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  1. I don't even know what to say to this post ! I disagree with you in many ways, but also agree with you in certain areas!?! I find it amazing how we as fans can have so much in common, but also nothing in common at the same time! I'm actually a JJ fan that also was not a fan of Jun or Mike Boogie winning, but did not have a problem with Maggie, and not a big fan of Shelly...though I get why she flipped. I agree that JJ,D,Brenchel were all main targets and had to work to save their butts. But I also feel our dear Jordan does not step up to play until she's forced to when Jeff is gone, and she is content on "coasting" until she has to do something. Her intuition is normally right, but her downfall is depending too much on Jeff's "intelligence" and giving in to paranoia and playing emotionally. I remember how excited I was when she starting figuring things out at the end of her season and actually started making moves. I don't think it is because she lays low, I think she's insecure and has been told how simple she is so many times that she doesn't trust her own gut. As much as I like her as a person, she's NO angel. She would not have liked backdooring Shelly, but she showed that she would have supported it. I keep hearing a lot of "but Jordan gave Shelly her phone call," if you play games that way, you should probably not play BB, Poker, Spades or any game for that matter. I love my husband dearly, he could give me the world in the palm of my hand today, doesn't mean I would let him win when we play pool later. I wouldn't want him to do the same for me and I'm not a super competive person, I just understand that you play a game with your brain based on the rules provided, not with your heart. I hate to admit it, but if JJ backdoored Shelly, the forums would have been minus thousands of fanatical hate posts today! Shows most fans watch the game with our hearts(self included at times) instead of our minds, I guess it makes us all human. Sad and emotional, crazy and suportive, irrational and sane... humans! I'm done for the day!
  2. This is just my humble opinion: I am not a fan of Shelly, but agree she does NOT deserve the ugly comments people are making about her. We have the right to disagree, but I try my best to do it with an open heart and mind. I truly believe she's probably a decent person in real life, and was truly hurt by turning on Jeff and Jordan. It appears someone in the DR shook her up and asked the one question everyone had "are you playing for your family or JJ?". As far as the game goes, I think where Shelly went wrong (in my eyes) is that she got a little ugly and catty while consistently pointing out how bad others were for the same thing. I had NO problem with her playing both sides or getting rid of Jeff, but she did some rather ugly name calling and personal attacks while preaching to have a "moral highground" pretty much from the beginning of the game. I really wanted to like her since she was a La. homegirl, but as a fan decided that I didn't like her game play and will not be cheering her on. Also, a lot of the anti Shelly fans felt she lied directly to them in her diary sessions (she wants to help JJ win -vs- doing it for her family, the final 3 deals)or she just may believe her own lies. HOWEVER; with all that mess I just said, if she gets to the end..Shelly could have my vote! Next to Dani, she actually played the game, put herself in danger and made big moves. As a person who respects the actual game of BB and not just the "characters"..I'm kind of confused who to support at this moment! P.S. As a JJ fan, but also a realist...it's kind of disgusting and disappointing how fellow JJ fans are acting and attacking Shelly. Some even seem to have a sick satisfaction with the fact that Shelly's daughter will be disappointed in her. I understand being mad, but JJ are not super human, there life will go on, Jordan crying is NOT the end of the world..I'll miss looking at Jeff just like the average JJ fan, but I would have had to split from them as well. Shelly was only guaranteed 4th, JJ made it clear they were taking Rachel to the end. At least with KPAS, she has a smaller "chance"..just like poker, you can play it safe or make big moves!
  3. Mrs. Watson...you are right! I love to discuss and disagree with others in the BB community, BUT will never get personal! And though there have been MANY houseguests that I could not stand, if you HATE someone on reality TV..then you clearly need a dose of "reality" and a life!
  4. So True! I think there's two definitions the BB community uses for "floater" 1. an alliance swapper based on power. 2. a person who "floats" through the game by not making any moves or decisions of their own Maybe we need another word for #2. All season BR & JJ have been saying the other side were floaters "because they don't do anything or win anything"...so people are using their own words. Love Jordan, but she is an ultimate floater based on her OWN definiton of the word.
  5. Another example of another PHONE CALL with MiMi concerning BB: Me:Hello? MiMi: What is wrong with Shelly? Me: What are you talking about? MiMi: How does Shelly live in Baton Rouge (we're from New Orleans)and never heard of half of that food? Me: Maybe she's one of those people that only eat burgers and fries MiMi: WHO NEVER HEARD OF AN AVOCADO? OR PEARS? I bet she's in the country eating alligator and neutra rat!!!! Me: Baton Rouge is not the country MiMi MiMi: Well she claims to be a hunter and works for a wilderness comapny, she has to know people eat different things! Me: OK MiMi MiMi: DON'T YOU THINK SHE HAD TO HAVE HEARD OF AVOCADOS? Me: You would think (laughing to myself, thinking that's all she wanted was someone to agree with her) MiMi: Alright then, I thought so! Me: OK...thinking Shelly convo is over MiMi: And why is she ORANGE, how do you get that color??? Me: LMAO!!!!! ; ) MiMi: What's funny? Me: continuing to LMAO! Just realizing I need to start taping our convos, between BB and Survivor my granny keeps me entertained! ; )
  6. Reminds me of a convo I had last week! My grandmother (MiMi)is my BB buddy (my friends are "too smart" for reality tv, I think they're in the closet LOL)... though for some reason MiMi likes Brendon (can't believe this is the woman who raised me)! Here's our phone call from last week: Me: Hello? MiMi: I just had to call, I'm so confused Me: about what? MiMi: Shelly Me: Shelly who? MiMI: ON BIG BROTHER! Me: OH! What about? MiMi: I can't decide if she's lying or if she believes her own lies? Me: LOL, OK...it's not even 7 AM here, can I call you when I wake up? MiMi: clearly disgusted with me...OK, BYE! CLICK!
  7. Wow, thanks! Those producers are something, they should just have a BB with all producers playing....including AG! That would be interesting! Couldn't figure out what happened, kind of glad Shelly flipped...as much as I like JJ, seeing them win was not high on my list this year....though I have NO idea who I want to win.
  8. Team JJ here, but I HAVE to play devils advocate: Jeff and Jordan would have dumped Shelly ANY time they felt it would have been best for their game play. They would have felt bad about doing it, but Jeff already said he'd drop her over Adam. That doesn't make JJ bad people, just playing the game called BB. Shelly dumping JJ does not make her a bad person at all, or the lies in the game....it's the ugliness she caused between everyone, the name calling, the excessive creepy constant butt kissing of JJ ("you guys are a better couple than B&R"..maybe true, but who says that and how does that matter in the game!?!), and the constant put downs of BR,D,K&P all while acting to care about them to their faces, and telling their personal problems to others after they confied it. It's the things she did that had nothing to do with the game, she's very similar to Rachel. Both have the potential to be good players and well liked, but both will sink to an uncalled level of low just for the heck of it!
  9. I was OK with Shelly playing both sides, it is a game....BUT, my problem was that she did it in an ugly way that was uncalled for. If you play both sides, do just that...play and listen. Her problem was that she wanted to TALK to damn much and when she did it was always "They're stupid, dumb, I can't stand them,they're floaters(Uhhh, hello Pot meet the Kettle)" then she goes and has a heart to heart with said person and slams the other side using the same words!!! She was setting her self up by trying to start and fuel fires, which put her right in the middle of drama! Does anyone know what it was that actually made her decide to flip, haven't read or seen anything that says when she had her "light bulb moment"?
  10. I agree 100%...I'm actually a JJ fan that has been "anti-Shelly" all season! HOWEVER; as much as I love JJ, they have become too arrogant and cocky, I was shocked how they were so "insulted" to be put up on the block, as if this isn't a game. Also, they are technically bad game players, they play emotionally and only win by luck or by a "man centered" competition for Jeff. I've said before, if Jeff looked like Adam...would we like him as much? Probably not, looks and a little charm allows him to get away with a lot in the eyes of fans. I believe that's why a lot of the actuall BB players are not a fan of his. Jordan's gut told her all season there was something off about Shelly, maybe this will teach her to trust her intuition and to NOT let Jeff make every decision for her. I think she's sweet, but If I was Jordan's mother I would be disappointed in how she sunk to calling Shelly/Danielle "Bitch, Whore, etc." especially since neither one has said a bad word about her. Also, I found it funny how JJ called everyone floaters and Jordan is the ultimate floater!!! I love how Jordan decided to play the game at the end of her season, maybe she'll step up now. Now I have NO idea who I want to win! Never liked Dani, started liking her lately, then JJ disappointed me by being bratty, Shelly is at least playing (just don't like how), Adam is a Jeff groupie not a player, Porshe is Porshe, Kalia stepped up and slightly redeemed her idiotic moves, but when it comes down to it...I can't pick a winner. If push comes to shove, I'm thinking Shelly (who I can't stand) and Dani (who can't win, but at least "played" the game!
  11. KCV

    Jeff - Week 5

    Are you watching the feeds and reading the updates? I'm a Jeff fan that's starting to fall off...can't believe how he spoke to Jordan last week and that was really weak how he spoke to Khalia. No, he didn't curse her out, but he threatened her and talked down to her, all while lying....he DID plan to put her up next week, along with Dani! Some women will make excuses because he's really sweet at times (and very handsome), but so was Ted Bundy! Not comparing the two, just amazed how we make excuses for others...if Jeff looked like Ronnie, he would have the fan base of Keith (1% voted him to stay)and people would be calling for his head for talking to Jordan like that. Most people could care less how he treats Khalia, cuz no one likes her...really people!?!?! Now I don't know who to pull for! J/J acting too entitled and are being hypocrites, Rachel is not getting my support, Brendon is really pathetic and loves to fight with women the last two seasons(never saw him jump on a man), Not a fan of Lawon,Porsche,Adams game play, Khalia is too gullible...that leaves Danni and Shelly that have a little game play respect from me. Everyone lies, makes side alliances they can't keep, I find it strange most people pick fav. players based on who "looks like they are not lying." I would not care how they made it to the end, as long as they did not disrespect and be mean bullies to others.
  12. KCV

    Kalia - Week 5 - HoH

    Not a huge fan of Kalia, but can't help but wonder why she gets such ugly names thrown at her. I've been watching the show, and yes she's annoying and told a few lies, but she's done nothing to be called those horrible names. I hope none of you believe in karma, you can't let a game show make you sink to such low levels...can't imagine what some of you say about people in your real lives!?!?! Call her game play dumb, ignorant, etc. But to call her ugly, cow,...Edited due to previously deleted post... P.S. I'm a big J/J fan that's not too happy with how they are acting entitled, not sure who I support now....starting to pull for Dani (she's actually playing hard) and Shelly (she plays like a snake in the grass, but hey...it's a game, play to win!). Agreed!
  13. KCV

    Jeff - Week 5

    I was a huge J/J fan, and was so excited for her HOH win. However; this last week has really showed their sense of entitlement. Jeff DID plan on putting up Kalia, now he's mad that she beat him to the punch. No, he did not call her names (to her face), but I can not stand to see a man (better yet boy)threaten a woman....I know for a fact he would not have let anyone speak to Jordan like that (except him...see the "shut up and go eat comment he made to her). I am soooo disappointed this year in him and now want to see them eat some humble pie. Unfortunately, Kalia is gullable and will reward their bad behavior. J/J acted worse than Rachel this week (towards the HOH) and that takes a lot!
  14. LOL, beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder...I can't stand his smile or his mouth, it's hard to look at, kind of like it's upside down, lol! I thought he was cute at first, but he's more like a Monet, not the BB player, the paintings that look good from a distant, then you get close and realize it's a bunch of ugly splotches. I don't think he's ugly, just weird looking. I also don't know what to think about him as a player, didn't like the comments he made about Kathy (and I don't like Kathy)washing his clothes/dishes, showed character flaws,but he is dominating challenges when it matters. Hell...this was a bunch of idiots and now it's just down to picking which idiotic trait you're willing to reward/punish for the win.
  15. I agree, he's kind of like a nice jerk, lol. I didn't hear all the things he said about animals, but if he really did throw a cat in a wood chopper....he's also a psycho! I almost rather him over H/E for the win and that alone makes me sick!