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  1. omahaguy

    Angie "Rockstar" Lantry

    The same can be said for "campaigning" by laying around all day (yesterday) in the HOH bed and watching what's going on on the video monitor.
  2. omahaguy

    General Discussion

    Glad to see it back!
  3. omahaguy

    Sam Bledsoe

    Late last night Sam talking to Rockstar saying that she thinks Brett has been the one making fun of her (if he has, I've missed it). She also has a crush on Brett and thinks that it might be mutual (If he does, that's another thing that I've missed). Sam feels that Brett only flirts with the other girls to make her jealous. At the start of this season, Sam was one of my favorites. But after the way she's acted the past few days she's now near the bottom.
  4. omahaguy

    Sam Bledsoe

    Sam seemed to be back to her normal self earlier today but now she's depressed again. I'm wondering if she might be bipolar or have a similar disorder? A couple of the HGs remarked today about Sam getting called to the DR early every morning. Maybe for her meds?
  5. omahaguy

    Kaitlyn Herman

    Darn. I guess just like Kaitlyn's my visions are wrong too
  6. omahaguy

    Kaitlyn Herman

    If she is voted out tonight, I predict (actually I'm have a vision) that the "chance to come back" will be to solve a Survivor style jigsaw puzzle of the BB logo with only 2 pieces. ....I'm sure production wants her in the house for our entertainment pleasure.
  7. omahaguy

    Sam Bledsoe

    There's an article about BB casting (the link is posted today on JokersUpdates under BB News and Rumors). Robyn, the casting director, says "...Sam, who is from the middle of nowhere and doesn’t really know anything about reality T.V. They are sometimes the best characters."
  8. omahaguy

    Sam Bledsoe

    Sam has said on the feeds that she was recruited by BB. My guess would be that a local TV station or newspaper did a human interest story on her (being a reasonably attractive female welder, etc.) and that got the attention of BB casting.
  9. omahaguy

    Angie "Rockstar" Lantry

    ugly glasses ... ugly clothes ... ugly woman (both inside and out)
  10. omahaguy

    Kaitlyn Herman

    The technical medical term for this woman is "Bat Sh*t Crazy"
  11. omahaguy

    JC Monduix

    There was a strong smell of burning plastic in the have not room so no one slept in there last night. I read that BB had them do a fire drill this morning at 4am BBT.
  12. omahaguy

    Chris "Swaggy C" Williams

    ^ What she said ^ ... gonna be a shock to this guy when he gets out of the house and checks out the fan polls
  13. omahaguy

    JC Monduix

    Notice how all the offended women in the pics are laughing. They recognize JC for what he is: funny and harmless. It must have been a slow news day for TMZ.
  14. omahaguy

    Cody's Revenge

    Cody tried to play the game while none of the others, except for Paul, did. That's why Cody got all my votes not because I hated the other house guests. (I try to reserve the word "hated" for things that I truly dislike - - like getting an MRI )
  15. Did you notice that Paul ditched his floatie before he walked out of the house? Perhaps he finally realized that it didn't make him look cute - - it just made him look even more stupid.