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  1. Dan is playing the BB14 as a chess game. Marvelous !
  2. Lose the Ants ...unsanitary
  3. Wise Dan would take Dani to F2. He is aware that the jury is sick of Dani. Ian is a favorite with the jury.
  4. Waiting for Dani's plans to move to ......Hollywood
  5. Same principle as no board games provided to houseguests. Brings out conversation and messes with their thoughts.
  6. Not like the old days ....chased after when she cry baby toe sucks for attention. Please...somebody fuss over ME.....WAHHHH WAILLL....
  7. After tonight's eviction this is the first activity since 8am today. ...........The guy had rocks in his head. I don't see Shane as AFP ...dead heat between Dan..Ian or Britney
  8. I didn't catch what the audience did...what was it?
  9. Grinning! Everyone ...but Shane...Week 10 threads are locked. Everyone ...but Shane...Week 11 thread are open. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  10. kansas

    BB14 Live Feed Clip of the Day

    Big Thanks GreatSaltLuke!! Always appreciated the updates on FB NewsFeed this Season! Updates were "newsworthy" not fluff
  11. Hoping big time it is Dan/Ian F2. Why would BBAD keep camera on Danielle night after night?
  12. Danielle was smothering Brit early in the game. Either Shane or Danielle were the HOH & this was in the HOH room......... . D to B ..I'm going to stay with YOU the week after the finale. We both won't have jobs!! ..Brit- Dead Air..Crickets.. D repeated this ^ over & over ........Brit- Awkward...Red Flag Early in game ...Brit told (forgotten) I don't want to go outside right now. .......Danielle won't stop picking me up off the stool.....
  13. Jury may see that Danielle got thru being carried by Dan and Shane.
  14. Watch for Dani to start cry baby toe sucking after leaving the shower. That Shane hurried back to the fellas.
  15. Early in the season Danielle told someone that she wanted more than anything.......for her and Shane to be the final 2 ...so that they would be alone in the house.