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  1. Stopped by to say hello just in case you can read it :(

  2. This is BULLSHIT!!!!

  3. DirtyHookerJoni@yahoo.com

  4. This whole thing just sucks!


  5. hey Joni, I just cannot believe the word I see under your profile, seriously??

  6. thequeenjoni

    Russell Hantz - Part 2

    Marty, RIGHT ON !! At least the past idols you HAD to look, swim, search for.... HARD why dont they just write on the clue - "go to team flag and look down" ?? guess it wouldnt matter now that they just hand them to Dummy the Troll IMO
  7. thequeenjoni

    BB Jeff & Jordan doing Amazing Race 16

    ^^^^^ allison ick
  8. thequeenjoni

    Russell Hantz - Part 2

    a season or 2 ago, I believe
  9. thequeenjoni

    Russell Hantz - Part 2

    ^^^^^ AMEN !!
  10. thequeenjoni

    Russell Hantz - Part 2

    "it is time for Russell to go" PLEASE Santa....
  11. thequeenjoni

    Who's your favorite woman?

    I agree !!
  12. thequeenjoni

    Jeff Probst - Host

    Hey.....Pinkie, whats the deal....no Jeff blog this week ? and while I'm on the subject, thanks for always posting it for us
  13. thequeenjoni

    Survivor: Samoa

    Thank YOU, Dade for passing on the info !!