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  1. FishyLynn

    Wil Heuser, Pre-Season

    when I first seen his photo I thought he was one of the Nelson twins LoL Nelson - After the Rain
  2. FishyLynn

    Willie Hantz, Pre-Season

    so is this Hantz the father of Brandon from Survivor 23 ? or is this another brother of Russell and when do they start running on The Amazing Race ? LMAO ya now there is a twist , love it
  3. FishyLynn

    Jenn Arroyo, Pre-Season

    since 4 former players will be coming back, I could see Nakomis "daughter of the moon" being one of them producers probably thinking she'd pair up with Jenn if not Nakomis than Lydia would also fit in with Jenn most likely hey we got lots of tattoos , alliance ?
  4. FishyLynn

    Lawon - Week 2

    LaWon about Adam "stupid fool, don't know what he's doing, bless his heart"
  5. FishyLynn

    Lawon - Week 2

    "its all good baby, s'all good Mmm"
  6. :) I'll look forward to seeing you on the boards again! enjoy!
  7. another Summer - another BIG Brother :)

  8. says " if you are on Facebook , come play PackRat - add the app. "

  9. FishyLynn

    BB13 House Photos

    round beds are the worst to sleep in if I was in that house and won HoH I'd still sleep downstairs
  10. FishyLynn

    BB 13

    I am guessing all*stars 2 for Big Brother since Survivor did their 2nd all*stars with Heroes Vs. Villains and the Amazing Race is currently in their 2nd all*stars with Unfinished Business though it isn't much of a all*stars since Jeff & Jordan aren't racing again
  11. FishyLynn

    Kristen Bitting tried to rip me off

    well there are 5 sock puppets perhaps they will hit e-bay besides they are much cuter
  12. FishyLynn


    if ya got the live feeds flashback to Friday August 6 2010 hours 10am minutes 26 cam 1 Kathy's comment to Enzo & Lane about Rachel LOL
  13. FishyLynn

    Kathy - Week 5

    if ya got the live feeds flashback to Friday August 6 2010 hours 10am minutes 26 cam 1 Kathy's comment to Enzo & Lane about Rachel LOL
  14. FishyLynn


    like every Thursday, the feeds are down for awhile so time to go play PackRat on Facebook - its a card collecting game this link helps with the recipes (3 cards from 1 collection that make a new card in that collection) http://www.packratwiki.com/PackRat come play while the feeds are down
  15. FishyLynn


    but no one knows yet not really at 7:30 pm BBtime Britney and Monet were in the bedroom and they heard a chirpy noise. Britney says it sounds like a grasshopper - Monet says she doesn't know what it is. When they leave the bedroom, the feeds showed a electronic beeping device (which is listed on the household items that saboteur can use on CBS.COM) so the Saboteur has struck. Its placed in that space where the camera can show the the view of the 2 different bedrooms right above the bed that Annie took back from Monet last night. Lynn