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  1. I think my favorite moment (well, one of my favorite moments) of the night was when they showed the messages Josh left for the jury members as they got evicted. He just could not believe that Josh out-smarted him in using those goodbye messages to work the jury against Paul. Paul called it "cowardly," but what he meant was that it was brilliant strategy on Josh's part. He didn't think Josh was that smart.
  2. Good. He thought he played the "perfect" game. His arrogance, though, was one of his stumbling blocks.
  3. Never cared for Elena, but I have to say she made probably the best, most compelling arguments during the discussion with Will Kirby. I think she could have (and should have) played a much better game than she did.
  4. Alex got most played by Paul, and she thought she was the smartest but was actually the dumbest. (she was a true disappointment as a player). But she redeemed herself just a tiny little bit tonight when she said she was giving her vote to the person who stabbed her in the front and not the one who stabbed her in the back, and I jumped up and screamed "YES! Tell it like it is, girl!" Big kudos to her for her snarky comment. Paul definitely had it coming.
  5. I think there may actually be something wrong with him, he's so proud of being such a loser. Being on a reality tv show is probably not the best place you can most prosper by doing absolutely nothing. He and Xmas could give each other a run for the money, they're about an equal match.
  6. I think my heart skipped a beat when Kevin walked across the stage when Julie was introducing the jury one by one. He walked that stage like it was a catwalk, and I thought YES! Some part of him is still Mr. Massachusetts. He is a very nice looking man. And a real sweetheart of a guy. I think his family should be very proud of him.
  7. Thank you for reminding me! I had forgotten about that. Somebody needed to say that to him.
  8. Well, she has to know how rich Paul already is, so I'm sure that is part of the attraction as well. She'll end up dropping Matt fast.
  9. This loser actually thought he had some authority on which to speak during the session with Will Kirby. The whole time I couldn't get past the fact that he contributed absolutely NOTHING to this game. What a waste of space. Pathetic.
  10. This was about the only right thing that happened the whole season. The look on Paul's face was almost worth suffering through this train wreck. The added injury for Paul, of course, was seeing Cody win AFP.
  11. Naw, I don't think so. She's just there to promote her whatever business. Xmas is like a piece of furniture that is no longer functional. Should have been thrown out weeks ago, but there she sits, just taking up space and biding her time, causing disruption to the whole enterprise of BB, and for what? To work any crooked angle she can so that her god Paul wins.
  12. Count me in on that as well. As much as I hate Xmas (I hate her more than the others mainly b/c of how mean she is and I can't get past the fact that she should never have been allowed to stay when she could no longer compete), I still want to see Paul lose more than her or Josh. 3rd place would be even better, but I'll gladly take 2nd for him.
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