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  1. Why would Dan want to talk to Shane? Dan sure has all the friends he needs without Shane. Shane needs to go back to work and get money like the rest of us and stop the poor mouth who cares.
  2. you sure have a thing for danielle, she also thinks she look fine. In fact she thought she looked better than anyone in the house.
  3. Why is she so upset with Dan without him she would ever had so much tv time nor gotten to third place.
  4. I'm just happy we don't have to listen to that hammock swinging anymore.
  5. Nice guys finish last. You needs guts to play this game and he sure did not have any.
  6. someone needs to get to Shane after the final before he hooks up with this girl. If you watched his interview he sounded like any port in a stom looked good after 60 days.
  7. When he gets upset you know he is telling the truth.
  8. they all think everyone hates rachel and against her at the final they will get the votes. WRONG!
  9. Look at him, any female would love a hug from him.
  10. it is a horrible thing to say, but i would not put it past Britney wishing it on someone.