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  1. I know this isn’t the first time this kind of thing has happened in Amazing Race history (similar ‘teamwork’ took out the Cowboys last time) , but I’ll say again that I think CBS needs to fix this loophole and simply ensure that teams are doing the challenges on their own (there is little they can or should do to stop them helping each other with directions and such) and finding out the name of the pitstop was a challenge this time. If a team finds the pitstop without getting a paper clue, Phil would have turned them back and told them they couldn’t check in without a clue. In this case they should’ve had to say the name of the pitstop, which was the clue on the dress. It might not have made any difference in the end, but at least teams would’ve won or lost on their own merits. But to be completely fair if you think back, Andy & Tommy are also guilty of this when they gave Marcus the answer to the counting challenge earlier in the game, Marcus didn't listen of course and it ended up not mattering, but the boys were also 'cheating' earlier in the game and I didn't care for it then either. Bottom line is I do not like cheating going un-penalized on the amazing race... but I do like Andy & Tommy, who are clearly both very nice guys. Exactly the kind of people I'd have loved to root for in the final leg.
  2. Outlast

    Albert Destrade

    My one question is did Albert really want to get rid of Edna because she was weak or was this a play to weaken Coach's hand and keep him tied more tightly to Albert. Both are perfectly acceptable reasons to go after Edna. I just wondered which reason was utmost in his mind.
  3. Outlast

    This please. I want Christine out and if getting that means Ozzy has to go to RI than so be it.
  4. Outlast

    Rick Nelson

    Congratulations on finally getting a little screen time Rick. You should try and be the swing vote more often since you don't seem to be giving the editors much else to work with. I actually kind of like the guy, but he's just not very exciting.
  5. Outlast

    "Coach" Wade

    I'm glad to see new-Coach is smart enough to keep Brandon out of the loop hii wise. Brandon just can't keep his mouth shut for anything. I do believe that Albert and Coach both like 'the kid', but they know he can't be trusted with secrets. The tribal split on the vote tonight was interesting. Could we possibly see Coach, Brandon, Rick and Edna taking out Albert & Sophie post merge (hopefully after they give Savaii a sound Pagonging)? In any case I don't think Al or Sophie will flip to Savaii because they seem smart enough to know that flipping pretty much never works well for the person doing the flipping.
  6. They're reasonably athletic, which is always good in a race. They're both dudes which helps shorten potty breaks. "Dude we're in a race, just use a water bottle!" And last night they showed that they possess the #1 skill for winning The Amazing Race - reading comprehension. This team could dominate. But then again I really thought Ethan & Jenna would do a heck of lot better so you can't underestimate the part luck plays in the race (or Survivor for that matter).
  7. It does suck that Ethan & Jenna had to go this early. And the whole leg was so close between everyone. All that had to change to save them was either Ethan/Jenna noticing the sign, the cocktail waitresses to miss the sign or maybe just not losing that darn clue. I salute the Amazing Race people for adding that sign to the race as a kind of trap for teams that rush too much and don't pay attention. 8 out of the 11 teams fell for it! that sounds like a success in my book. I'm just sorry Ethan & Jenna didn't make it a little further.
  8. For Ethan's sake I hope they can make it far and maybe even win. They have a lot of travel and challenge experience to draw on which hopefully will help them go far.
  9. I was pissed that some twitter person had to return the passport. Nobody helped Zev and Justin dang it and they were actually likable people. Guess the lesson is if you're going on The Amazing Race KEEP YOUR PASSPORT IN A ZIPPED POCKET!
  10. Outlast

    Jim Rice

    I'd like him better if he'd pick up the three outsiders (or at least one) and take out one of the 'girls we like' in Ozzy's couples alliance. So predictable of Ozzy. But I don't think Jim has any idea that Ozzy and Keith think of him as their 5th wheel. As for what those 'girls we like' think, we won't know until they get some screen-time. Don't get me wrong Jim was smart to make sure Semhar was out first when Ozzy was pushing for Cochran to go, but he doesn't seem to get (yet at least) that Ozzy still has the numbers without Semhar. In fact after one more boot from Savaii he technically doesn't even need Jim's vote anymore.
  11. Outlast

    "Coach" Wade

    I actually liked him the first time he played and he's only become more lovable since. And wonder of wonders his game play might have even improved a tiny bit this time around. At least he seems aware of how he is perceived, which he didn't seem to get before and he's trying (bless him), he's really trying to git an alliance together and make a run for the money. Now I don't think the odds of him making the finals are that great, but this is the first time I feel like he's actually trying to win. In Tocantins I think he just wanted to be a huge character and get attention, in HvV he wanted to make himself more likable after all the hate he got back in S18. This time I think he's actually trying to win. Who knows maybe if they bring Coach back enough times he might actually win one. Hey it worked for Boston Rob.
  12. Outlast

    Albert Destrade

    Now that he has finally spoken I like him. I could even see him winning, but shouldn't he have more airtime by now if he did win? I'd guess he either gets booted at the merge for being strong (if Savaii have the numbers) or makes it far, but misses the money (if Upolu has the numbers).
  13. Outlast

    Mikayla Wingle

    Oh so she was in Playboy and she admires Hugh Hefner. Maybe she told her tribe and that is why Brandon called her a Delilah.
  14. Outlast

    Mark Caruso

    He is nice, especially with Dawn and her break-down. From his picture I had assumed he would be if not the first to go, at least on the block the first TC. Now it looks like he might just outlast at least Dawn and Cochran as things stand now (hopefully Cochran can work his way up the ladder). I have to admit though I'm rooting for Coach's Tribe to win the lion's share of the challenges.
  15. Outlast

    Brandon Hantz

    I don't think his tattoo hiding can last much longer. He was shown shirtless in a challenge, which I didn't notice the first time I'd watched the show, in the opening credits so I'd guess his secret will be out soon. Those credits seemed weird to me with Brandon last and seeming oddly separated from the rest of his tribe by a couple of shots including the words 'one survivor'. Just odd.