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    Sons of Anarchy is a great show, that would be my number one recommendation. Lights Out only lasted one season but was very good. The first three episodes of Spartacus Blood and Sand are a little slow but it picks up in a hurry after that. The prequel Spartacus Gods of the Arena is pretty good too. Procedural crime dramas on CBS get a bad rep but Criminal Minds is a great show.
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  4. chac

    Pia Toscano

    Like it or not, being a star in the popular music genre today is about 10% talent, 30% looks, and 60% charisma. Pia has the charisma of a wet mop.
  5. He's the best in the world at what he does.
  6. chac

    Russell Hantz

    I doubt they would have put him on another season if this was true.
  7. I read a rumor that Kimbo Slce is going to on next season. Can anyone confirm this.
  8. chac

    Hayden - Week 7

    I hope, as much as I hate Brendan, that it ends up being Hayden and Enzo on the block.
  9. chac

    Kathy - Week 6

    I have a feeling Kathy will go this week via diamond veto.
  10. chac

    Britney - Week 5 - PoV Winner

    To be honest, I haven't heard Britney or Ragan bash anything other than Brenchal's looks or their actions in the house. Ragan was very nice about his discussion with Rachel. He just told her what he felt and didn't lie about anything Rachel handled all the lying. It was very unnecessary for Brendan to come outside attack Brit and Ragan blindly, but I suppose that doesn't matter because Rachel would have misrepresented the conversation just as she did after she got out of the DR. Brendan attacking Brit's family only goes to show how dim he really is, as if we didn't already have enough evidence. He has to stoop to attacking someone not in the house to get at Brit because he has nothing else. Whe he actually hears the conversation he will be thoroughly embarrassed by his actions.
  11. chac

    Live Feed and BB After Dark 8/7

    I thought it was always "I'M RACHEL THE VICTIM SHOW." She played the victim even when she was HOH.
  12. chac

    Rachel - Week 5 Nominee

    Did you watch the feeds yesterday. She was very mean talking about everyone, even talking about Britney and Reagan's personal life.
  13. chac

    PoV - Week 3

    Down with the Red Hog and Brenda.
  14. chac

    Wednesday, 7/21 Show

    They are trying to hard to get Brendan and Rachel over as the next Jordan and Jeff to worry about drama and continuity.
  15. Just because one doctor doesn't know of something that rare does not mean it is not real. Andrew knows nothing and will say nothing because he will out his own bull crap lies.