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  1. hi everyone, my parents are moving and i need to get rid of my collection of DOOL VHS tapes and magazines (mainly Soap Opera Update) and AUTOGRAPHED scripts (Peter Reckell, Kristian Alfonso, Matt Ashford (including his departure), Melissa Reeves and others. there are about 10 tapes and tons of magazines especially with Matt Ashford and Melissa Reeves; and Stephen Nichols and Mary Beth Evans. they include: BO+HOPE One tape has: - Day before Bo and Hope's wedding (1985) - Bo and Hope's wedding - Bo and Hope come back from England - Bo shows Hope their new home at the loft - Eugene and Calliope's wedding One tape has: - BH departure from Salem (4/87) - Steve and Kayla hiding from police - Some Frankie/Jenn stuff - Steve+Kayla make love for the first time - Steve about to propose to Kayla - Kayla wakes up from poisoing by Harper Deveraux One tape has: - 9/95: Hope has a dream about Bo not wanting divorce. They are in cabin with SD. They kiss. - 12/95: BH kiss in the woods, trying to spend time. - 1/96 - Bo asks Hope on a date - 1/96 - B+H out on date, all dressed up STEVE+KAYLA One tape has: - Steve and Kayla make love for the first time (1987) - Christmas and New Year's with them - On same tape, Santa Barbara's Cruz+Eden's wedding - Steve and Kayla dance to "Lady In Red" on roof - Jack and Kayla's divorce - Steve sings in sign language "The Rose" and others... Please email me at CKL16@hotmail.com if you're interested in hearing more details and what magazine covers I have. I can send you pictures too. Need to get rid of them asap! Cathy