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  1. snoopj98


    I saw the lady with the laptop and antlers also but was wondering if anyone knows who Rachel is talking to. She is behind the interviewer in a white dress. Anyone know? I don't see Brendon anywhere either.
  2. Have all the houseguests psychic. That would be an interesting twist!
  3. snoopj98

    June 39th????????????

    I don't know.... I kinda liked having my husband listening and looking at me and not Mortys for a while. I suppose you can have him back now, I'm tired of him again. haha. I love ya honey. Glad everyone is back and working great!
  4. snoopj98

    Live Feed Discussion

    Yeah, I can't get it either.
  5. snoopj98

    cbs vote now question

    Hope it is just something technical. Thanks for letting me know it was happening before. I didn't know that.
  6. Has anyone noticed on the vote now features on the CBS.com website where you can vote who you think will be evicted next and who will win the grand prize that Ashlea, Michael and Kaysars buttons are unclickable but Erics is lit up? Why can you vote for Eric, have they already decided he is the one coming back and Americas Choice means nothing?
  7. snoopj98


    I'm new at this so I hope it works. My favorite Eric quote is.... " This is just a game " He makes me laugh every time he says it because he always takes things so personally. I also like when he calls other people "unstable" That coming out of the king of dual personalities himself.