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  1. There are so many that i do love like Will and Boogie, janelle and howie. but i voted for Danielle and Jason. There the only alliance that i know of that had everyone fooled, right down to the end, no one knew they were together.
  2. I love Dick, lol. And i also like Danielle, dustin, Amber, and Eric. Eric is funny, Amber is sweet. I can't stand Kail and Jen, they must go soon!
  3. I love Dick! I want him to stay! I want him to be the next HOH.
  4. I cna't stand Jen and Joe! they must go soon. and i really like Amber! she better not be the one to get sent home first! I think Dick and Danielle could make the game interesting. I like Dustin so far. but his x, i could not handle the summer listening to him!
  5. I'd like to know that too. I just don't understand how someone could do such a thing. There's got to be more to the story. its sad too. The Harts are such a good family too, it must be hard for them to see another wrestler they taught gone.
  6. Congratulations on the baby. What name did you pick?

  7. I want to see past houseguests!! I don't want to see anyone in the house say Cool beans!
  8. well now that woudl be mean, i couldn't sleep without a pillow. u can atleast give them a flat crappy pillow. I just dont' want to see any jack shacks like Howie had to make for himself. I just don't even want to know they are in there needing to do that.
  9. If u are talking about the snub by Alicia, I beleive it that happened after, but i only watched part of the show. I see the snub like Alicia was trying to put Liz in her place, like a reality star isn't good enough, or maybe like a reality star shouldn't talk back to a so called real star of something. but that is just my opinion.
  10. I like Elizabeth and the snub looked delibrate to me. And Rosie just a *itch. I can't wait till she is gone!
  11. CONGRATS Mrs.P.!!!!!!! Beautiful boy. :)

  12. I was feeling bad for her. Failed marriage, needing some fun, camera's always on her. But I think she has gone a little too far and I no longer feel sorry for her. She keeps doing these kind of things, the attention from the media is going to be there. Time to grow up, pick up the peices after the failed marriage, go home to your kids, and move on for the sake of the kids.
  13. The totally agree with ^. Rosie dominates the show turning it into Rosie's World. She needs to be reminded its not her show, she has co-hosts there with her this time around.
  14. I understand why Kelly was mad, it is her show, it was disrespectful of Clay to do so. It was during an interview and all. Rosie I just cna't stand. I use t like her show, back when she had her own. I don't care for her on The View. She totally dominates the show. And i think when Kelly called in, Rosie made a comment about this is my show, something about her having that view. Its not her show, she has 3 co-hosts. Leave it alone, really its not that big of a story. Leave it to Rosie to out Clay, whom hasn't come out yet. Wouldn't be a surprize to any one if he is gay, but she didn't come out right away, you'd think she'd be a little more careful to not out the guy. I am sure it didn't make her feel to great when people assumed she was, before she said i am. But I guess, that's just my view. I wish she'd stick a sock in it and let the other co-hosts get in there views as well instead of pretty much taking over the show herself.
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