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  1. I NEED for BrencHELL to GO HOME!

  2. LanaCottonCandy

    Live Show - July 21

    Thats STUPID if they did! It's a waste of a week! UNLESS he plans on using them as a pawn to backdoor brenDUMB and RacHELL and if thats case than LETS DO IT!
  3. LanaCottonCandy

    Twist REVEALED!

    I guess you can also say season 5 with the twins! Who knows what BB13 will have up it's sleeve! But there has to be a twist looking at the table settings there are 14 spaces BUT looking at the Memory wall there are 14 spaces BUT there is ALWAYS the BB logo in the middle so IDK? Come on CBS give us something GOOD!
  4. LanaCottonCandy

    BB13 House Photos

    Ahhhhh it could be! Good lookin out on that I was confused!
  5. LanaCottonCandy

    Finale Live Show

    OH yes I said that too but during Monet's 2 week stay in the house they ONLY showed Monet and Britney talk about people in the house yet they NEVER showed RacHELL, kathy, and Kristen talk trash about Monet! They pretty much HATED her. But CBS showed RacHELL crying saying "I HATE putting people up" and BranDUMB saying "Your just a good person thats why it's so hard"... Enzo also talked trash on everyone (other than the bragade and Monet) esp with Andrew he called him a pedophile! BUT thats the wonders of CBS and there editing skills! And as for Kristen I agree 100% and I'm just assuming they went on "looks" for that season!
  6. LanaCottonCandy

    Allstars 2- Who would you like to see?

    BB8) Zach Jameka, Jen, Eric (only because he had to play for America) and MAYBE Carol BB9) Parker, Amanda, Sharon BB10) ANYONE BUT JESSIE! BB11) Laura, Russell, Jeff BB12) Britney, Monet, Lane, Annie (only because she had to be the saboteur), Brandon (I don't like the guy BUT he was good at the game!) and Matt