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  1. 6:50 PM BBT HG's are all cooking dinner. Frankie, Caleb, and Derrick are cooking on the grill while Victoria and Christine struggle to make mashed potatoes. They are both mashing them with a spoon, and it appears they forgot to peel the potatoes and add butter. Finally, all of the food is ready and they are getting ready to eat. Christine says they are all like a family. 7:00 PM BBT Frankie, Derrick, and Christina are all outside eating. Cody and Donny are playing pool. Not sure where Nicole and Zach have been. Most likely sleeping. 7:05 PM BBT Cody goes into get some food, and piles his chicken with garlic salt. Victoria says she's going to make more slop, Donny's face lights up and says he appreciates it. They are now talking about what tastes good with slop. Donny says milk and sugar makes it taste like cookie dough. 7:15 PM BBT Victoria must have forgotten about the slop, because she joins the rest outside. Donny is sitting in the kitchen alone looking deep in thought. Suddenly a wild Zach appears and joins him at the table 7:26 PM BBT Christine pulls out her packet of birth control pills and starts telling this disturbing story about how she told her husband she wanted babies, and started throwing her pills at him. She says he has never freaked out so bad. Cody says his ex girlfriend would miss three pills at a time. Christine says that's crazy, she doesn't fool around with it and takes it everyday at 5p.m. Frankie interrupts and asks what sex is. They are now discussing the difference between having sex and making love. 7:33 PM BBT Donny walks into the Fire Room and puts on an orange hat. We can see Nicole sleeping. Donny then goes to take a shower. 7:40 PM BBT General conversation in the BY. The topic has been on airplanes for about ten minutes now. 7:48 PM BBT Christine says her friend got a record deal with Universal Republic but she didn't take it. Frankie is talking about how big that company is, and starts naming off all of the artists who are under their label. Christine seems shocked by this. 7:50 PM BBT Donny is out of the shower and joins everyone else in the BY. Zach says he wants a yacht with 30 porn stars. 7:51 PM BBT Frankie is talking about some new six passenger plane that travels around the world and can even go to the moon. He says they sell tickets for close to $200,000. (this is crazy, I didn't know this!) 8:04 PM BBT Victoria fell asleep in the BY, and BB tells her to wake up. Frankie brings the dishes inside and Caleb follows him. Caleb lifts up his shirt and starts checking out his abs in the kitchen mirror. They look amazing, btw. 8:09 PM BBT Nicole is awake. Frankie is making something on the stove and Nicole asks him how much longer. He says two minutes.
  2. 5:45 PM BBT Nicole, Cody, and Victoria sitting out in the BY. Cody is teasing Nicole about Zingbot coming into the house and making fun of her and Hayden's relationship. He says Nicole was obsessed with Hayden and she says they were just best friends.
  3. 2:20 PM BBT Nicole, Donny, and Victoria are the only ones up. Donny is sitting in the bathroom while Nicole and Victoria are sorting through laundry. These HG's are total slobs. 2:30 Victoria is making a massive pan of oatmeal. Donny tells her it looks good. Nicole changes into overalls then joins them in the kitchen. Victoria tells her she looks cute. 2:32 Donny and Victoria are now eating. Donny says it's delicious. Nicole says she's going outside.
  4. 12:00 PM BBT Two feeds on Donny slowly folding laundry in the BY. The other two feeds are on Cody who is sleeping. No sign of anyone else. 12:10 PM BBT Donny finishes laundry, puts clothes away in the Fire Room, goes to the bathroom, then goes to lay down in the have-not room. He looks pretty funny; he has a plaid shirt on backwards and wearing a visor to keep the shirt pulled up over his head.
  5. pluGGz01

    8/14 - Live Feed Updates

    12:06 PM BBT: Chima is telling Natalie how Russel isn't even Catholic and that he's some "muslim terrorist" Chima saying that Russel is anti-women. Chima tells Natalie to think more about her nominating other people speech rather than thinking about her eviction speech. Chima says that she hopes Michele remembers how much of an asshole Russel is.
  6. pluGGz01

    7/13 - Live Feed Updates

    3:37 PM: FOTH
  7. 7:29 PM BBT: Renny is asleep in the Hippie room while Dan and Keesha are sitting outside discussing how they think Renny knows that she is leaving this week. Memphis is cooking something on the grill and Jerry comes out into the BY. Memphis just finished cooking and Dan brings the food inside and Memphis comes in a few seconds later. Memphis is tasting the fish that he made. Dan asked him if it tasted fishy and Memphis says "Not really... Like, I dont know. I have no idea what kind of fish this is." Memphis goes back outside and goes to talk to Keesha who is now sitting by the HT with her legs in the water. Memphis tells her that they dont have too much time left in the house. Meanwhile, Dan is sitting inside eating the fish that Memphis cooked.
  8. 2:43 PM BBT: Feeds are back again. They are all still on ODLD. Keesha, Dan, and Memphis are all in the pool. Renny is sitting in a chair but having a conversation with Keesha and Dan about something that I cant hear because they still have annoying FotH music playing in the background. I dont see Jerry anywhere.
  9. 2:39 PM BBT: Feeds are back. Jerry in HoH room napping, Renny in the Hippie room napping, Keesha and Memphis in the pool, and Dan is laying on a towel next to the pool. Outdoor lockdown. Jerry and Renny head outside. Now more fishies again...
  10. 1:40 PM BBT: Renny putting on make up while Memphis and Keesha are outside. Memphis is in the pool and talking to Keesha who is laying on her towel next to the pool. Not sure where Dan or Jerry are. Keesha says it would have been nice if the BB house was on a beach because she loves being in the ocean. Memphis says it would be badass. Keesha thinks that the BB house isnt on a beach because it would put people at risks because of sharks and stuff. Then Memphis gives us the fun fact of the day and says that you have a better chance of getting stepped on by an elephant than getting bit by a shark. They are now discussing the chances of getting attacked by mountain lions, rattle snakes, and coyotes. Memphis now telling a story of how "they" seen a coyote walking through peoples front yards near Hollywood Boulevard.
  11. 8:19 AM BBT: Everyone still sleeping.
  12. 6:53 PM BBT: fishies 6:57 BBT: feeds are back but we still hear music from the FOTH in the background. (the bad touch- bloodhound gang, lol) memphis is still eating and renny is cleaning up. jerry and dan are in the room too but i cant see what they are doing. dan thanks renny for the food and says "thanks renny that was amazing" jerry comes in and announces that there is a lot of ants outside. keesha goes back out to see and comes back into the kitchen and makes a disgusted noise. jerry says that he touched something and couldnt believe how many ants got on his arm. (must be a lot)
  13. 3:15PM BBT: Renny comes in and says "why are you looking at me like that, Dan?" and Dan says "because you werent talking to me" Renny leaves kitchen and heads to BR. Keesha joins her a few seconds later. All four feeds on Keesha and Renny laying in bed. Renny says all she can do is be straightforward with Memphis. Keesha says she needed to win that veto. Renny says "you needed to win that veto? look at me, its a mess." Renny tells Keesha not to worry because she's not going anywhere. Renny says that Dan isnt to be trusted and she will be straightforward with Memphis if he plans on using the veto on Dan. Keesha says that she doesnt see this going good.
  14. 2:58 PM BBT: All four feeds on Renny and Keesha talking on BY couches. Keesha saying how she thinks Jerry is lying about Dan. Silence for a few minutes. Renny finally says that maybe Memphis doesnt really know what he's doing yet and doesnt know why Memphis would want to take a big competitor to the end with him. Keesha says she doesnt feel good and Renny says she needs to put her clothes in the dryer. Keesha goes inside and is now in the kitchen with Dan.
  15. keesha says that its nice out. dan says that its "hot as balls." keesha sitting on couches in BY while renny is inside plucking her eyebrows. dan comes into the bathroom and sits on the chair. renny now putting sunblock on dan's back. dan thanks renny and begins to put sunblock on his chest. memphis still outside tanning and keesha now laying down on the BY couches. renny asks dan if its hot out and dan says yes.