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  1. I was just wondering out of curiousity what people had as shows they really dislike. One or more of them. I will be interested to see if I get any replies. For myself it was Mash...I know it was really popular and I was just very young when it was on but that is one I could never watch then or now. I also can't get into the office also popular. Well best wishes to all!
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    Anyone have these by chance?

    Hi....Try www.ioffer.com
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    Anybody else remember these shows?

    Yes...it had Jerry Van Dyke it didn't it? I vaguely remember watching it a few times when I was a really little girl like five or under. I remember really liking it. Someone mentioned Davey and Golith I watched that too and it was so cute. I have watched it recently not sure on what channel but some religous one. Its supposed to be for kids I know but still like it. I also wanted to say a good place to look for cheap old shows or hard to find shows is www. ioffer.com There is another site too that I ordered a movie I had looked all over for Amazon had it but it was really really expensive and I got it off there for 10 dollars. www.cinemavalue.org.
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    Hi Everyone....Seinfeld is definately the most hilarious show to ever hit the airwaves. As for the last post I went to see Jerry in person in a very small theatre. He was most definately not a self centered creep. Maybe you intimidated him in someway...not purposely...but celebrities do have to be careful. I don't know the circumstance so am not in a position to judge. He may have just been having a bad day. But it seems strange that their has never been any bad press about him acting in this manner to anyone. He usually gets glowing press about his attitude and grace towards fans and press. I would give him the benefit of the doubt. I'm sure it hurt your feelings and I feel bad for you. I know I would be devastated. I also like some earlier posts forgive Micheal Richards for his outburst. He apologized for it and I think all should forgive him. Frankly had it been white people heckling him nothing would have been made of it. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have their noses stuck in everything that is racially motivated. Look at what they did to Imus. I think it is a terrible double standard that people can get on TV or any medium and run down and make fun of whites all day every day which they do...but when an incident happens that something bad is said of an african american Jesse and Al are all over it in a new york minute. If you think about it...its very true. I mean to offend no one I just think there is such a double standard in this country that you have to walk on egg shells if you are white of what you say or do to anyone of another race. And I am not racist. I just believe Micheal had gotten extreme aggravated at the heckling and lost it. People should be Christians and move on. All of the cast on Seinfeld just fit so well together. It was like magic. Even the ones not seen every episode like the parents, Uncle Leo, Newman etc they just all clicked. Speaking of clicking I thought that was hilarious in the episode the Kiss Hello...Where george goes into pay his bill at that Lady with the strange hair to pay his bill and the receptionist keeps clicking her mouth after she says everything...then George does it too. She says something like will you be here for your appt tommorrow? He says I guess I have to its less then 24 Hrs....click...LOL. Earlier in the show they try to get Kramer to tell her to change her hair....he stares at her and tells her how lovely it is. She says I've been thinking of changing it. Kramer: Don't do that you'd be a damn fool nobody wears it like that! Also funny George calls her a delicate genius. I thought another really funny episode is the pledge drive...with the high talker.Jerrys grandma writing those bad checks and Kramer thinking the high talker is in love with Jerry when he comes to the TV station. Uncle Leo showing up there saying why didn't you tell me you were a little bit short. That whole show is funny. The next one is hilarious too still with Noreen...I'm thinking it might be the Chinese women but not sure.Jerry and Elaine see Frank in town with a man in a cape. That whole episode is side spliting. I think my all time favorite is the one where they reopen the Movie Theatre and Georges old friend from school thinks hes losing his mind. Its the one where they write in the clerk from the coffee shop. I'm trying to think of the name of it...I think its the Gum Festivus is a riot. I have sweatshirt and I wear it about all winter long. People look at me and say what the heck is festivus? I can't believe that many people really don't know Seinfeld. But I guess when you are true fans like Art Vandeley and I its a whole different world I guess!!! Almost all of them are so funny....there are a few I don't like as well. I was going to look on here to see if anyone had a least favorite episode of Seinfeld catagory. If not we should have one. Everyone have a super week.
  5. Solanis

    Best Comedy of All Time...

    Hi All..... I definately think Seinfeld is the best show of all time though there are many more I like very much and are great. All of the characters on there are just classic and so so funny. George and Jerrys parents..Uncle Leo..etc the ones that are not main characters are just as hilarious as the main ones. I would love to get a look at cousin Jeffrey..too bad they never showed him. I also like lots of the old classics like The Lucy show and the one where she had her kids on there with her. I get the names mixed up. Not I love Lucy though I liked that I liked the following two more. I just bought a set of cds of the show she did when she got older that was on a short time and flopped. I haven't watched it yet but I remember it vaguely from my childhood. Mr. Ed was good, Mary Tyler Moore, Gomer Pyle is hilarous which I have on tape just all those shows like that. I which TV land would go back to being true to itself and showing shows like this. They do have Roseanne I think and maybe Andy G but none of the really old comedies. Some people had mentioned the English comedies. One that is hilarious is keeping up appearances. It is on PBS around here on Saturday nights at 8:00. If you have never seen it you should watch it. If you really want to laugh its hysterical. My favorite shows as of right now are: Seinfeld Two and a half Men Raymond I loved til Death till they took it off but have it on tape Sex and the city Friends Big bang Theory According to Jim Mike and Molly I love sitcoms and when I get hooked on one I can watch it over and over again. Oh I forgot to say I also like the reruns of Still Standing and 8 simple rules....I just wish they would have ran them both longer. Does anyone remember the show the Class they had on a few years ago on Monday nights? I thought it was really good but they didn't really give it a chance. I thought it was much better then How I met your mother or Rules of engagement. It was on the CBS lineup. Well best wishes to all!