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    Secret Life Of The American Teenager

    I just don't get this show. I've seen several episodes and it's basically the same thing. Let's talk about having or not having sex for 30 minutes.
  2. Amberly

    More to Love

    I hate how every episode of the show goes on and on about how they have never had boyfriends or real dates. It's just insane. Some of them aren't even that big like a 12 or 14. Only a handful I thought were even really ugly.
  3. Amberly

    Real World Cancun

    The last show about things they should have showed was priceless. I can't believe Jonna was so nasty.
  4. Amberly

    Top Chef: Las Vegas

    I love the brothers. I really hope one of them wins or Kevin. I really hate the angry blonde girl who gets pissed if she doesn't win every single time.
  5. Amberly

    America's Next Top Model

    I am so glad Amber is gone. She was so annoying. It was kind of funny at first but after a while I know I would have wanted to wring her neck.
  6. Amberly

    The Time Traveler's Wife

    It was so dull. We left 45 minutes in.
  7. Amberly

    500 Days of Summer

    It was really good. The opening to the movie really sets the tone
  8. He's on Mad Men. His name is Bryan Batt.