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  1. 4:32PM BBT Tommy and Analyse discuss if they should try and win HOH.Analyse wants Cliff gone because he is after her. 4:43PM BBT Christie comes into the BR and tells Tommy, Jack and Analyse that she has the power.She says she knows she was going up no matter what Nick says. She explaisn what the power does. 4:48PM BBT Christie tells them that Nick came storming in swearing n his family. She says she told him she was good if he put her up.She says her hands were dripping that she was shaking so bad. She says that he was going to put her up. 4:52PM BBT Chrisite tells them that she is done playing the game. She tells them to make all the decisions. She says Ovi has been a jerk to her all day. She is going to lay in the hammock and try and relax.
  2. 4:01PM MBBT Michie is called to the DR upstairs. Kat and Analyse are chatting outside. Jess is sitting in the sun wearing the veto. 4:07PM BBT Holly and Analyse whispering. Difficult to hear (you can hear Sam talking in the background). You can hear "she" and "Nicole". In the house, Jack is mansplainingto Kemi that she puts her shaker bottles in the fridge and if they all did it there would be no room.So she needs perspective that they all give up having their drinks cols to have room in the fridge. 4:18PM BBT Tommy and Analyse talking about Christie. Analyse asks Tommy if he thinks Christie is jealous of her and Jack. Tommy tells her that she should talk with Christie. 4:26PM BBT NIcole and Sam talking in the BY. She asks him where is mind is at. Sam says that he has to decide carefully. He likes both of them.
  3. 1:04PM BBTNick and Jack talking. Nick is concerned that if he goes to put up Nicole and she has the power then he has to put up one of the alliance. He isn't concerned that they would go. Jack says he is confident in his game. Nick says that he wouldn't put up Jack.Tommy comes up and tells Nick that Christie is freaking out that she is going up. Nick asks why shethinks that. He says that it is her time of the month and she is paranoid. 1:09PM BBT NIck asks Christie is she really thought that. She says not in a million years but because she is PMSing that she is paranoid. Nick is trying to tell her he would never put her up and she keeps going on and on about him putting her up. 1:15PM BBT Kat is called to the DR. 1:19PM BBT We have kitty reels. Veto meeting time.
  4. 3:37PM BBT Jack and Nick in the KT. They are trying to figure out the capitals of the US states. Nick is asking different states. Someone says that the capital of New Mexico is Mexico City (I could not see who said it). Jack says he knows all 50 states. Nick says the capital of Oklahoma is Oklahoma City. Jack says no it's not. 3:43PM BBT Kemi and Nicole talking. Kemi is upset about the convo with Nick. 3:48PM BBT Kemi continues to tell Nicole how she doesn't like that people forced themselves into her life. She says that she went to DR and just cried. She likes to suffer alone. 3:52PM BBT Christie tells Kat that she loves Cliff but she heard him say he was with Ovi and Nicole and he considers Christie and TOmmy are couple number 4. That she says Cliff thinks he and Ovi are going to dominate the game.
  5. 3:16PM BBT Jess and Nicole are in the WCA talking about labels. Jess is going on and on about fat is not an adjective, a noun etc. In the KT, HG are cooking and chatting. Bella and Analyse are finishing the biscuits. Nick is now telling them about the talk with Kemi. 3:20PM BBT Ovi is in the SR and talking to himself and the cams. About trying to get back in the game and not sure what to do anymore. 3:26PM BBT Jack and Jackson walk into the SR. Jackson eating again. They discuss a HG wanting to console Nicle but that he had to not allow it. Says Nicole has to suffer for a few more days. Jack walks out and Jackson issnacking on food in the SR. 3:30PM BBT Jackson is still in the SR. Jack comes back in and tells him no matter what Cliff is going home. He asks for tuna from Jackson and leaves the SR.
  6. 3:03PM BBT Kat is walking around wearing the veto. Holly and Bella are attempting to make biscuits and gravy. 3:07PM BBT Kemi calls Nick into the BR. She says that after the eviction, she left it at game and doesn't appreciate him and Bella saing they were there for her. He says he was upset because he was there for her.He says he couldn't respond because it was live TV and he felt that she didn't give him a chance to respond. She says she used her speech to say whats she needed to say without production interference. She says that Nick and Bella made it personal. 3:07PM BBT Kemi calls Nick into the BR. She says that after the eviction, she left it at game and doesn't appreciate him and Bella saying they were there for her. He says he was upset because he was there for her. He says he couldn't respond because it was live TV and he felt that she didn't give him a chance to respond. She says she used her speech to say whats she needed to say without production interference. She says that Nick and Bella made it personal. 3:13PM BBT After the talk they agree they respect each other and Nick and Tommy leave the room.Kemi rolls her eyes twice - hard. She looks at the camera and says she is ready to go home. She is now looking for her coffee.
  7. 9:39PM BBT Cliff, Kat and Nick talk about when the next whacktivity is taking place. Cliff says that they shuoldn't talk much about it. Cliff tells Nick to just enjoy his week. They talk about it being awkward with the Camp Comeback people still in the house. Nick says that he sometimes forgets the Ovi isn't in the game and almost talks game with him. 9:47PM BBT IN the WCA, Nick, Jess and Bella are talking aboue Jess is an emotional person, not an emotional player. NIck explains who he was chatting with. The rest of the hosue is in the KT eating and chatting except for Kemi who had been called to the DR. 9:53PM BBT Nicole and Analyse talking about the vote. Nicole says it wasn't her. Analyse says she believes her. Nicole thought it might have been Kat but Kat thought it was her.
  8. 9:00PM BBT Kemi trying to figure out who voted for who. She thinks that Bella and Nicole probably voted for her. 9:23PM BBT Bella and Jess talk in the WCA. They are trying to figure out why it wasn't unanimous. Jess jokes that it wasn't her. She says that even though she was on the block, she never said anyone else's name. 9:32PM BBT Nicole talking to Nick saying she is sorry. Nick says it is no big deal, he is over Kemi. He says that she is out of the house and doesn't care. Nicole leaves andCliff thinks maybe that Kem has seen past seasons where a HG goes ballistic and becomes famous. Nick says he has been there for her.
  9. 8:04PM BBT Michie, Christie and Holly talking about Christie overhearing Cliff this morning talking to the camera. Christie says she feels bad Cliff was helping them tonight with the dice. Michie says he was running his mouth at a camera. 8:15PM BBTDavid is on chcolate patrol asking Tommy where it all is. They made chocolate pancakes with it this morning. No talk going on. HG sitting around chatting. 8:21PM BBT Chrisite trying to figure out a game to play and then decides she doesn't have the energy to do it tonight.Tommy has shaved. 8:28PM BBT Tommy explains to Christie andOvi that he can't cuddle with anyone because the quiets body sounds you hear bother him. If he is dating them then it's ok. Ovi says he can't cuddle with anyone because he gets a boner.
  10. 6:01PM BBT Kemi, Holly and Kat decide to have a BB brunch tomorrow. Kat says they can girly it up and have fun.She is very excited. 6:06PM BBT Michie and Holly in the SR discussing Kat. Holly says that Kat doesn't want to be a floater. Michie says she was in an alliance and then ran her mouth and they had to kick her out. He is snacking as he wanders the SR. 6:09PM BBT Holly finds a pair of shorts in the SR. She thinks they may be hers but not sure. She heads to the BR and looks at a nother pair in her suitcase. She drops those shorts on the fllor and puts the pair on that she found. She says they are shorter then she remembers. She steps on the pair she took out of her suitcase and steps out of the room. 6:11PM BBT Katand Jess discussing brunch foods. Kat says they can add mussolini to yogurt.Jess asks if she means museli. Kat says yes, mussolini. Cliff comes into the SR. He is looking for a white knife they had. It is missing. 6:19PM BBT Kat and Analyse are in the WCA giggling about the guys and Kat asks her if she and him talk about their feelings like she does.
  11. 5:05PM BBT Kat, Holly and Analyse are sunbathing. They are talking about eating better and sushi. They agree they need to go to Maui and eat sushi. 5:16PM BBT NIcole and Kemi going over each of the HG and their games. Nothing really positive. Nicole says that it is just luck who you end up in the house with. 5:28PM BBT Tommy is cooking in the KT. General chatting in the BY.
  12. 4:36PM BB HG sitting around outside. CHatting about Halloween and costumes. No game talk. 4:41PM BBT In the LR, Jack and Christie get ready to pop a pimple on Nick's back. They said it is going to smell. The feeds cut from them and we have all 4 on the BY crew general chatting. 4:45PM BBT Kemi joins Nicole on the hammock. THey talk about Kat being hot. They discuss hwo they are a good looking group of HG. Kemi then tells her she thinks she is done. She says that it may have been the last nail in her coffin. 4:54PM BBT Nicole and Kemi talking about Bella. They are both talking about how they thought Bella was smarter then how she is playing. Kemi wonders if Jack knows what is going on beore he hitched his wagon to Bella.
  13. 2:04PM BBT Jack and Bella chat in the HOH BR. Jack tells her that he respects her game 1000%. She says she would like to see Cliff go up because she wants to see what the power s. She doesn't want him to go but she just wants to see what the power is. 2:13PM BBT Analyse and Kat are in the lounge talking about what they had heard from Jess. Analyse doesn't understand why Jess keeps brining up her name if she is all about the girls. She says she doesn't care because Kemi is going. 2:23PM BBT Jessica, Tommy, Cliff and David in the KT talking about their family back home. 2:29PM BBT We have animals feeds - maybe time for Veto
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