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  1. As many of us fans have seen, admitting being a big fan of BB can sometimes be the kiss of death in the game. Do you think that being known as the BB encyclopedia to this years' other players was a benefit or a hindrance to your game play? If you were to go back, would you act like you had not known so much about bb or still have admitted being a fan of the show?
  2. If they do a theme next time, make the theme of the house be the same as the theme they are using for the hgs. How are you going to have a high school clique season with a recycled theme house? The only thing recycled in the house was Jessie. It would have been such a cute house if they really went all out with the high-school theme. For instance: -the splish splash room could have instead been the gym room. It could have have the wood floors and have the basketball boundries painted on them. For and added touch, they could have hung up on of those little basketball hoops and had little soft basketballs with then (like what they have for little kids). That would have been a little extra something for them to do. -They could have set up outside like either a courtyard or an outside lunch area. Benches would have been perfect. Also, give them a track. Every high school has a track. -One room could have been the locker room. They could have had a bunch of lockers as their drawers. -HOH room could have been done with a principal's office design. I could go on and on but it would be pointless now. But next time, if they have a theme for the hgs, then the house theme should go with it.
  3. I did like Kev's game a lot, I really hoped for a him/Michele final 2 (with Michele winning tho). Strategically, he has been one or the better, if not the best gay man to play the game. While his antics when he was under the influence of Nat were not always the best, he definitely did for the most part wasn't overly cocky or obnoxious as some of the other players this season. He has had a lot to go through in his life (being gay, being ex-communicated from his church, Poland's Syndrome). I truly wish him not but the best outside of this game. With that said, I really wish that Nat would stop saying that she wants a BB wedding. It's not gonna happen, because no one want to see that bull-s. If there is any BB wedding I want to see, It's Kevin and his man right after California allows gay marriage (again for good).
  4. What happened with Jessie's Goodbye messages is that they actually did them after the Coup d'Etat, and the messages were sent to the JH for him to view, we saw a little glimpse of what he saw, but in Nat's part there was nothing mean or anything, Ly's did seen to be mean tho. For those who care to see it, it's the beginning part of Episode 22 part 3 on Quirkydude's channel (I'm not sure if I am technically allowed to post the link to it, especially since it is the actual show that aired)
  5. Thanks to everyone for all their hard work this summer. This was definitely my most involved season, especially considering that this is my first year posting and first year getting the feeds, even though I've watch since BB4 and have been reading this site since BB5. All of you guys made it fun. Can't wait for next year!
  6. 11:52 BBT Nat/Kev stop the fighting, and then J/K start to talk about "asshole" moments they had (pretty much the fights they got into). Jordan is talking about what she wants to take for m the house for souvenirs, such as the bath soap they used the liquid kind in a container I hope) and candles K/N tell J that there were 11 candles in the house and that they would count stuff at night. They talk about Michele counting things, and then they talk about how M went through his stuff and messed with the calendar. 11:58 BBT J talks about how her and Jeff would tell Russell that they wanted alone time so that he would get away from them. She then says that he would try to say to M that J/J were "doing stuff" 12:00 BBT More walks down memory lane, stuff like Chima calling Lydia and Jordan hose for walking around in lingerie. Then we have silence. 12:05 Jordan mentions that she thinks she is going to start her period soon. After a silence, N then says that this time next week that they will all be at work. Jordan says that she is going to take a week off so she can get everything situated in the old house. They then start to talk about how they need to pay everyone that handle their bills while gone back. Nat farts really loud, and K says "Check your panties on hat one cuz it sounded wet" Nat mentions that the time they spend together is more then they spend with their best friends back home. K says that they would sleep about 12 hrs, so it wasn't really that much time. Then J ask about how the game would have gone if the coup wasn't use Kev mentions that him and Lyd were the expendables at one point. When Kev mentions this, she said that she personally didn't want Kev out. Natalie starts to defend Jessie's reasoning, and Kev isn't buying it. More shoulda, woulda, couldas going on. 12:20 BBT Talk then turns to how the show goes tomorrow. They realized that the F2 won't know much of what is going on. They then bring up the jury house and how they would think everyone would get a long. Kevin says yes. Then they talk about how if Jessie had played and won in the egg veto then it totally thought is was a different game. Kev and nat start bickering again, and then K gets up to check on the blankets out of the dryer. Nat mentions that one of the big camera outside is gone. More random talk ensues. 12:33 BBT They turn off the lights then turn back on the lights (they turned then back on so they don't lock them down and they wont have a chance to get the blankets out the dryer. They then talk about how many cameras there are in the house. They now start to talk about reality shows, mostly the ones on VH1. 12:43 BBT They then start to talk about Nicknames. Nat is Scrappy Doo, and K says Russ called her "lil bit" They then bring up the peach/nectarine incident again. Jordan is still convinced it was a peach. 12:50 BBT More walking down memory lane. Talking about how Jeff thought hippos were purple. [LOL]. They now are talking about Jeff's lack of patience. 12:55 BBT Jordan then mentions how Julie ask Jeff about his patience level with Jordan when Jeff was HOH, then we get FOTH. 12:58 BBT Feeds come back, Nat is in the kitchen putting stuff away and then gets the blankets out of the dryer. Then another FOTH. 1:00 Feeds come back, Jordan says that she wants to take something from here. Kevin says he wants the Buddha, but he knows BB won't let him. They talk about other things they want from the house. Jordan says she would never sell her stuff on eBay. 1:06 Talk turns to what they are going to give each other of theirs. Nat says she is keeping the hoodie and Kev says he is going to chase her around with clippers if she tries to keep it. They start talking about things production told them about the 25,000 Prize, and we get FOTH. Nat then says the prize is for any player in the game, not just jury. More talk about jury and finale night. 1:15 BBT More talking about things that Have happened in the BB house. They are now talking about comps that they liked and didn't like and how they are going to have fun watching the episodes and seeing the comps again. Now they are talking about how Jessie told how Kev had a grape when he was a have not. nat says Lydia told Jessie about the grape. Kevin says that was an asshole move and he hopes America got to see that DR that Jessie told about the grape [ha, I wis]. Kev says he happy he was the vote to evict Jessie just because of that. 1:25 BBT They talk more about life in the BB house, and they wonder if Russell was really an MMA fighter, and if he was any good, because if he was he would have brag about it. Kev lays down like he is going to sleep, and Nat keeps shuffling her card deck really loud. Kev tells her to do it more quietly and then we get a brief FOTH. We come back and J went to the bathroom, came back and turns off the lights. All hgs are attempting to go to sleep. [That's it for me, Goodnight and see all of you on the discussion boards tomorrow]
  7. 11:00 BBT More random memories from the BB house. They think it is about 11 and they should go to bed soon because they will be waking up at 8. Kevin says he wanted to grab Nat when she put shaving cream on him last night. They start bickering back and forth, J says they are like brother and sister. They start talking about being mean to siblings then FOTH. Convo switches to more random topics, such as learning Spanish,remembering the name of the guy from Real World Paris that was from the south [Jordan keeps saying Abe, but in fact his name is Ace], and the spider that is crawling by Kevin. They take their feet out of the Jacuzzi and go to check on the blankets in the dryer. J says they have five more minutes. They cover the pool table and go back inside. Nat is eating chips a salsa and now wants a quesadilla, and Kev wants a grilled cheese. He goes to make them for him and Nat. 11:23 Kevin went to check on the blankets, and J go to grab a plate to get some chips and salsa even though she said that she shouldn't eat this late. She says Nat is a bad influence. They briefly talk about video games and salsa. Kevin finishes cooking and goes back to the RR with the food. They are all now munching on food and talking about food. 11:30 BBT They start to talk about the live show tomorrow. They said that for the answers to questions they only have 45 seconds to respond. Nothing else going on but a whole lot of munching. 11:35 BBT They finish eating, and J goes to put the stuff in the kitchen. K: This is the last night in the big brother house N: I know k says that for the longest Nat and Jessie were being butts to them. Kevin started to explain how they were, and she gives and bunch of excuses and blamed some of it on Jessie. Kev talks about Jessie and Nat tag-teaming everyone in the house. Nat says she never did [WOW]. they are now arguing about a certain laundry incident, a blanket incident, a have-hot bed making incident, and other random incident. Jordan: What started this conversation? They continue to argue 11:47 BBT Jordan goes to SS room to fix her nails. [she is probably just as tired of hearing this stuff as I am] She goes back in the RR, and they were arguing about the have-not blanket again.
  8. 10:15 BBT Lots of cleaning, running in and out of the house and getting things ready for tomorrow. They also put their painted bowls, cups, plates in the oven so they can bake and be ready. K goes outside for ran minute and J says to N "Kevin told me you're going home tomorrow" Nat begins to say something, but sees K coming back in and says "he coming" to J. K comes in, and they talk about what they are going to eat tomorrow (So they can clean out the fridge). Other then that brief moment of game talk, there's just a whole bunch of house cleaning going on. 10;20 BBT Nat is trying to convince Kevin to play pool with her, but her doesn't want to. Nat ask Jordan if she wants to learn, and J says she doesn't like it. Kevin starts to play cards, Nat says she is bored, and J and N go to dip their feet in the Jacuzzi. N and J talking about Kevin and how he has told J he is taking her to the end. J goes into detail about the convo, then K comes to dip his feet in also. Talk quickly changes to speeches for tomorrow, and then small talk starts again. They start talking about what BB does to the house afterword and how excited they are to be going home. Jordan says she just wants to go home afterword instead of sight-seeing in L.A. 10:30 BBT Jordan starts to talk about her flight to L.A. when she got picked. She had a lay over in Atlanta, and she says the people are mean there and she hopes to get a direct flight this time. Kevin talks about how he had to provide his own transportation for some of the interviews, BB tells him to stop and we get a brief FOTH. More random talk about various things then moments of silence, including painting toenails, and the painted pots in the oven. 10:35 BBT Jordan goes to brush her teeth, then Nat ask Kevin if he is for sure taking her. he says yes. Then she goes on her threaten rant again saying that if her screws her that she will not vote for him and she will convince Jessie not to vote for him and he wont win BB. Jordan comes back out, and then there is more silence mixed in with random one sentence comments. 10:40 BBT K: lets play guess what I'm thinking N: Nope Nat's says that no one wants to know what she is thinking, and Kevin says it doesn't matter at this point. J asks if they will show anymore clips from the house, and K/N says no. N says they might show some of their last DR's, maybe not even that. K says that the producers pretty much know who is going to win and that they probably have questioned the jury and know which way they are leaning. Nat says that the jury questions and speech can change their minds so it isn't set in stone. Kevin then starts to talk about how much he has cried in the house. Jordan talks about some of her moments and then we get FOTH. Jordan ask if their painted pottery is done and she goes to take them out of the oven. More small talk. Kevin says that beside the guys, he can say that he would probably hang out with people like them outside the house. 10:50 BBT They start to make predictions. Jeff will be on a soap opera, Chima a corespondent on Extra, Nat will have octuplets [ I hope not, we don't need more Nat's in the world.] They start talk about Survivor. They then start to talk about how hard it must be to be a producer. Kevin says that they were most likely the worst cast to deal with. They also mentioned that they got a new message today, which was "What don't you understand about stop" J: I bet live feeder, people watching us are so bored She then ask how they live feeds work, none of them know. Talk turns to when the audience gave hgs advice. They start talking about the different ones.
  9. 1:15 BBT They are all done with deciding outfits for the Finale. Jordan goes to the bathroom, and Kevin is looking for a tie he seems to have misplaced. Jordan comes back to the RR. they start talking about how they will do their hair and stuff they have to do before they leave. They then start talking about the people from the Real World and Road Rules. We get a brief FOTH. Jordan says that she meets a lot of these people in clubs in Charlotte (all these reality stars get paid just to make club appearances) She also met Megan from Rock of Love. They start to talk about how much money some of these people make just to make these appearances. 1:25 BBT They now talk about how cool it could be when they go home to get interview by their news stations and radio stations. Talk returns to Finale night outfits. 1:30 BBT They start talking about goodbye messages. BB keeps telling them to stop when they go into detail about them. Kevin says that he wasn't ask about the racial comments Braden made, but he was ask about Chima's terrorist comments. BB keeps telling him to stop it and we get FOTH. Then they start to talk about the Russell/Chima fight and who said what. Jordan gets all excited because she gets to she her family tomorrow. They then say don't say tomorrow because they have to go to sleep and wake up and sleep the still have the whole day to go through. They are now wondering how the final show will go and when they will do the final HOH comp. They also wonder how they will do the jury question this year because it will be live. 1:50 BBT Everyone is laying down in their bed and silent. [maybe they ran out of things to talk about]. No one looks like they are on the verge of sleep, all still have their mics on, and the lights are still on. After a long silence, they start to talk about Chima and her rape story. They are trying to decide what week it was that she told them. Then back to silence. Jordan is starting to play with her hair, but everyone else seems to be in daydream land. 1:55 BBT Kevin covers himself up as if he he ready to fall asleep, and closes his eyes. Jordan and Natalie still just laying in bed with the lights on. 1:58 BBT Jordan goes to turn off the light, she says it is always colder in the SS room, and she puts up her microphone. (that's it for me, see you guys tomorrow for the last night in the BB house)
  10. 12:05 BBT Kevin admits he has Poland Syndrome. It is a birth defect that is an absence of a chest muscle. he says he has only a mild case of it. He also had chest implants to make them look more normal, and that is why he is always wearing shirts and doesn't go in the pool because he doesn't notice. He also has problems doing push-up type things because of the lack of a chess muscle. he also says that he doesn't think they a perfectly proportional. Jordan are now comparing how their surgeries were. He said that he didn't want part this to be part of the show, so that is why he is telling Jordan and Natalie now. he then talks about the first time he was intimate with his boyfriend and he acted like he didn't notice the deformity and scars. (12:05 mark, all feeds) They now start talking about their body insecurities and men that don't exactly give them compliments. Jordan says she has always been cautious of her weight. K/N trying to give J advice on guys because she seems to always date the guys that don't help his self esteem. They go back to talking about personal flaws. 12:25 BBT They then start talking about eye and eye surgeries. Nat says that she had Lasik eye surgeries. Nat then says that they show pick K/J outfits for Finale. They then start talking about whether or not 2nd and 3rd place will do all the interview. They then talk about how hard it must be for Julie to go back and forth and do BB and the Early show. 12:33 BBT Kevin decides to start trying on outfits for Finale. 12:50 BBT Kevin still trying on outfits. He doesn't like some of the suggestions the girls are making. Nat says that he needs to stop with all the bold colors. Kevin says that Nat is trying to make him into a So-Cal surfer white boy. Nat says no that she is just trying to make him look nice. 12:55 BBT Kevin gets is final look together, Nat comments "America, I finally have him looking normal for once" Kevin says that she is saying that he dresses abnormal because he is gay, but she says no it's just because you dress abnormal. He then says "America, vote to evict this wench" [if it were only that easy]. Jordan then goes to try on her clothes for for Finale night. Kevin gets called to the DR. Nat ask "Why are they calling you to the DR" Jordan then shows the outfit she wants to wear to Nat, and she says it cute. Jordan is worried that she thought she looks too fat in it, then she tells J she isn't. K comes back, he likes the outfit. J is still worried about the cellulite on the back of her thighs. She goes back to try on more looks.
  11. 11:00 BBT Jordan finished her bowl. Kev ask what saying he put on it and she responds (You got got, Toona, Technotronics, You Gawn, etc...) Nat ask if either K or J want to draw a heart on hers because she is bad at drawing then, Jordan does it for her. K then goes to the bathroom to brush his teeth. 11:08 BBT Jordan gets up and goes inside to put her painted bowl on the kitchen counter and wash her hands. J gets something chocolate to eat, and both K/J go outside. 11:12 BBT Kevin and Jordan talking in the kitchen, first it just small talk about seeing their families, possibilities of making 1or 2, and other things. K then starts to talk about how he is trying to let Nat know that he is probably not taking her because he doesn't think he can win. Both him a Jordan think that she might get America's Vote [On what planet??] K/J continue to talk about how they will not take Nat to the end. J tells him that he shouldn't tell her, but K knows her better so do what he thinks is right. J says that she won't tell her to the day of. she also says it different because K/N are closer. They then start to talk about BB season they have seen, for J she has seen 2 or 3, 5, 7, and 10. They continue to talk about other BB season. J says when she was trying out she saw all these things on YouTube. J also says that she didn't know Julie's name before BB gave them the DVD to watch in the hotel. Nat is getting ready to shower. (Be back in 10 min) 11:32 BBT Nat in the shower, K/J talking about reality shows. They then start talking about Michele and her PhD. j then tells a story about how Michele was a genius, but when younger she fell on her head a couple of times. They then talk more about Michele's IQ. They both think Ronnie is smart, but not as smart as Michele. Then they try to figure out where Michele went to for her PhD. K gets called to DR, J goes into SS. 11:40 BBT Jordan changed into shorts and went into her bed in the RR. 11:45 BBT Nat is doing after shower ADLs, Jordan gets called to DR. K scared her by hiding behind the first door to get into the DR. They both laugh, then Kevin goes to RR to relax in his bed. 11:53 BBT Jordan comes back to RR from DR. J/K engaging in small talk about teeth. Jordan noticed that Kevin had a bridge. Kevin tells her how she got them because of a crack tooth. 11:59 BBT J now talking about looking for the right doctor for her boob job. She also talk about how she started saving money and the procedure.
  12. 10:15 BBT All in the BY by the Jacuzzi, Jordan is still doing the "paint a pot" activity, Kevin laying down with his feet in the jacuzzi, and Nat sitting up with her feet in the Jacuzzi. Hardly any talk between them. At first they talk about Chima, Natalie is now trying to blame the Chima leaving on Kevin. After a silence, Kevin ask if they think that they were the most disobedient cast of BB ever. J says yes. Nat says that they were the most boring, because all they do is sleep. Kevin then bring up the Coup D'etat. Nat says they probably will never do that again, and if they do it most likely won't be voted on by America. Kevin says that the fun part was not knowing who had it, and that with a winning it in a comp, everyone would know who had it [i thought he was a fan, does he not remember how it was won season 7]. Nat also start to "paint a pot" 10:25 BBT Lots of silence, and in between silence they get into little conversation. Natalie says that voted ended (for America's jury vote). She claims that they told her it ended today and that voting for things usually ends on Sundays so they can tally votes. It goes back to silence. 10:38 BBT Kevin goes inside to dishes, then J/N start talking about K. n says that K told her that right now he is just playing for second place but she knows that he really thinks he will win. J says that if she leaves, she will try to make it tie them America will be the deciding vote. Both N/J wonder how America votes, N says that they most likely vote for their favorite and not strategic. Jordan saying that she caught K at the memory wall counting votes on Thursday. She them ask Nat how to spell technotronics (she is making a bowl for Jeff of all of his sayings). They continue to talk about the game and Nat brings up what she said in the about K and BB tells her not to. 10:45 BBT Kevin goes outside for a minute and says they need to stop talking about DR sessions. Nat says she was just trying to tell Jordan about what she said in her DR on Tuesday. They then talk about the fact that there are no more shows and they most likely will not be called to the DR for responses anymore. K goes to bathroom, them goes back outside. 10:53 BBT Kevin goes in to get a drink and snacks and check the time (Nat wanted to know). He yells 10:53, Nat says thanks, and he goes back to the BY with his drink and snacks.
  13. 2:17 Jordan talking about having fun at home. She brings up drinking and Natalie ask "Your mother lets your brother drink even though he's not 21" Jordan says yea, but doesn't say anything else because she doesn't want to get in trouble. She then talks about her senior year, and how much fun she had. She says she did alot of things she looks back on and did things that she is now embarrassed by, such as dancing on bars and letting people do body shot off of her. She also is talking about doing make-out contest during spring break. More High schools stories from Jordan continue (that's it for me, see you guys tomorrow)
  14. 2:03 BBT We come back from a FOTH that lasted about 7 minutes. Jordan is talking about a grill her mom got from her boyfriend at the time. It got stolen because it was so nice. She would then talk about her and her brother would hang out in the back of wherever they live. Nat ask if Jordan can she hook her brother up with one of her friends but none of then see him like that. She then goes on to talk about how she ask him if he gay, he got really offended. She says that it is maybe because he grew up around women and their dad isn't really have a role in his life, which made him more comfortable around girls. She then went to describe on of his girlfriends, and then we get FOTH Jordan then talks about some of the girls she use to go to school with, and she describe then as "redneck ghetto". Kevin says he wants to see that Jordan also admits she went threw a "ghetto" phase (big fake flashy nails, nose ring, big hoop earrings) Kev said he had a phase like that too (he use to wear all the baggy clothes and stuff) She also said she dated a guy that she would describe as a redneck. She then talks about people from home (including "Big Texas") and we get a lot of in and out FOTH. She keeps talking about people she knows and we get another FOTH.
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