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  1. Just a thought if Porsche really wanted to win the the endurance part of the hoh she should of kept jordan no way would she ever beat Rachel. go rachel she is awesome in those comps always has been...
  2. I thought part 3 of the hoh is held on Sunday because they have to have time for the questions from the jury and the finally is weds. Is that correct???
  3. wood52

    Live Feed and BB AfterDark - 9/7 & 9/8

    When r feeds coming back up? I wonder did the pov comp already happen if so we should be able to tell pretty quick correct?
  4. wood52

    Double Eviction Live show 8~25~11

    did dani get voted out? did shelly vote for her to stay
  5. wood52

    Double Eviction Live show 8~25~11

    i wish i could watch but we have preseason football
  6. wood52

    Jeff - Week 7 - HoH & PoV

    QUICK QUESTIONS? Has Adam told Jeff about Shelly trying to get him to keep Dani? Or has he told Jeff about Dani trying? One final thought is Adam staying true to Jeff and Jordon?
  7. wood52

    POV- Week 5

    With Jeff winning pov who is she going to put up and is there any possible chance that rachel would be staying in the house?
  8. wood52

    Enzo - Week 10

    I havent been watching but did enzo ever convince either of them to take him to the final 2. Or is it only going to be Hayden and Lane to the end?
  9. Sorry this may have already been discussed but I can not find it so I hope someone can help. So does anyone know what exactly is going to happen tonight? Do they do part 2 before the show and then do 3 live??? Does someone get evicted? Im trying to remember from previous years and I just seemed to get more confused. lol Please help. Thank you:animated_wave:
  10. Your just guessing right? The way I saw it I think it looked like Enzo would stay up longer he didnt look like he was getting as much water on him as the others Lane looked pretty uncomfortable. He was hitting that wall really hard.
  11. wood52

    About Wednesday's "Live" Show

    She went out with class
  12. On every season there is at least one person so obnoxious thinking they are the best season and this seasons its Enzo... Enough please shut up!!!
  13. I really don't feel bad for her she had the chance earlier on the game but trusting Lane was her biggest mistake she thought he was only aligned with her she thought she had him. lol He played her and she was so blind to it. It seems no one in this game felt the boys were together until too late. Ragan said that at his eviction now Brittany will say the same. I can not wait to see her diary room tapes she made right after they told her about the brigade I'm sure it was a tearful one lol:animated_bouncy:
  14. wood52

    Lane - Week 9 Nominee

    Lane showed his true colors to brittany by his nervous laughing when Enzo was telling her about the boys alliance. He may of liked her but he knew when it came down to it he would go with the boys. Brittany kept telling him she had been with him since week 2 and noone else was but now she knows he always had the boys alliance long before her and he was playing her. He just never had the balls to actually do something for himself. At least Hayden played and won somethings Lane only one 1 hoh only because he had to or the brigade would be broken up. He even said he didnt try for pov so he wouldnt have to vote out Brittany leave that to either Hayden or Enzo. Now of the 3 guys left I really hope Hayden wins finally hoh and has to decide who he wants to get second place because he will win.
  15. wood52

    POV - Week 9

    How do you know are feeds back up I hope he did just so they stay the same