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  1. joaniehateschachi

    Maui Choppers

    Has anyone else caught this show? It's on True TV (which used to be Court TV), and I caught it last week-- it's about a helicopter company in Hawaii and shows them doing various things from putting out fires to rescuing stranded hikers to shuttling bikini models. What I liked about it was the views! It's gorgeous! It's also strangely compelling, and I was shocked I got sucked in. Did anyone watch? They have new episodes tonight. Makes me want to go to Hawaii. Anybody know any shows like this? Anyone here from Hawaii?
  2. joaniehateschachi

    One Day At A Time/Alice

    Alice is a show I think about when I think about how things out of the control of the producers and writers have to be factored into the show. Alice was based on the Martin Scorsese movie "Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore" starring Ellen Burstyn, about a newly divorced mom moving to Arizona to start her life over. The TV show was supposed to be about a single mom raising her son, making Tommy (Phillip McKeon) a major character. His character was supposed to be about 11 or 12 years old, even though Phillip (like many child actors) was a lot older but very small for his age. After the first season Phillip shot up like a foot tall! Suddenly he had to be made a minor character, and they hardly showed him, and had to focus more on the diner to keep her out of her house where her enormous son would be. Other shows like that were Dream On (the 13 yo kid looked like a center for a basketball team by the end of the show), and one of the twins on the Hogan Family started aging while the other brother didn't. I loooved Vic Tayback! Possibly one of my all time favorite TV actors!
  3. joaniehateschachi

    How To Change The Sound Format Of A Dvd?

    Are you using a mac or a pc?
  4. joaniehateschachi

    The Biggest Loser: Families

    I'm so glad Michelle won! She's so gorgeous now! This show is such an inspiration. She's lucky Heba wasn't voted on. I think Michelle should replace Jared as the Subway seller!
  5. joaniehateschachi

    The Office

    I love the Office! I'm glad they figured out how to do this without it being a rip-off or script-copying like a lot of the British shows they import. Dwight is great. I love him. He is so serious and easily taken advantage of by Jim. His character is so wonderful! I also like Andy. I love how Andy is to Dwight what Dwight is to Jim. How they can be into Angela is beyond me.
  6. joaniehateschachi

    Tropic Thunder

    I loved Tropic Thunder, and yes, it had the most impressive cast I've ever seen. Robert Downey Jr. proves once again he's the best actor of his generation. It makes me want to do heroin if it makes someone so talented. My favorite was the very beginning with the fake previews. Hysterical!
  7. joaniehateschachi

    Jay Leno

    I think that Leno moving to prime time will make Letterman and O'Brien irrelevant. Cause why would someone choose to go on at 11 or 11:30 when they can do 10? As for the ratings tanking.... yes and no. Yes, Leno will come in at the bottom of the big 3 unless he has a huge guest (Brad Pitt, Barack Obama), but it's not a popularity contest-- it's a money thing. NBC will make more money per investment dollar from Leno (a much cheaper show to make-- the guests don't make much money at all, just scale, usually) then ABC and CBS will make from their dramas. Also, Leno can do a new show every night, 300 nights a year rather than these shows that will be in repeats later. I personally wish this weren't happening cause I like scripted drama, and I think taking five out of the market will be bad overall, but I understand it from a business point of view.
  8. joaniehateschachi

    How Did You Find Mortys?

    Hi, I'm new to Morty's-- I came across this cause I was googling around on some of my favorite shows, and Morty's kept appearing in the top bunch of picks-- so it seemed like a good place to go! I have a lot of downtime at my work from time to time so I enjoy discussing my favorite shows. I had problems registering, but I tried again today and all is good! Favorite Current Shows: True Blood, Life And Times Of Tim, Daily Show, Colbert Report, Simpsons, King Of The Hill, Family Guy, American Dad, Heroes, Biggest Loser, My Name Is Earl, Kath And Kim, Office, 30 Rock, Smallville, Saturday Night Live. ~Joan