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  1. Hope we don't see or hear them again. #CBSHEARMENOW ....nor jesse
  2. Well said. Wondering what award those two may receive.
  3. oh gawd...LOL..yep Shane is broke & CooCoo4CocoaPuffs has Granny's $$ in the bank. She won't let present "catch" off the leash for a minute. Superpass Cast Party Pic http://t.co/ZiBRIs7E
  4. 9/20 The Insider interviews Ian, Dan, Danielle, Shane and Britney http://www.theinsider.com/tv/55627_Dan_Gheesling_Big_Brother_14_Finale_Interview/
  5. kansas

    Until we meet again!

    Seeing the same names on Morty's each July is a warm fuzzy feeling
  6. Danielle 9/20 interview with Big Brother Network http://bigbrothernetwork.com/big-brother-14-danielle-murphree-eviction-interview/
  7. Danielle 9/20 interview with ZAP 2 it http://blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2012/09/big-brother-14s-danielle-murphree-wouldnt-play-with-dan-again-never.html
  8. Danielle shot herself in the foot with pout face attitude ...Dani on the BB D List...buh bye!
  9. That is the way it's been for too long....boring. Season BB14 was exactly what BB should be!
  10. Have respect for Dan that he didn't coddle Dani with her childish behavior. Sure her family never corrected her tantrums & whining.
  11. kansas

    Until we meet again!

    Can't watch BB without Morty's. Each year Morty's window opens days before BB starts .. stays open til days after finale. )) If Morty's live feeders/members didn't post it. Then it didn't happen.
  12. Watched The Talk. Getting Sore Loser Vibes from Danielle. Possible it is from not being front and center for Dan. It's over Dani.
  13. It was worth Frank winning AC to see Danielle & Shane's sad faces. Thank You Camera that panned the Jury!
  14. Check the "Danielle Week 10" scroll to Marty's 9/23/2012 post...Danielle's Lies. Is there a link for Live Feeds that isn't Superpass?
  15. Your welcome ..Morty's & the Live Feed Updater's were my lifesaver all season. Wish we had Feeds for after the show
  16. WOW...Ian is too full of himself. Respect diminished for Ian. Wait til he sees the episode where the 4 person alliance decided to offer him to join a temporary 5 person alliance. (long sentence)
  17. Live Feed Link http://www.justin.tv/minej24#/w/3830210512
  18. Hoping the same. Frank might be the only one not to vote for Dan.