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  1. Azalin65


    Sheila is one of those annoying people who makes every conversation about herself. Can't stand her.
  2. Azalin65

    Sunday, September 16th

    Each jury member should just ask them both the same question: "Who do you want me to vote for and why?"
  3. Azalin65


    Jen left the house Thursday evening wearing an peachy/orange coloured tank and grey or beige shorts. She was interviewed on House Calls Friday afternoon, wearing a blue tank top and black shorts. My guess is she was taken to sequester after HC.
  4. If Eric can get his question down to 25 words or less, he may ask one of the toughest questions. I think he's quite angry that D and D went against the JEDD alliance and saying the betrayal was last minute.
  5. Azalin65

    Daniele - 2nd Place Winner

    Oh it's going to a loooooong five days for Daniele. She will be so frustrated.
  6. Azalin65

    Final H O H Competition (part 3)

    Is it confirmed that there will be a car in the second round of HOH that could be won? Dick keeps saying there'll be a car in the next comp. I know the All Stars had the car, but I don't remember there being one in any other season.
  7. Azalin65

    Friday, August 31st

    Jameka has one more HOH round she cannot yet play so why is Zach fretting about her so much? Let her be next HOHs problem. So the Donato's remain again. I'm beginning to think that Jameka is correct in her statement that God has pre-ordained the winner. I can't... I just can't with Zach anymore. He's so frustrating. I'm so over it.
  8. Azalin65

    Friday, August 31st

    OMG So Jameka's finally alone with Zach and she's just mmmmm hmmmms him and is just pretty dismissive to him all around. Did Amber's eviction not prove that J/E/D/D are in together? She's an idiot.
  9. Azalin65

    Friday, August 31st

    Zach is just telling Dani his target is Jameka because of her personal issues with him. Oh Zach I hope you're lying to her right now. Please don't make us expect the expected. I had higher hopes for this week. Sigh...
  10. Azalin65

    Zach - Week 9 H O H

    Hopefully, Jameka can get some time with Zach today and let him know about the JEDD alliance. I think that might make him decide not to nominate her at all. With Jameka there next week, he won't be the only target left. Zach has to realize he can't count on JEDD's word for safety next week. Zach also has stop worriying about who he's up against in the F2, and just get there. With all the remaining houseguests left to sit beside, that's the best he can do.
  11. Azalin65

    Thursday's Live Show 8/30

    Does anyone know why Dick always runs away as soon as the evicted houseguest is announced? He never sticks around to say good-bye.
  12. Azalin65

    Eric Week 8 - America's Player

    I totally agree. I'm not sure if Eric will really try for HOH either, unless he has knowledge that he doesn't have to nominate who America wants. Maybe he still believes D/D will nominate Jameka and Amber/Zach. There are times when I think he really does have Jess' back, but then again reality TV is his life. I can't imagine him throwing away his chance to win BB for a girl. Maybe this is Eric's chance to get rid of Jessica without getting his hands dirty.
  13. Azalin65

    Sunday, August 26th

    Do Jameka, Amber, and Zach not realize they are being targeted each week until they're gone? They must know, they can't be that stupid. Can they? Instead of moping around, they should get together and try to figure out how to get Eric to use the veto on Daniele. They could each casually mention to either Eric or Jess that each one of them already made a deal with Daniele (either recently or earlier in the game) that they wouldn't put her up if they they got HOH. It may be a long shot but sheesh, better than sitting around complimenting Jess and Eric.
  14. Azalin65

    Saturday, August 25th Live Feed Discussion

    I want Jameka to win, and take down one of the noms. Then Dani/Dick will have to go up. The game is getting boring.
  15. Azalin65

    Friday, August 24 Live Feed Discussion

    Hey, my Quote button is gone. Where'd it go? Anyways, Xal, I 100% agree with you. The rest of the show will be most boring if Zach and Amber go up. I don't understand why people don't put up the tough competitors when they have the chance? So this week, Jess will put up Zach and Amber, and then next week wonder why she's on the block. I can't wait to hear what bullcrap her speech will be. She can't possibly use the "great competitor/don't want to be in the F2 with you" lines.