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  1. I can't find a single player I like this year. :|
  2. DeadMidgetWalking

    America's Player

    Did I miss something? Is there a smart attractive female in the house?
  3. DeadMidgetWalking

    7/8 - Sunday's Show

    Like oh my god, like I can't believe like you just like said that
  4. DeadMidgetWalking

    America's Player

    hiya fizzy I figured it was time to crawl out from under my rock since it's that time of year again!
  5. DeadMidgetWalking

    America's Player

    so what's next weeks task going to be, leave the toilet seat up or leave the milk out of the fridge? As usual, CBS lacks any kind of imagination.
  6. DeadMidgetWalking

    Next Amazing Race To be All-Star Edition

    David and Mary allstars? wow no hippies?
  7. DeadMidgetWalking

    BJ and Tyler

    I agree, that was the best ever. And after that season and seeing this one, what a huge disappointment. I hope these 2 come back for allstars, even though they already won.
  8. DeadMidgetWalking

    Ozzy Lusth

    Ozzy is not playing very smart right now. There was no reason to win that challenge. He needs to try to at least appear not as dominant as he really is.
  9. DeadMidgetWalking

    Peter Harsch and Sarah Reinertsen

    It's too bad peter and sarah weren't around for the mine, peter would have made sarah ride the bike down and up the mine.
  10. DeadMidgetWalking

    Lyn Turk and Karlyn Harris

    I called them that because of their attitudes, and how they pity themselves. Like their comments this last show of how it's so unfair because theyre black and not pretty, give me a break.
  11. DeadMidgetWalking

    Lyn Turk and Karlyn Harris

    One word, TRASH.
  12. DeadMidgetWalking

    Dustin Konzelman and Kandice Pelletier

    I hate to say it but they're going to win. I want the Chos, but the Chos are too naive and don't have the killer instinct like these 2 girls, and they rarely make stupid mistakes.
  13. DeadMidgetWalking

    Vipul and Arti Patel

    Not many to like this year, and I liked this team, sad they're gone.