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  1. Stupid, stupid, stupid girl.
  2. For a minute, the boys did mention that Frankie's admission was a DIVERSION! then Derrick started talking and out the door went the logic.
  3. patricia

    Devin Shepherd (Week 1)

    If I was a member of an alliance with 5 other people and 1 of them made a unilateral decision of bringing 2 others into the group, as Devin did by bringing Christine and Amber on board, he would be a goner! Devin really thinks any decision he makes should be readily accepted. That is a bad ally to have. Devin needs to go.... too unpredictable.
  4. patricia

    Aaryn - Week 1

    Confused here, no feeds. Are they both HOH?
  5. I couldn't agree more!! I loved BBAD on Showtime. This censoring is crazy! Bad move CBS!
  6. patricia

    Dan, Week 8 (PoV)

    So Dan decides it is ok to swear on the bible. Personally, I would not. However, technically it is just a book. If it burns in a fire, my faith is still solid. The spirit is alive whether or not the book survives. So let's get back to the game.
  7. And the funny thing is... nobody ever calls him out on his lies and flipping. They just don't think he is worth it.
  8. patricia

    Dan, Week 8 (PoV)

    Will Dan set Ian up to have to break the tie so the blood is on Ian's hands? Dani and Shane vote Frank out, Dan and Jenn vote Joe out. Ian chooses who leaves.
  9. patricia

    Shane, Week 8

    I thought the same thing.
  10. patricia

    Frank, Week 8 (Nominee) Evicted 9/6

    I don't have the feeds, only BBAD. Is Frank even trying to get Dan to use the veto on him? From what I am reading, it doesn't seem so. It seems to be a done deal that Dan will not take Frank off the block, but he still should be trying.
  11. patricia

    Dan, Week 8 (PoV)

    I am a Dan fan and I understand the reasoning behind his "break-up" with Dani. Players do not like to keep pairs in the game and would try to vote one of them out. However, the "dead to me in this game" was harsh. Dan could have phrased it something like "you know you betrayed me, you know what you did. Game talk between us is over. We are each on our own. See ya on the other side." IMO reading the bible is not presenting yourself as someone having higher standards than anyone else. It is merely a choice of faith.
  12. LOL, a planned strategy? He is still there, after all!