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  1. Purpletiger006


    This movie was absolutely insane! Nolan pulled me inside his twisted dreamland. If anyone out there enjoys good storytelling, great acting, awesome cinematography along with some thrilling action, Inception is the movie for you. This effort by Nolan makes me excited to see what he's going to do with his 3rd Batman movie.
  2. trying to motivate himself to complete his Masters Degree assignments instead of posting on this board!

  3. Purpletiger006


    I can accept two people from Chicago easier than Arkansas? I understand your point, though. I just want them to wave bye-bye to Britney next week.
  4. Purpletiger006

    Rachel - Week 2 (HoH)

    I'm for anything that will get Britney the boot. I can stomach a lot of things with this show, but she rubs me the wrong way.
  5. Purpletiger006


    I guess I was one of the few people last week, my wife included, that thought they should have booted Rachel out on her behind. Even with all of the whining she did after her nomination, I found it easier to stomach her than the ridiculous 'showmance' in that house right now. My new favorite to win it is Kristin. I'm hoping she can keep the target off of her back.
  6. Purpletiger006

    Rachel - Week 2 (HoH)

    Now, kywildcat why would you say such a thing? It seems to me anytime she says something in the diary room, it ends with that annoying giggle. I wonder how long it is going to take for Brendon to get tired of that action?
  7. Purpletiger006


    My wife mentioned she thought it was a little strange that TWO people from Arkansas were in the BB house. I hope they really kick it up a notch. I love BB, but there are a lot of other things on the tube this summer that could pull me away from it if they don't stir it up some.
  8. Purpletiger006


    ...tell the houseguests the identity of the saboteur? Annie said she had one surprise left up her sleeve for the houseguests. What was it? I'm sorry if I'm asking some pretty silly questions, but I don't have the live feeds and really like the observations provided on this site. Could someone help me out with this? What do y'all think is BB's backup plan for the saboteur getting evicted the first week? I really hope they can stir some stuff up in the house. I'd hate for them to be free from rampant paranoia.
  9. Purpletiger006

    Lurkers Come On Out...Big Brother 12 Is Here!

    Been hangin around here for a few years. I work rotating shifts. It's very entertaining when BB kicks off and I can keep abreast of all the action on boards like this one! I just wish Mrs. Purpletiger would like the live feeds as much as I do, then I'd have no issues ordering them through Morty's. Looking forward to talking with you all this season.