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  1. 11:30 BBT Both are ruminating over their last night in the house. Memphis says "this is gonna sound crazy, but...." then says he won't even see the money, he will be blinded by just wanting to get to his girlfriend. He says over 80 days not being able to touch or see her, he'll tell them to just stick the money in his back pocket so he can just get to her. Both look really deep in thought, Dan says "we've had a good long run, ya know?". Memphis says "we made some history". Dan lies on his back and looks skyward, his eyelids getting heavy as he seems to be lost in thought. (Sorry, Stephen, didn't mean to be repeating your fine work. I'll duck back out and leave you to it.....thank you!)
  2. 11:00 BBT Dan is getting quite tipsy, having lost the beer pong game. He is more boisterous than usual, and quite loose lipped. He keeps talking to their "internet people" and the Showtime viewers, saying there's only one of the "internet people", "there has to be only one person still watching this", who he says is some guy named Vern from Wisconsin. (There are at least two! One named StephenV, the other named nants!) Dan keeps saying stuff about Vern that embarrasses Memphis "Vern wants to buy your shorts on Ebay". Memphis says "shut the F up", then admits he will be selling his shorts on Ebay. Dan admits he's had four beers, saying "that's more than I've had the whole time we've been in the house". Memphis is feeling his beer too, heading outside with Dan and calling the cameraman "rookie" in louder-than-necessary voice, saying he's not operating the center camera correctly, then giving instructions on the proper way to do it. The two are currently arguing who is going to feed Ted the bee they just found. "YOU feed him the bee"......YOU feed him the f'ing bee!" back and forth from each. They really are getting silly and extra testy as they take teasing jabs at each other. "I don't know if you're ready for L.A. nightlife, brother", from Memphis. Dan replies "I don't know if YOU'RE ready!". "What are you gonna do, Dan, when you take a shot of vodka?". Dan replies "What do you think I'm gonna do?? Dude, our tolerance is shot!" Big Brother voice announces "Remember houseguests, if you win the half million dollar prize, you'll never have to eat peanut butter again". Memphis says "that doesn't make any sense!". They both say they like peanut butter. They talk about the jury votes and how the jury might be thinking. Memphis admits he's placed his hopes on only winning the $50,000 and says it's made him feel real good over the last five days that he's not been thinking of the half million dollar prize. He says at least he'll be leaving here with that and a car, and that is making him very happy.
  3. 8:25 BBT Memphis and Dan continue their "olympic event" evening, moving from a card game that used miniature candy bars for collateral, onto a game of bocci ball in the back yard. Their Big Brother Olympics (as Dan calls it) attire consists of Dan's
  4. 2:35 BBT Betting a $200 bar tab, the guys disagree on whether or not Matt Damon appeared in the movie Pearl Harbor, with Memphis saying he did and Dan saying he did not. (I think Dan is right.) Topic quickly turns to Jerry, with Dan disgusted that he often "talked to the ladies calling them baby, like 'baby, you're such a good cook'". They both groan. Dan then mimics the Keesha question by saying "Memphis, do you feel remorseful for kicking me out of the house?" Dan then repeats other questions he was asked by jury members, one by April, which Dan repeats as "Dan, since we had no personal relationship, can you tell me why I should vote for you?" He says one of the questions was "are you really that insensitive?"
  5. 9:30 am BBT The boys are still asleep in the VW room, having decided to sleep in the same area because they wanted to get up early today to have their last day "olympics". They have their last day all planned out, filled with games of badminton, bocci ball, chess, poker and other card games, presumably to make this last day in the house go a little more quickly. Memphis is snoring after a night plagued with headaches; Dan hasn't moved at all. However, Ted the spider is on the move, heading up to the corner of his web to do some mending, with the camera following closely behind. Having noticed the increase in Ted's size, the boys decided last night Ted isn't a Ted at all, but rather a female ready to lay her eggs. Ted's carrying a huge undercarriage that wasn't present when they first began feeding him/her. Noon BBT. Guessing they must be rousing the boys from their slumber, the feeds are on fishtank. Interesting to see the RealPlayer feed replay, currently showing the week Steven was on the block. The houseguests' discussion centered on Dan and what a non-threat he was because he hadn't won anything and wasn't seen as a good competitor. One HG even apologizes, saying "I'm sorry, but Dan is just......not important, he's just.....Dan!". Oh, if they only knew....... 12:09 BBT Yes, the boys are up. Dan brings a fresh gallon of milk to the kitchen and gets a bowl of cereal; he dons his sunglasses and heads to the BY to join Memphis, already seated on the BY couch. Dan says "wow, we have a nice day today". And guess what he's wearing - the now infamous shorts/bathing suit, along with his taken shirt. He could use a comb, his hair is going every direction at once. 12:30 BBT After several minutes of fishtank, we're back to Dan yawning and stretching on the BY couch; Memphis in the bathroom with the camera trained on the Occupied sign the entire time. Memphis returns to the BY and says "Glorrrrious day!". Dan mimics same in funny voice - apparently it's a line from a movie, Dan says "what's that from, Anchorman?" Dan heads back inside and puts in his contacts, reaches into the potty area and grabs the air freshener can and throws it out. He then heads for the storage room, gets a new can of air freshener, goes back to the bathroom and sprays the potty area a lot! after Memphis's visit. He waits a minute, then heads back into the potty for his own potty break. 1:35 BBT It's the Untouchables, Dan! As they throw out random movie quotes and try to guess the movie, Dan brings up "that movie with Elliot Ness and Al Capone....". "Oh! It's about Prohibition, right?" Memphis says. Dan says it's going to drive him nuts now, he can't remember the title of the movie. "Shit, what is that movie called?? I can picture the opening scene." Memphis does the musical impression of the theme song "Da da da!", and gets it right, actually. Kells is right, they seem in very good moods today, both looking relaxed and happy. Dan asks "Big Brother, can we please watch the St. Mary's game tonight?" Memphis adds his own request "and some sushi please?". 2:00 BBT Time for lunch for the boys. Dan says he's "hungry for a greasy tuna melt, like the kind you get at Waffle House". Memphis says he doesn't even know where a Waffle House is, but he'd like something from Chick-Fil-A. They discuss how a tuna melt is made and decide they now need cheddar cheese to make one. Dan says something I didn't catch, followed up with a sing-song "Big Brother's sleepin' at the wheeeel", immediately followed by the omnipresent BB voice saying "Dan, cut it out!". Last night he was threatened with a fine for the many times he either sang or recited the words to popular songs. "There's your Big Brother Tuna Melt" Dan says as he removes concoction from the pan. In a pan with butter, Dan fried the tuna, onions and cheese separately, then placed it all in the bread, then fried that too. All the while mocking Jerry in gravelly voice saying "Butter, everything has to have butter! And salt!". It must be good, Dan follows "I hate to toot my own horn, man, but TOOT toot, this thing is awesome!" Memphis removes his hot dogs from the pot and devours them. 2:15 BBT Lunch discussion - Memphis says "I can't believe Keesha asked the question 'are you remorseful?' Why would she ask that? Why would I be remorseful, that I had to get people out so I could win at least $50,000? Noo!"
  6. 2 am BBT Both guys seem very restless, you can hear water slosh around in the beds as they both toss and turn. Memphis sticks his head between two pillows and seems the most restless. Finally Dan says "we're not going to be able to sleep". Memphis says "yeah, and I have the worst headache from hell", then gets up and heads to the kitchen where he gets a drink (and possibly an Advil?) then heads to the bathroom. When he returns to the room, he tells Dan the time, to which Dan, apparently thinking it was much later, says "that's it??". Memphis says "yeah, that's it" as if in disbelief too. Memphis returns to tossing and turning and sloshing the bed water. Fourth feed is still on Ted the spider devouring the large moth - they said Ted looks bigger, and I have to agree. (What will become of Ted and Debbie after Tuesday?)
  7. 6:36 BBT Dan reading aloud from the BB rule book. The feeds go to fishtank every few minutes - apparently he's not supposed to say some of the rules out loud. After reading a rule about the pool and sauna, they have a brief discussion filled with "oh nooooo", and both jump up at the same time and bolt outside. Dan says "sorry Big Brother!" as he looks at the hose he's placed in the pool. Not sure what he's done that he now thinks might be against the rules. They return inside where Dan apologizes to BB out loud once again. Dan reads out loud "the spa is not to be above 4 feet" and he again apologizes out loud to BB, saying "I really didn't mean to do that". Guess he's afraid he might be over-filling the hot tub with the hose he's placed inside it. Dan says he's going to make a salad and potatoes, and Memphis says "Worchestershire sauce belongs in the f'ing refrigerator!". Looks like they're getting ready to have their meal. 7:45 BBT Late dinner for the boys tonight, they just sat down to what looks like leftovers from last night, together with potatoes Dan made and a new salad. Dan says "the spoils of victory.....enjoy" *Not leftovers, I stand corrected. It's something wrapped in bacon that Memphis made. Dan asks if it could be made on the grill; Memphis says he doesn't know, it's just something he just made up, but he suspects it couldn't be grilled because of "too much fat.....it would catch fire". 8:15 BBT There aren't too many silences between Memphis and Dan, nor do they last too long when they occur. They discuss houseguests over dinner, then move to the topic of movies while they wash and dry the dishes; after dinner they retire to the living room couches where Memphis reads some Bible passages while Dan sits in rapt attention hanging on every word. They then move upstairs for a chess game, where Dan tells Memphis he used two chess pieces for illustrative purposes in the DR, saying one represented "the pawn" on the block in week four. He says he hopes it will air and not get cut out. Silence befells the two chess players. 8:28 The silence is broken by the omnipresent BB voice saying some sort of trivia fact about the world's largest predator. Memphis immediately begins to mock Jerry by saying "remember this! They said the world's largest predator. These questions are going to be important!", and they both chuckle. The BB voice then announces another factoid, something about bing cherries coming from Florida, which elicits more chuckles from the twosome. 8:50 BBT Chess game over, the boys return to the LR where they play the card game where they toss cards into the hat. Dan says "thank Keesha for leaving the top hat". Memphis asks Dan if Monica shoots guns. Dan, seeming shocked by such a question, answers "NO, does Ashley shoot guns???". Memphis asks again if Monica does; Dan replies "no, she's a girlie girl". Memphis explains he meant shooting at a gun range, and says that is something he and Ashley have enjoyed. Dan says in that case Monica probably would, "as a fun date". Memphis makes an announcement to "any internet viewers". He says if we have wondered where his oft used phrase "get some" came from, to refer to a website for a movie his buddy has made; he then gives the URL. Dan laughs as he tells the tale of when BB played a Kanye West song for wakeup call and Jessie jumped out of bed and said "yesss, I LOVE Kanye!". Dan laughs and says "what a tool". Memphis says about Dan's card game "he's getting worked, our internet viewers, he's gettin' worked". 9:07 BBT Dan continues to toss cards to the hat; Memphis toys around with the remote control car. They wonder aloud if they'll get alcohol tonight, both saying they think they should. Dan coaxes Memphis into trying to open the sliding glass door with the remote control car. Memphis says "you do it!". Dan says Memphis should do it. Memphis repeatedly bangs the car into the sliding glass door. Dan says "we're kinda like a couple of kids.....I'm throwing cards into a hat, and you're playing with a car". Memphis says "Ashley, if you're watching me play with this car.....". He doesn't get to complete the sentence, Dan butts in and says "he'd rather be playing with something else". Dan then repeats the much stated instruction to the girls to "take time off from work!". 9:23 BBT Dan asks Memphis "Either falling in the pool, or getting scared by birds, which was your favorite segment?" Memphis answers "falling into the pool", then wonders aloud why would anyone be afraid of birds. Dan asks "if you could take anything physically from this house, what would you take?" Memphis answers "nothing". Dan says "I wonder how big the weather vane in Spain is". Memphis says he doesn't know. The BB voice announces yet again the factoid about the vane "Most people don't know, the world's largest weather vane is in Spain". The guys laugh and say at least they know BB is listening and paying attention. Dan says he's tired, and Memphis says "you slept for 12 hours!". Dan says he thought of getting up, then realized if he did he'd have nothing to do, so he decided to stay put. Memphis tells him he asked BB to play a song "to wake your ass up". They mock Jerry yet again, saying different things with endings that are shouted like Jerry always did. "The garbage needs to BE TAKEN OUT!" Dan says, followed up with "we could use some ALCOHOL!", then "fix the LAZY SUSAN!". He then says "thank God for Jerry, he gave us lots to talk about". Dan mocking Jerry again "Brawny Boys, you gotta watch 'em.....they're gonna run right trough this game!" I'm going to head to the TV to watch After Dark, see if things get any more exciting than this.
  8. 3:30 am BBT Must report that a quick check on the guys at this hour reveals the following: Of the four feeds shown, two show Dan sound asleep; one shows Memphis sleeping too; the remaining feed is focused closely on Ted the spider working hard to encase one of two large moths in his web. I can see his legs working like crazy as he spins his silk around this moth that's nearly as big as he is. The guys have made him a star, or at least the third houseguest - the feed for camera two remains focused closely on Ted devouring his Dan/Memphis supplied meal.
  9. 8:30 BBT Memphis finished cooking four huge burgers and places his on his plate next to a similarly sized puddle of ketchup. Dan asks if they are done all the way through, then comments "I'm sick of drinking the same stuff all the time, man". Must be long days for them now, they've tried to fill the day with conversation on many subjects, from action figures for each of the houseguests (Dan said Jerry's would come with Marine hat and shirt, removable for when he's lying), to each asking questions of the other on alliances they thought the other had. These days have to be longer than those filled with competitions and battling houseguests. 8:50 BBT Dan says "I don't think even Monica knew I was this goofy". He tells Memphis he worries how she'll react to his relationship with Keesha. He tells Memphis HE ought worry about what Ashley will think of his relationship with Angie. Dan says "half the time we were talking about JJ" (re Keesha), then asks "do you think he was pretty well off? Does he do B type movies?" They discuss how they both think it odd that Keesha moved in with JJ after only three months. (No longer game play in these discussions, not sure if I should be typing verbatim? To use a Memphis-ism 'it is what it is'.)
  10. 8:40 PM BBT Memphis is ironing his blue blousey shirt, Dan is baking cookies. They speak of the jury questions and each time they do the fishtank comes up. I did hear Memphis say that he was told in the DR that "this is the last time you'll have to address them (the jury) before they are sequestered". He explains to Dan they'll each be individually sequestered, not able to speak to each other during the final decision time. That should put a big cramp in Jerry's plans, who, even in his exit interview with Julie Chen, still said he would control the final vote so that Dan could not win grand prize. Dan removes a cookie from the pan and enjoys a warm one. He then asks "Hey brother, can we get some alcohol for after the jury......" his sentence is cut off by a moment of fishtank. He completes it "we're gonna need it". They are preparing for the jury questions, which are apparently coming up tonight.
  11. 1:15 BBT All quiet now. Jerry lies on the red couch and continues to stare and glare; the boys work on their tans as they lie by the pool, Dan on a towel at poolside, Memphis on one of the lounges. 1:35 BBT Dan roams around the kitchen, talking to no one/talking to the cameras. He looks at the photos on the wall, then says "Colonel......sending the Colonel home tonight". A minute later he says "let's have some fun toooonight!!", then heads outside and again says "Happy Birthday, Mom!" twice. Jerry still reclining on the couch outside; Memphis still tanning on the lounge. "Dan, please put on your microphone" BB announces. Dan replies "sorry......because I'm about to do THIS!", then does a big leap into the pool. And we went to trivia about 2 pm BBT. Getting ready for the big night now.
  12. Noon BBT Apparently on OD LD, all three guys are in the BY - resting up for the big night! Out on the red couches we've been looking at all summer - Memphis is slouched down just chillin' out; Dan is curled up and sound asleep on one couch section; Jerry all stretched out and asleep on another. 12:03 BBT "Houseguests, the lockdown is over - you're now free to move about the house". Memphis heads in and does some packing; Jerry gets a drink and a potty break. Dan remains sleeping outside. Memphis notes something new as he moves through the LR "there's an extra TV in the living room". Jerry makes his bed then says "Ow ow" a few times as he tips back his head, apparently still troubled by his sore neck. Memphis packs a few things in his suitcase, then wanders around the house aimlessly. Dan wakes and notices everyone gone, then puts his head back down. 12:09 BBT Dan gets up and goes in the house. Memphis says to him "I have the perfect speech if I get to evict Jerry. It's like Bam Bam Bam.....". Dan replies "dude, no, don't do it". Memphis chuckles and says yes he will do it! "I have a preview for you, it will start like this..........on behalf of Judas and the woman I love......". Dan doesn't respond to the notion, but instead tells Memphis something about BB stealing his ping pong balls. "Dude, they're not stealing your balls" Memphis replies. Dan goes into one of the bedrooms and calls Memphis in....."Look under the bed, tell me they don't hate me" Dan says and laughs. Memphis looks under to find the balls just discussed, and he laughs. "They had to chuck it under there" Dan says. Dan retrieves a hanger to reach under the bed and get the ball, but this is unsuccessful. He then finds one of the giant lollipops and tries to reach the ball again. "Who hides a man's balls?" he asks Memphis. Lollipop doesn't reach the ball either, so Dan moves the bed and gets them. "Don't say anything to Jerry, and we'll play paddleball later tonight" he tells Memphis. "WTF" he mutters as he passes Memphis who's now seated at the counter having his cereal. Jerry is out back sitting in the yard near his Marine flag, cup of coffee in hands, his Marine hat on the grass in front of him (getting a tan on his bald head). 12:20 BBT Switching places now, Dan has some cereal at the counter, Memphis is up roaming around the kitchen, then heads to the SR and sits on the massage chair; and Jerry has returned to the indoors and seated himself at the table. He utters not a word to Dan while they sit there, but props his head on his hand and does his beady eyed stare into nowhere. For a man who THINKS he's about to be one of two winners, he looks rather dejected to me. Finally Dan asks "You feel any better today Jerry?". Jerry responds "I'm just using today to reflect, Dan, I'm thinking about 9/11 and all the people". He tells Dan that "she" gave him something that made him feel better, "something in a glass that tasted like lemon iced tea". Dan heads outside and says out loud "Happy Birthday, Mom!". He then says "Big Brother, you forgot to lift the one glass shield". The shield goes up, then Dan says "Sometimes the little brother has to look out for the big brother". You can hear the BB voice say "Thank you!". Dan returns inside and Jerry, having heard the thank you announcement, asks "what'd you do something nice??? Youuuu, Dan???", as if he's surprised. Dan tells him of the glass shield, then says "even I can do something nice, Jerry!". Dan, with his usual nervous energy, goes in and out and back and forth as we hear his flip flops make their way about the house. He then says "swim tiiiime!", then heads to the bathroom to put in his contacts and brush his teeth. Jerry remains seated at the table and staring; Memphis must have a sore back, still at the massage chair and pressing his back into the back of the chair. 12:34 BBT Dan has just asked the question aloud "What time are we gonna start this charade, Big Brother?" He goes outside and he and Memphis discuss how they could now be worried, but they are both so relieved and lucky it has worked out the way they planned. 12:40 BBT Memphis puts on his trunks to join Dan in the pool, Jerry at bathroom sink brushing his teeth, never leaving Memphis too far from his sight. Jerry asks "Did you try those shirts on?" I've heard Memphis laughing about Jerry's "collared shirts", apparently he's trying to give some to him. Memphis says he hasn't yet tried them on. Memphis joins Dan in the pool - not long after Jerry heads outside too and pulls a chair right up poolside and sits down and begins his Jerry chatter, each sentence followed with his patented Jerry gravel-voiced "heh heh heh heh". He says if he works out now and hurts his back it won't matter. "heh heh heh heh" follows.
  13. 1:55 BBT Constant announcements of "Dan, knock it off!" from the BB voice. Memphis says "Funny thing is, Dan actually thinks he's pulling something off when he does this". Dan's talking about text messaging, and once again "Dan knock it off!" Wonder what subjects he IS allowed to talk about? Now just "Dan!!!" It's funny watching these guys try to fill up their time as they're locked down. 2:30 BBT Memphis and Jerry still on LR couches, having a discussion about their backgrounds and histories. Memphis says when he was young his mother had to work three jobs to support him and his sister, and they lived in a small apartment and he had to share a room with his sister. He said contrast that to his mom's life now (he reveals she has her own advertising agency), he says once she moved to TN her career took off. He said the difference is like black and white, and he's happy his mom is doing better now. Jerry talks of his years in the "corporate world" and that he was in sales, but once he got his degree "whewwww, took off! There was no hesitation on corporate's part, they promoted me!". Memphis talks of showing his mom around L.A. and that she was "beside herself" when she saw the lifestyle.
  14. 1:20 BBT Keesha and Memphis have been hanging out in the kitchen, Memphis enjoying a bowl of cereal and Keesha cleaning up random kitchen stuff. All feeds on them so I don't know where the other two are. Comments every now and then about what it'll be like very soon when they are out of the house from Keesha and Memphis. "Oh my gosh, I can't wait to leave" Keesha says. "Well, they said the 16th, and we were happy about THAT!". "Just to talk to everybody" Memphis says. They must have gotten word they'll be done a few days sooner than they expected. 1:40 BBT Keesha and Memphis have retired to the LR, each on a couch. Small talk about people in previous BB seasons. Dan comes in, and feeds show Jerry flopped out on couch in SR.
  15. 12:49 BBT I log in to hear Keesha shrieking "DUDE....what's going on????". She's in VW bedroom with Memphis lying on the bed, replying "I know, I don't understand it". Keesha continues to repeat "It's really weird, it's so weird, it's really really weird", and Memphis keeps responding "I just don't know.....I just don't understand, I can't understand it". So something's happening, but I'm not sure what. They seem to be purposely avoiding speaking in full sentences, perhaps trying to avoid getting yelled at for speaking the subject. Keesha just said "yeah, tomorrow", and Memphis agrees. "Look at Marcellis, he didn't even use it, so they could just be doing that to cover..... I think that's pretty much what's going on" HUH?! Memphis says "they speed this stuff up at the end", Keesha agrees and says "yes, because there's nothing else to watch! Just us being lazy, that's not any fun". She then says she'll go crazy if they're locked in the house all day. Wish I could figure out what they are talking about. 12:55 BBT "I'm just so confused" Keesha says, "it's just so crazy". She and Memphis now sit opposite each other, staring right at each other, shaking their heads. "Nuts" Memphis says. What in the world is going on? "Kind of exciting though, isn't it?" Keesha says. "I'm gonna freak out when I leave here, I'm already scaring myself" Memphis says. Are they leaving the house for some reason? "Makes more sense to me they'd have the finale on a Thursday or a Sunday, because they are bigger TV nights" Memphis says. "Probably will be Sunday" Keesha replies. (Whispering now....."unless......" and Keesha doesn't complete the thought). "That's nuts" Memphis says once again! "I'm so ready" Keesha says, "it's gonna be an intense week". "Less than a week away", Memphis says, then follows up "imagine, in a week we'll be out walking around". So perhaps they are just contemplating life after Big Brother, and Keesha made it sound like something new was going on. 1:00 BBT "Live tomorrow, live Thursday, live Sunday" Memphis says. Some nice soul here on the forum just informed me the subject they are discussing is recording their goodbye messages to everyone. (Thank you! Keesha got me thinking something new was happening.....guess that is new if all the next three shows will be live, if that is in fact the case.....anyway, thanks for the info!) Dan joins them and says he talked in his DR session about the relationships and how they've changed since week one. He says he talked about his helicopter ride and how he saw Keesha's place of work as well as Memphis', and how he was careful not to say S Bar or Hooters. Seems they are getting reflective about leaving each other and the house.
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