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    Unfortunately it seems to be very clear that Kaela won POV as will is worried about being evicted now as she won’t vote to evict Derek will says
  2. lated update as feeds came back is that johnny nominated derek and kaela, paras is the only hg whom has never been on the block
  3. ika has attacked pretty much every houseguest. i think they are all enjoying watching the queen fall apart
  4. it t has been a crazy morning in the big brother house this am. a revoloving door as usual to hoh, basically kevin plans to put up dem and ika, feels it would be the best move in the game,,he agreed to work with dillion and said he would like to work with karen and dillon moving forward as that is what bruno told him to do (wow, if kevin only knew how badly karen wants him out) as usual jackie came in hoh and promised kevin the world and blaming all her past actions on ika as ika is so imtimidating, surprisingly dre threw ika under the bus and said she has done ika's bidding for the last 5weeks and is done with her, she will no longer take ika's bullying, dem talked to kevin and tried to save ika and himself by reminding kevin that next week if ika goes the whole house will becoming after him as the last vet left, ika heard all that was said and confronted 1st jackie then dre, she asked jackie if she had anything to say to her and jackie said no, ika then went to dre and asked the same question to which dre replied ika u bullied me for the past 5 weeks and now i'm done with you,,ika going around house more or less attacking everyone while dem keeps giving her the look to please stop but of course ika does not back down,,she is pushing it way to far and then told dem she would rather she goes than him, on a side note kevin said he wants to be in final 2 with jackie as she is the worst player ever (kinda true)
  5. i wish to post that as of 12:38 pm canada time, will used the secret POV on kevin and karen was put up as replacement nominee and she is very upset, the house knows there was a secret pov now but do not know who had it. karen is so sure she will be going home now and that she knew someone had a secret pov and is sure it most likely was Jackie or william,,,kevin is thanking will but unsure if will told kevin or not