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    Watching Big Brother 6 of course
  1. weird_4

    Welcome Casey to Morty's

    It was nice of BB to let you keep the suit..I can imagine Lydia wearing her superhero costume still...
  2. weird_4

    Welcome Casey to Morty's

    Hey look it's Banana man! You have came up with a new fashion trend.
  3. Well I'm just spit balling but I think Julie is gonna have her baby before she reads the votes to them. LOL! It's be funny. "By a vote of 5-3....." pop!! The baby comes out.
  4. weird_4


    Okay I saw Bruno on Sunday and I thought it was the same as Borat, but with more nudity. Some parts made me chuckle otherwise it was kind of "ehh...".
  5. weird_4

    Big Brother 11 - released info

    This season the house is "eco friendly"
  6. With fertalizer of the house, we could watch the grass grow...hint hint...unless it's an outside comp then it'd have to be Fighting of the House where they show past BB fights.
  7. weird_4

    Big Brother 11 - released info

    I have Julies tour of the BB house...if anyones interested. http://www.cbs.com/primetime/big_brother/v...P&play=true
  8. weird_4

    Mystery Houseguest

    I would hope that either Howie, Jannelle, or Chicken George make a reentry as the "Mystery Houseguest"
  9. Hmmm...I'm gonna say Fertalizer of the House
  10. Well if it's supposed to be due in October, I say October 14th, 2009 at 3:14 PM EST
  11. weird_4

    Theories for BB11

    Maybe its another battle of the sexes. 6 men vs 6 women.
  12. weird_4

    Prediction Challenge Possible Questions

    I had a few ideas... 1st to win POV 1st HOH 1st to be evicted Seasons showmance (fil in 2 HG's that might be in a showmance this season) First cry (must have tears shown) First HG hug (who hugs who?) First censor to go off First censor on body part
  13. weird_4

    Who Is The Mole?

    I still think Craig is the mole because of that one mission where one person was blindfolded and the other had a video camera and whatever the person blindfolded saw was the opposite of what they see and I didn't see Craig trying that much in the mission.