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  1. is waiting not so patiently for 8 o'clock

  2. PrincessPoohs

    Britney - Week 8

    It's been a great season until now, & I've really enjoyed being part of this community. I certainly won't try to stand up for posters on this board again. A couple of you likely haven't read anything except for my last post, & that you apparently didn't read very well. And @ smassadi- hateful?? What exactly about my post was hateful? Please go back & read it again. And four paragraphs- well, I'm verbose. You'll see that in my posts throughout the season. It's just the way I am, but thanks for calling me out on it. I try to defend against people getting attacked for the way they post, & I... get attacked for the way I post. First by ginger, then by a handful of you. The only reason I even brought it up is because ginger kept saying "Why me?" and getting annoyed at why others were singling her out for saying she's bored with the show. So I let her know that it could be because she was also attacking others for *caring* about the show, & that people may think that's hypocritical when she's on here all the time (& yes, smassadi, i'm sorry that I use "all the time" but you don't get to 16k posts in four or five 90 day seasons by not being around a lot). And the only reason I said one word about the things that ginger posts (other than the thing I had an issue with in the first place) was because of statements like this: When she attacked me directly for the way that I post, as if I'm obsessed with Britney or something, well... I think in my position, most of you would let her know she is 100% the pot calling the kettle black. She posts in here constantly. With often the most ridiculous things, trying so hard to find more & more bad things to say. Thus I wrote that paragraph. Read it again, you may understand better. I even said at the end of it that I honestly don't care about the crap she posts about Britney or anyone else in the house (though I may disagree with it sometimes or think sometimes that it's reaching, it doesn't matter, everyone has an opinion about the HG's here & that's a good thing), but to not attack me or others for the way we post. She was being hypocritical, & I explained why (and I only did so because she asked why she was being singled out by others). I think I was pretty clear in what I said, and in no way was I being hateful. To one of the other posters: As far as me mentioning anonymous people have written to agree with me, again, see the above quote. She completely dismissed me, said "I don't know why I'm discussing this with someone who..."; so I was letting her know that 'ridiculous me' is not the only one who has these views. It was letting her know that she's offending other people with the way she talks about people being 'obsessed'- I thought maybe that would get through to her a bit more than just thinking it was only someone "ridiculous" who was offended. And as far as them being anonymous goes- yes, they're anonymous. Do you really think that I would come out & say who they are? They wrote to me privately for a reason, I'm not going to betray that. But yeah, I felt it needed to be said that others share the same concerns, especially considering the "you're ridiculous, why am I even discussing this with you" comment that was made. Also: intimidation tactics? Telling someone that something bothers you is an intimidation tactic? Really? To the person who was wondering if the oysters quote is for real: first, thanks for the post. & yep, it's a direct quote from this thread, & there are plenty more like it in others. But I can honestly tell you I wouldn't care one little bit (I mean, there are plenty of things posted on this board that I think are silly or that I don't agree with, & it's just not a big deal) about it if she hadn't also spoken about how people on this site are obsessed for the way that they post. Sorry to all of you who obviously didn't like what I said, but when someone is being blatantly hypocritical, I'm generally going to say something. Honestly, this should have ended with ginger's first response, but she kept going, I responded, & now a handful of you are piling on. This is the last I'll say about it. Again, believe me I will never try to stand up for anyone on this site again. I'm heading out, I really hate that this thread has devolved into an attack-fest. If you'll look at my original post, you'll see that is not what I intended in the least (the opposite, in fact). Maybe I'll come back next year to do more live feed updates, but the message boards have left a really bad taste in my mouth, so I just don't know. I was just trying to help. To everyone who I've interacted with over the months, laughed with, been frustrated over these hamsters with- it's been fun, and thank you. to casper sabe: I just saw your post. Thank you. In all my verbosity, I couldn't have said it any better.
  3. PrincessPoohs

    Britney - Week 8

    I *loved* the dancing segment. Brit was adorable, & I haven't laughed so hard in days. Did you see Lane & Hayden in the backyard?
  4. PrincessPoohs

    Enzo - Week 8 PoV winner

    I saw it too, & came over to the thread just to make sure I wasn't imagining things! *very* cute!
  5. PrincessPoohs

    Ragan - Week 8 Nominee

    Great Post #1, totally agree! Great Post #2
  6. PrincessPoohs

    Britney - Week 8

    Oh get over yourself. Nobody would ever have called you obsessed (and actually um, they still haven't...) if you hadn't begun calling others obsessed for the way they post/watch the show. All I said was that it was hypocritical. And believe me, although no one else has said it publicly, I've already received messages from people thanking me for saying what I did. So obviously I am not alone in my thoughts. And if you think the Britney love is out of control, try looking back at some of your posts & you'll see how much the Britney hate is out of control. Which is obsession? The love or the hate? The most ridiculous things have been posted just to have a chance to talk crap about her. Obviously, she's not perfect. No one is. And I have no problem with people pointing out her faults. But seriously, posting things like " Then she turned the conversation to clam shells and pearls. She really thought pearls come from oysters (she's right but they also come from mussels and clams but it is extremely rare)and then Hayden joined in and it became a meeting of the minds. I think the only smarts Hayden has is BB smarts." Bashing someone for thinking (correctly) that pearls come from oysters? & There have been countless other posts like that, half of which frankly just don't make any sense & seem so reaching in the attempt to talk badly about her or be funny. & as far as those posts go, keep writing them, I don't care (but you may want to think twice before you begin calling others obsessed next time). I'm more than willing to express my agreement or disagreement in what people say about the cast of the show, in a civil way. But when it comes to attacking people NOT on the show... I can't help but speak out against that. The bottom line: if you stop talking about other people on this site & stick to talking about the show, no one will have any reason to talk about you or notice how much you post. It's simple. And with that, let's get back to what we're here for! I apologize for helping to derail the thread :-(
  7. PrincessPoohs

    Britney - Week 8

    Sorry... wow. I don't know what "rest of the post" you're talking about, it was all pretty much in the same vein... If you're talking about me being pleased that Britney is doing well... um. yeah. I do like her, I like watching her, no I don't think she's perfect, but I'm rooting for her to win. I know, that's ridiculous. Nobody ever does that. /sarcasm I see that you've obviously taken offense, sorry about that but it needed to be said.
  8. PrincessPoohs

    Britney - Week 8

    ... But saying what you did (that so many others have an "obsession" because of the way they post)is asking "why this/ why that?" or at the very least calling people out for the way they post (much like what you got annoyed with Steve over doing to you). Again, I can't speak for anyone else, so I don't know if that's why he singled you out, but I can tell you that probably more than a couple of people found what you said unnecessary and a little hypocritical. You're welcome for the confirmation.
  9. PrincessPoohs

    Britney - Week 8

    I certainly can't speak for anyone else, but when you say things like "Following the weasels for years after their BB stints, posting updates about them, writing "my boy" and "my girl," declaring love for them, defending them against posts that don't agree with you etc., etc is obsession in my book and it happens all the time here." as you stated earlier in this thread, it does make some people think "Why are you here, then?" For me, it's not about you saying it's boring (although I do disagree with that, I always find people-watching interesting), it's about you saying that others are doing something wrong or are "obsessed" for loving the show or loving/loving to hate the people on it, posting here about them etc. when you have arguably the most posts out of anyone here, & are on this site & the feeds for hours & hours a day. Feels a bit like the pot calling the kettle black. I don't care what your habits are, or that you continue to watch/post here even when you think they're so boring this year, but when you look down on people for doing a slight variation of what you yourself are doing, that's what tends to bristle a bit. I'm not trying to offend, you were just wondering why you were being "singled out", and the only reason I can think is that it's because you're not just saying they're boring, you're saying we're stupid for caring. Just because your style is to rail on these people all day & night doesn't mean that it's wrong or any more "obsessive" for people to express their love for a certain contestant/the show, etc. On an on-topic note: I'm very happy to see that Britney's done such a good job keeping Lane close this week, without really pissing off the others. I'm starting to think she has a really good shot at this!
  10. PrincessPoohs

    Lane - Week 8 HoH

    good boy Lane :-) Keep staying loyal to Brit & you're golden with me!
  11. PrincessPoohs

    Thursday, 8/26 Show

    It's true. I was very surprised about that switch as well. I was really hoping Ragan would win & blow the Brigade up (well, I wouldn't want him to put up Lane!). I think you're absolutely right that they planned it this way. When is the next HoH!?! I'm dying here! The only other time I remember this was in Season 8, & didn't they do the second HoH during the live show?? Are the feeds back up yet?
  12. PrincessPoohs

    Brendon - Week 7 (Nominee) PoV winner

    Yeah the thing is, I thought he was actually pretty cool after Rachel left. He was really starting to come into his own, & bond with the boys. But if it had been the other way around, & Brendon left, Rachel without Brendon would have been just as annoying as Rachel with Brendon.
  13. PrincessPoohs

    Britney - Week 8

    Brit Brit survived DE! Hurrah!
  14. PrincessPoohs

    Lane - Week 7

    I'm so fucking disappointed in you.
  15. PrincessPoohs

    Britney - Week 7 HoH

    lol well I'm a girl and even I totally agree with you. She looked amazing! She always looks beautiful, but it's great to see a girl who dresses down most of the time dress up once in awhile. It makes you appreciate both the pj's/sweats and the "gowns" and extra make-up (as long as she's not doing her hair in that weird way she sometimes does for the live shows... *shudder* Her hair always looks much better when it's simple). And yes, the dress is similar to Rachel's, but the colors are different & they couldn't be bigger opposites if they tried... even while in the same dress. Britney looked beyond gorgeous, and wore it much better than Rachel ever could. adorable