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  1. do you regret aligning yourself with Paul and Adel?
  2. Ha Ha, that made me laugh out loud! Have you seen his Pizza Cooking video yet? What a tool he is ... http://youtu.be/tUAkMtCQGnE
  3. Oh Ok, I actually thought I had a virus or it was an issue on my part, thanks for clearing that up .. and thanks for the hard work!
  4. is this also the cause of the gibbersh type words on the Update Page?
  5. I agree that Gary is one to watch out for, he has been good in comps as well as social games...Not sure what I think about Liza and Peters secret it may bite them in the a-hole!
  6. loving Gary, cant stand Tom or Emmet ....Talla is annoying .. AJ is furniture .. just to name a few....
  7. if / when Suz is saved I hope Tom's head explodes!
  8. A Yahoo Search brought me here during Season 3, I've been bullied, lied about, raised a little hell, and banned ( oh how I miss the old board) (((HUGS))) for HAGS!
  9. how gross! :0)

  10. Hey pal! C4 sends his love.

  11. TWB? Haaaaaaaaaa oh and WHACK!!!

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