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  1. thisismetoday

    Tuesday August 18th

    I don't know if this has been mentioned yet, but I think thay may play POV live on Thursday to make up for the lack of action from the Double Eviction.
  2. thisismetoday

    Help?!?! Big Brother

    Ok, Thanks!
  3. thisismetoday

    Help?!?! Big Brother

    I'm not sure where this topic should go so feel free to move it. (Just please tell me where it ends up so I can find it. lol) Whenever I try to view the previous days on Morty's BB homepage, I get this message: We haven't made this page yet, come back later. I was trying to see what happened yesterday. I can't view any of the pages as they all have that message. I know in previous years, Morty always allowed you to "learn to read from the bottom up." Is there any way for me to access what happened yesterday? TIA!
  4. thisismetoday

    Jen (BB8) & Nick (BB8) are Married!

    It's not their wedding. If you go to Nick's myspace page and view his "wedding" album, you'll see Jen and Nick standing with a woman in a veil and wedding dress.
  5. thisismetoday

    Live Show 3/12, Wednesday

    I'm not sure what's annoying me more - that Ryan's HOH was a waste of an entire week or that I can't order the damn feeds because the order page keeps going down.
  6. thisismetoday

    Front Page Irrelevant Comments

    Thanks for the cheese, King! I don't see any Feta, though. As Jem said, I'm talking about on the front page. I don't think we're talking about the same thing, though. I enjoy the comments ABOUT Big Brother. I don't enjoy hearing about the live feed people so much. Here's an example: Shelia is talking about having a hard time raising her son. (My son's giving me issues today, too.) See what I'm saying? I don't really want to hear about the live feed people. Their opinions about what's going on in the house, yes. The live feeder's own lives, not so much. I don't care if you whiten your teeth or wear comfy pants. lol It's not a big deal, though. As Jedi pointed out, I can just start skipping over everything in the parenthesis so it's a win/win. And Slowpoke, I absolutely looooved when Morty would add his dry humor in the mix. He was very entertaining without being biased about the hg.
  7. I absolutely love reading the front page recap in the morning and really appreciate all of Jem's hard work. My "issue" (for lack of a better word) is with the live feed updater's comments. I'm not trying to be rude, but is it really necessary to tell us that you over-analyze things, need teeth whitener and like comfy pants? I like reading the comments pertaining to BB (like when the feed updater explains why a comment was made, etc), but I could do without the rest of it. I know the updaters do this on their own time and I do appreciate them! /whine
  8. thisismetoday

    Don't Forget To Cancel Your Feeds

    Marty, I received my cancellation email within 5 minutes. Fizzle, When you cancel, they tell you that you can still log in and access all of the features you currently use. Even though you cancel, you're still good until the end of your three months. Here's a portion of the email: "Please note that although your subscription will remain active until 10/08/2007, you will not incur any additional charges from the date of cancellation." So, unless you just like to procrastinate, you can get it out of the way now.
  9. thisismetoday


    Thank you OBZ and Jem! Awesome observation on the clothes!! I didn't even think to look at that.
  10. thisismetoday


    Sorry if this has been covered, but does anyone know if the evicted HG goes to sequester the night they get evicted? I know they used to wait a day to do all of their interviews, but since they don't do the interviews now I'm curious when they go.
  11. thisismetoday


    I think Zach just won it.
  12. thisismetoday


    The feeds are messing up. WTF is that noise? It's really annoying!
  13. thisismetoday


    I don't know if Jen's father would have cared either. She ran away at a young age and made it sound like her true family wasn't related by blood.
  14. thisismetoday

    The Blue Ball Controversy

    Thank you for saying what I was thinking.
  15. thisismetoday

    Thursday's Live Show 9/6

    Can he hear you?