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  1. 6:20 PM BBT Bronte and Natalie talking in bedroom. Bronte had to explain why they didn't put Victor up right away to Nat (backdoor him). Tiffany joins them.
  2. 6:50 PM BBT From right after feeds came back from POV.
  3. 7:12 PM BBT Da, Za, Tiffany, Frank, and Michelle in HOH room. Michelle tells there is a meeting tonight at 2 PM and she is invited.
  4. 6:57 PM BBT Paul doesn't know who nominated him. Since it was done anonymously. Jozea and Michelle do not know if Paul will chose replacement or the anonymous person.
  5. 6:42 PM BBT Tiffany and Frank in HOH Bathroom talking about who to be replacement nominne 6:43 PM BBT Jozea, Michelle, Da in Safri room talking. Da and Jozea in dog costumes.
  6. 5:43 PM BBT We still have Jeff's interviews on the feeds. 6:30 PM BBT We still have Jeff.
  7. 4:08 PM BBT Right before FISH The Host of POV (Michelle) comes out of Diary room
  8. 8:59 BBT Victor in Kitchen and Nicole gets called to diary room. rest of laying in bed.