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  1. MommyQCT

    Returning Players

    as long as its not Jesse I don't mind... normally I would not like this twist, but I kind of think with Dick /Dani & Brendan/Rachel (who are rumored to be in the house) will cause alot of drama and make for an interesting season.... that being said - I still don't think its fair that someone who already won the game, has a chance to win again... ..and i would be unhappy if TPTB continue to do this season after season....
  2. MommyQCT


    Well u have to remember he doesn't know there are so few girls to choose from right now....your right he will walk in and be like "oohhhh sh!t" and totally restrategize...
  3. MommyQCT

    BB13 Rumors and Facts

    LOL -I thought of that same comment as soon as I saw Evil Dick's pic on the CBS website.....
  4. MommyQCT


    well my 1st thought was she reminded me of Libra, whom i HATED.... so pretty much as long as she in not much like Libra i think she will be ok - seems very outgoing, could make friends pretty fast....
  5. MommyQCT


    Well he is my only eye candy in the house.... i think i do like him - def. think having him live at home w/ mommy & daddy is gonna make some of the more mature folks annoyed b/c ususally that mean they don't clean up after yourself.... wonder if Cassie & Porche will be fighting for his affection???
  6. MommyQCT


    I am totally torn on her.... 1st thought - I will call her SHELIA from BB9, she is gonna be whiney and lazy and annoying.... then I find out we have the same fav drink - Blue Monster, which I drink non stop morning till night, so maybe she won't be too bad - LOL she does seem real though, won't get caught up in much drama b/c she's not a kid ya know? who knows...I hate making predictions b/c I always change my mind a week later and I hate being WRONG!
  7. MommyQCT


    I think he is gonna pull a Brian, overplay week one and be the first person out!
  8. MommyQCT


    sorry to be an idiot...but does anyone think he is the token gay guy? In ther interview I saw when he was asked who he thinks is sexy he said Beyonce & Prince...soooooo anyone??? I don't have gaydar....
  9. MommyQCT

    Twist Revealed

    OMG! I am totally loving the twist...I mean I guess it really depnds on what the rules are.... are they playing as pairs or individuals (one vote or two per pair) do the new players have any advantage since the duos all have experience in the game? I think all new players should have immunity the first week ... there are many factors....that we won't know until it starts... but I think it will be a great season, long as Jessie is not on it... personally I only started watching season 8 - so I love Dick... ok let me re-phrase that.. I love Evil Dick / Dani... and I never got to see Mike / Will play so I am excited about that.... one thing i am scare of: the CBS website asks you to vote on which duos you THINK will play, not you want to play - so I think it will be a comp to decide which of the 3 pairs get to play...I really hope its skill rather than athletic geared comp b/c i don't really want to see Branden / Rachel and REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY don't want to see Knatalie / Jessie.... I like Jeff / Jordon but I think they were cute b/c you wante dto see them become a couple, now that they are - BORING!!! I do kinda wish there was more male eye candy....but....I too am impressed that there seems to be a larger variation of race / age...usually only young white attractive 20 somethings... also i am calling a showmance between Cassie / Dominick now!
  10. MommyQCT

    BB13 Houseguests

    Darn it! I was really hoping for today....guess I can just wait one more day!!!!
  11. MommyQCT

    Twist REVEALED!

    I would be so F-N excited if James & Chelsia came back - they are my fav players of all time!
  12. MommyQCT

    BB13 Rumors and Facts

    Well Yana said that Rachel may have a 2nd Chance at playing the game, so she might not move in right away - if they did move her in right away everyone would vote her off first - no doubt about it... so at least we can hope if they do give her the opportunity to play or earn her way into the game - say mid-game, that she is stupid enough to not win the chance!
  13. MommyQCT

    BB13 Rumors and Facts

    oohh we better have something soon b/c this week & next are the slowest 2 weeks of my year and my boss is out - so I have nothing to do but surf the internet.... I hope the cast list gets reveled late this week or early next week and then I can spend all my time googling them!!!
  14. MommyQCT

    BB13 Rumors and Facts

    ohhh - PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be true- I am just itching for some news...plus its only 10:30am and I am already bored at work -
  15. Hi Everyone - I am new to this board (jeesh it took me 3 days to register trying to locate an invitation code!). I have read morty's LFU's for about 4 years now but always posted to another forum board that was bought by someone else and has not been the same since...hoping to find a new forum home here I started watching season 7 a little but really got into it w/ BB After Dark in Season 8 - I watch all the After Dark shows but don't buy the live feeds b/c...... well...... I fear i will neglect my 2 year old son if I did have them - LOL, so I depend on LFU's to keep me up to date during my work day. Looking forward ot the new season! - Jackie