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    Jeff - Part 2

    I personally think Jeff and Jordan are way overrated. The Dumb and Dumber saying is so fitting for these 2...
  2. SpaceCowGirl


    I don't see a long term romance between Jordan/Jeff. I see a long time friendship...
  3. SpaceCowGirl


    What a whack job Chima is... Good Riddance to a very big sore loser.
  4. SpaceCowGirl

    * Casey *

    Something has to change. It's getting really boring with the athletes winning HOH..
  5. SpaceCowGirl

    April - Week 5

    I think April is the biggest fake... I would love to see her backdoored and not from Ollie Either!
  6. SpaceCowGirl

    Ollie - Week 5

    Ollie Who? I agree - The most useless person on BB this Season.
  7. SpaceCowGirl

    Jerry - Week 5

    I 'use' to like Jerry, but after watching last night..I lost all respect for the man!!!
  8. SpaceCowGirl

    How Do U Feel About Big Brother 10 So Far?

    I'm not digging it much this season.. I agree, the feeds are boring and BB after dark is just a drag to watch
  9. SpaceCowGirl

    Tuesday, July 29th

    At least with a hurricane - there's some warnings. Tornadoes - No.. I lived in KS for many years and have seen a few...Even though they fascinate me, I don't want one coming to my house...
  10. SpaceCowGirl

    America's Player Twist Returns

    Say it isn't so..... Blah!!!!! I voted for Renny, not sure why...
  11. SpaceCowGirl

    Favorite And Least Favorite Houseguest-week One

    Favorite - Jerry Least Favorite - Renny
  12. SpaceCowGirl


    It just shows you cannot go by their pictures.....I think she looks rough and old I hope she's gone fast...
  13. SpaceCowGirl

    Camaro Vs Mustang

    I voted for Mustang...
  14. SpaceCowGirl


    I think he's the best looking guy.... I have no idea if he's gay or bi... I guess we'll eventually find out....