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    Hanging out with my family...especially my lil one...anything Jim Henson...especially Muppets and Fraggle Rock....Big Brother, AMerican Idol, So you think you can dance, Music, scrapbooking
  1. BamaDess

    What Happened To The Luxury Comps?

    I was just talking to my family about this. I remember in the first season they just had the washboard and the ringer thingy for washing clothes. In other seasons they had to earn things such as the hot tub & gym. Also the luxury comps were movies, trips to Mtv awards thing..etc. Which honestly that type of luxury they could do without. I do however think they have it too easy for them now. They need to earn more & DO more.
  2. BamaDess

    Whaoooo Amber Going Off On Eric

    I just have to say I LOVE how passionate people get about BB because I'm one of them..lol I always love reading all the debates and banter back and forth...as long as we all play nice LMAO
  3. BamaDess

    Whaoooo Amber Going Off On Eric

    I agree that bringing personal life into the game is wrong..but they sign up for it & unfortunately thats how some are going to play. Eric is wrong for what he was saying whether lies or not ..but.. Dick was just as wrong for talking to Jen & Kail the way he did... and then Jen shouldn't bring in Dani's BF into anything.. and the list goes on and on. Sadly this is how they play the game. This game brings out the ugly in people. I am not an Amber fan at all & I feel awful that something that personal has become such a big deal but she kinda brought it on herself..if any of it is true. Eric played a rotten hand there and I in NO way agree with it. Simply ..if she told , she shouldn't have... And he shouldn't have said anything to anyone or added to it if he did. As far as religion...if shes new to this then ok I can give her the benefit of the doubt & maybe she is trying. But if the religion thing is a game ploy then its very tacky. I jsut wish people would keep religion out of the game... have it there to keep you strong.. your on faith & beliefs but I hate them using it as game tactics and such.
  4. BamaDess

    A Question About The Mess...

    Personally I think that the vote is your own personal thing. When it all comes down its about yourself making it to the end. I would never let anyone know exactly how I was voted or did vote.
  5. BamaDess

    A Question About The Mess...

    Thanks guys. Sometimes things get going so fast on there & its hard to keep up lol
  6. Ok I coulnd't find a post really so I'll ask anyway...lol First wasn't it Dick who FIRST wanted Nick up on the block? But Eric really did want him to go so went along with it until the AP choice...which even then I feel he didn't fight as hard as normal to get Kail out. Secondly... I don't understand the Dick/Dani logic of it all. First they said he voted Kail out because he was in alliance with Jen & Kail. Then it has switched around. What I don't get is why would he vote Kail OUT if he had an alliance with her? I also don't understand why the votes are such a HUGE issue either.. other then Dick wants to know and control EVERYTHING!! I just still have never understood the whole turning against Eric completely. I watch the feeds and stuff...just seems to skip around the reasonings and all. Thirdly the banner keeps comign into play.. ummm do they forget that Ambers name was ALSO on the banner?? Personally.. I don't like Zach but if I was him .. I would vote opposite of everyone...that way they have an off vote again & it would drive Dick nuts... and then they would think that they evicted the wrong person LMAO And the last person they would probably think is Zach because they think he is just a lapdog anyway & they are all bickering among themselves all the time... so why not keep it going and keep the guessing up..lol Just how I would play
  7. BamaDess

    Whaoooo Amber Going Off On Eric

    I can give Amber the benefit of the doubt if the following is true... She was on drugs and has only been off them for around a year. This to me then seems like she is trying to change her life around & maybe Christianity is a part of that..so basically she is trying. And NO ONE is a perfect Christian BUT I do have an issue with reading the bible, talking about God & cussing all in the same sentence lol But again as I said if she is new to all this then I understand. As far as the abortions.. her past is her past & yes whether she had them or not.. whatever the case.. God does forgive & it shouldn't be an issue. I didn't agree with Eric using any info BUT its not surprising that someone would use it because it goes along with the game to me.. .some people just play that way. I do have a problem though with her spilling VERY personal things such as that to a stranger & knowing that there is filming & microphones...regardless of if we saw it or not... BB would still have it to show if they choose. Common sense should kick in on any person on something that personal. It almost makes me wonder...if ONE... she really is that clueless... TWO its game play to be that clueless... THREE ... if the emotional, crying, etc is all an act... an attention thing or something. I mean i understand people think she is just THAT mental & I know the drug usage all comes into play... but then if she hasn't been off them all THAT long ...why is she in BB??? Just my little thoughts
  8. BamaDess

    Whaoooo Amber Going Off On Eric

    Marty I completely understand that & I am with you on it. I have always found it kinda irritating how she will sit there and cry over these people who she just met but I hardly hear her mention her daughter or crying that she misses her. It just all doesnt make sense to me...especially being a mother.
  9. BamaDess

    Whaoooo Amber Going Off On Eric

    I think that its wrong that Eric would use that against her but... First this IS a game for money people are gonna do WHATEVER they can. Secondly why in the world would you trust someone you just basically met with info like that. That is so stupid on Ambers part...yet NO ONE is looking at it like that. I'm sorry I'm in a GAME ... I would NEVER let that kind of info out for these exact reasons & because I JUST met these people.
  10. BamaDess

    If Eric Leaves...

    It would be worth it just to see the faces... just like when Kaysar came back instead of Cappy LOL The thing that gets me is they all assume they know exactly who America likes & don't. When they all find out about AP & all the details.. they will know how America feels about Kail & Jen. lol Also I remember just a couple weeks ago Amber saying she thinks America likes her and she may be the favorite.. ROFL That was something I literally CRIED over... with LAUGHTER lol
  11. BamaDess

    Religion In The Game

    Jeep I completely agree. I believe that yes God does things for a reason & yes my faith has given me strength & helped me within myself during troubled times..but I don't think God is sitting up there directing BB like some chess game. You can have your faith but I just don't feel it belongs as part of the game...it may be what gets you through. And the Karma thing... *MAJOR EYEROLL* Then they ALL have some major Karma heading their way... especially Amber..she better look out. lol
  12. BamaDess

    If Eric Leaves...

    So I was trying to think how this will all work if Eric is evicted. I wonder first if they will let the house know about what has gone on all along. Which I would love because then I think some people would feel like idiots & may end up feeling bad about their vote. Also it would be funny to just see some of them go off about it all .. coughDICKcough..lol Then I was thinking what if since America voted for him to take Jess to the final 2... what if they turned around and offered AP to Jess since thats who America chose for him to take to the final 2. Not tell the house about AP & then turn around and offer it to Jess. Then I was wondering if they will do like they have in the past and have America vote back in someone who has been evicted. And if its Eric that comes back... continue with the AP or let him play his own game now? OR if its someone else have THEM come back as AP? I dunno just some different things I was thinking about. They need SOMETHING exciting. lol
  13. BamaDess


    Well all I can say is at least she didn't swear on her dogs life * wiping forehead * PHEW!! * eyeroll* lol Although being that apparently her dog & daughter are the same level it may be the same thing to her. And I agree with the lieing...she is one of the biggest liars but she does it kinda sneaky...which is worse. She will twist things just a little to benefit her.
  14. BamaDess

    Religion In The Game

    I am a strong Christian who doesn't hide my faith but going into BB I don't believe I would let it be a major thing. Yes its a part of me but I feel as if alot of them for one push their views onto people & I also feel its not a place for it. I think God has WAY bigger things to deal then to hear me about a POV contest. Also it bothers me when one minute they are reading the bible and talking God & the next minute cussing like truckers....Amber is VERY bad about that & I have heard Jameka do the same thing. I don't remember Kaysar or anyone else bringing his religion into play on EVERYTHING in the game... in BB3 I think it was , Jason< who was also a christian and it was mentioned but never as much as it has been played out on this season. They are using God for EVERYTHING.. almost as an excuse....that bothers me alot.
  15. BamaDess


    Honestly I think they all are all over the place. In past seasons you could tell for the most part who stuck with who and people didn't go back in forth ..but this year they all seem to jump back & forth. And I get mad calling out just one person about lieing... thats the game really so they ALL will do it at some point if not already. And yes Dick was the first person to mention evicting Nick & then Eric didn't hide his feeling so he was more then happy to go along with it.