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  1. I cannot believe after almost 10 years ...the fish music is GONE. I can die happy. God I could not stand that loud bad old themesong any longer

    Zach Rance BB16 (Pre-season)

    My pick to win. I'm a gambler and he likes to lie so we shall see

    Possible Spoiler for Part 2 HoH

    Caleb winning HOH will seal is fate for sure

    Early Bird Offer Available for Live Feeds

    Did my part for Morty's. Looking forward to the season

    HOH Cheating - Week 2

    I knew for a fact they would not redo the HOH because this is what Grodner wants. They didn't do all that work to make sure she is HOH to give it up for a little cheating

    HOH Cheating - Week 2

    Big Brother Canada handled cheating very well. If they have any integrity they need to have a new HOH comp and expel Jeremy , and Aaryn in the re-do of the HOH, just like BBcanada. I find it amazing that so many competition I've see something like this happen. Allison Grodner had a week when she was finding out David was leaving for a way for Aaryn to be HOH, because it makes "good TV". She and others came up with a great plan that gave her the best odds to be. We have never seen a competition like this , this early on. And are we to believe that these pairs were chosen at "random". LOL how do we know it was random? I find it odd that she is chosen with the tallest person in the house and athletic. They know as do I that tall people do well in this competion. (Zach from BB8) It is a shame if they keep this cheating in the dark because Alison wants the drama

    Helen - Week 1

    shes creating a lot of sympathy for herself. Dan Gheesling was the master at this and who in their right mind would evict a mother of 2, vulneable woman compared to bullies such as jeremy, aaryn, jessie. She has formed alliances where she needs too, and has established herself in the house as a mother figure. She is my favorite player and I hope she goes far. She is my first "newbie" favorite player since...Dan Gheesling season 10

    Howard - Week 1

    this dude is jacked like no other.

    BB15 General Discussion

    Helen is my favorite houseguest because shes smart, is staying low and I know there's a chance she will be a comp beast later on when she needs it. Everyone else just eh. I dunno I usually like more than one person but no one else really makes me say " Oh I like them"

    Aaryn - Week 1

    She is cray. She is a mix of Danielle donato and Michelle from BB4. David will be her bitch though because he wants to bang her, sorry for the bluntness

    Nick - Week 1

    For someone who thinks he talks so well he says LIKE more than Jen on BB8. He literally says like 5 times each sentence holy shit Oh and this guy is reminding me of ray william johnson or whatever his name, that youtube celebrity who is not funny. Has a similar face and even talks the same
  12. I have a feeling he is going to go far in the game , or make it to the end. He is just that houseguest you know will never do well in mental comps and is just a follower. I imagine all the players are in prison, and this guy would be everyones bitch in prison

    Elissa - Week 1 (Replacement Nominee)

    I find it funny how the whole point of MVP is to vote for the person playing the best game. BB has everyone vote before we see any game moves. LOL Big Brother can you just admit that this is a ploy to get America's favorite players further in the game (by having them be able to put up their biggest threats)

    MVP (Most Valuable Player) - Week 1

    Well it looks like America is not voting for the best "player" Unless I missed something Rachel's sister has not been playing the best game