and Lolo still in bed. Ricky says no more sleeps. Correction. Lolo in the WCA. Her bed looked like she was still in it. 8:33AM BBT Dina asks Kandi if they have to get dressed for the show right now. Kand says she doesn't think so. Dina says they have to do the POP TV thing. Kandi says true. 8:44AM BBT Lolo and Tamar in the BR talking. Lolo asks if Tamar had changed her mind about taking her F2. Tamar says she was talking about Kandi and Dina. Talk turns to Ricky telling Tamar that she doesn't have a choice on who is going. Lolo tells her she does have a choice. It wounds like Lolo is voting for Kandi to go. We get FOTH. 8:48AM BBT Tamar says that now the feeders know that she wakes up as a hot mess. She says she is going to change that. Lolo says she is still going to wake up that way. They both says good bye to the feeders. That they made it and do shout outs. 8:51AM BBT Lolo leaves the room to get a new mic. Tamar talking tot he feeds. She is upset that they are kicking Kandi off and not telling her. Tamar says that she is amazed at the greed and lust for money in the house. Ricky comes in and she is quiet. 8:58AM BBT Ricky and Tamar talking. Ricky says it isn't personal. He likes Kandi. She is a sweet person. He says that there is no strategy. He just feels Kandi needs to go. 9:02AM BBT The feeds have ended - thank you for joining us. See you tonight for the finale!
  2. 4:40PM BBT Tamar is snuggling in bed. Dina and Kandi playing cards and Ricky watching. 5:00PM BBT Dina is making tea. Kandi and Ricky still at the KT table. Lolo and Tamar sleeping. 5:20PM BBT Lolo and Tay still in bed. Kandi and Dina still playing cards. Ricky has gone off to work out. 5:34PM BBT Lolo finding food to eat. Chicken nuggets in the microwave. It looks like she has frozen pizza as well. Ricky never made it to work out. They discuss the Bible. Dina called to the DR.
  3. 9:05PM BBT Lolo is sitting on the couch with the veto on the sofa next to her. General chatting going on. 9:14PM BBT Tamar blowing her nose over and over. Lolo eating a salad. Tamar tells her she does not eat turkey or chicken because she found a feather once. Dina, Ricky and Kandi just chatting. 9:22PM BBT Lolo goes to HOH BR and tells Ricky that she wants to talk game with him and Tamar but she isn't feeling well right now. She is coughing and says that she needs to take a shower first or maybe tomorrow. He says that is fine and whenever she feels like it. If anyone can take over updating, I would appreciate it. Thanks!
  4. Today was a day of napping in the house, card playing and chatting. The HG finally got up about 10AM BBT and starting prepping for their day. Dina and Kandi playing cards. Ricky sharing his spiritual advice to Tamar and Lolo. He and Lolo got into an argument and she called him judgmental because he told her about her being guarded about her heart. She has had enough of his telling her how to fell. Tamar tells them to stop arguing. We got reels right after 3:30PM BBT.
  5. 4:53PM BBT Tamar, Kandi, Lolo and Dina talking about DWTS. Tamar says she go sick at F4 but she would have won. She says Bindi won. She can't remember who Bindi's dad was. 5:05PM BBT HG sitting in the LR. Just talking about family. Lolo has food and is in the lounge tweeting. 5:22PM BBT Ricky and Lolo talking. Ricky says that he can tell this has been hard on his wife. He says that they had a fight before he went in the house. He says also she is having to deal with his 15 year old and she h as trouble standing up for herself. Tay is laying on the bed quietly crying and sniffling. 5:32PM BBT Lolo says that she wished they had shown her dog on the video instead of her training partner but she is her best friend. Tamar is still sniffling. 5:38PM BBT Lolo says to show the videos again. Tamar says she doesn't need to see it again. Ricky says he doesn't ether. He says he was unmoved by it. The letter meant more. Tamar says she feels guilt about it. 5:51PM BBT Tamar is eating the pork chops that she put n the over 3 hours ago. She says they are very salty and spicy. Dina and Kandi are playing cards.
  6. 4:15PM BBT Ricky goes into the BR. Tamar and Lolo are talking. Lolo says she is gong to eat before she works out. Lolo is packing and says she thinks she packed all of her work out clothes. 4:25PM BBT HG are asked to gather in the LR. Lolo thinks they are getting food delivery. It is videos Lolo says. 4:32PM BBT The HG get to see their videos twice. Kandi had her husband and kids, Ricky had his wife, Lolo had a friend, Dina had her daughter, Tamar had her son. They are now crying and laughing. 4:47PM BBT Lolo talking to Tamar about DWTS. Says that Derek took her aside and told her that he could have saved her because he has fans. Lolo bashing her partner from the show.
  7. 3:12PM BBT All 4 cams have been on Ricky doing yoga in the gym. 3:44PM BBT Ricky still stretching. Dina is going to lay down. 3:53PM BBT Tamar and Kandi talking. She asks if Dina is okay that she is going out it sounds like. They are whispering. Tamar is in bed saying she is sick. Kand has brought her some meds. Tamar tells her thank you.
  8. 1:25PM BBT Tamar and Kandi talking about a guy in jail that Kandi would go visit. She says that on the day she is supposed to pick him up he went off with someone else. 1:36PM BBT Lolo sitting at the KT counter eating fruit and staring at the memory wall. 1:48PM BBT All for cams on Dina doing ADLs in the HOH WCA.
  9. 12:26PM BBT Lolo goes to the WCA and sits on a chair to brush her teeth (without toothpaste). She is getting ready to go work out. She lays back down and reads her bible. 12:44PM BBT Lolo reading her bible and Ricky listening to music. 1:10PM BBT Ricky passes through the house and says good morning to Dina. Dina is now making her bed.
  10. 11:48AM BBT Ricky comes into his BR. Talking to Lolo and Tamar. Says he took a shower. He tells them no one else is out of bed. Tamar tells him that BB shouldn't take their pictures without telling them. 12:01PM BBT Tamar, Lolo and Ricky talk about checks, paying from your phone and that Ricky is getting a sports themed dispensary. 12:05PM BBT Lolo and Ricky talking about Veto comp. They say the comp is tomorrow. They talk about how long the show is on Wednesday. 12:16PM BBT Ricky and Lolo talk about that today is cleaning and packing. Lolo said that she is going to work out first and then clean.
  11. 10:30AM BBT All lights are on and HGs still sleeping. 10:59AM BBT Ricky is up and sitting by the pool table. All other HG sleeping. 11:27AM BBT Ricky in the HOH shower. Tamar laying in bed just looking into space.
  12. 5:04PM BBT Tom is talking to Dina about newscasters and the assassination of Kennedy. Lolo, Natalie and Tamar talking in the lounge. general chatting. 5:18PM BBT All 4 cams on Ricky telling Lolo and Tamar how he does his healing on others. 5:30PM BBT Ricky continuing to tells Lolo, Natalie and Tamar about the moons and astrology signs. 5:50PM BBT Lolo telling the lounge HG about a boyfriend she had who bought her a bunch of chocolate. In the KT, Kandi and Tom still talking about growing up.
  13. 12:26PM BBT Feeds return and Ricky is wearing the Veto around his neck. 12:30PM BBT Lolo was the renom. Tamar goes to the lounge and talks to Kandi. Tamar says Ricky knew he wasn't going. He was too calm. Kandi says that Tom seemed so serous. Tamar says that he knows that they are allies. 12:36PM BBT Tamar tells Kandi that Tom couldn't put her up because he is trying to look good to America. Kandi says this has thrown her for a loop. 12:44PM BBT Lolo asking Kandi about votes. Kandi tells her that Tom likes Lolo and that his intent was not to BD her. She said that he knows Kandi and Dina will not vote against her and Tom won't either if it comes to him. 12:54PM BBT In the SR, Natale and Lolo talking. Natalie says it is a game move. Lolo says that she was the first to fight for Tom. She still believes in Tom and she believes in the goodness in people.
  14. 11:17AM BBT Feeds are back. Ricky laying in bed. Lolo and Natalie eating in the KT. 11:20AM BBT Kandi and Dina talking. Kandi laughing that the girls think Tom wants Ricky out because Ricky beat him at chess. They talk about Tom says lying is part of the game. Kandi says she told him that wasn't her thing. 11:26AM BBT All of the girls are now in Kandi's bedroom. General talking. Tamar asks if anyone has seen Tom this morning. They all say they haven't. Tamar says that is odd. They talk about production and we get FOTH. 11:31AM BBT We have reels
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