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  1. If you're on the block and won the POV and use it save the other person, you remain on the block.
  2. Yayyyyyyyyyyyy JORDO!!!!! :party_smilie:
  3. I'm SOOO glad Keith is GONE!!! Buh bye!
  4. Typo. Sorry. Should have been season 8. Carry on. Trivia: Time to get difficult. Who said "I'm just in love with Greg Kinnear"?
  5. Answer: Jen Question: Who was voted off on day 55 of S6?
  6. Drew (5) Janelle (6) Jordan (11) Jeff (11) Russell (11) Danielle (3/7) Casey (11) Evil Dick (8) Nick (8) Sharon (9) Crazy James (9) Parker (9) Rennie (10) Libra (10) Brian (10) Britney (12) Rachel (12) Brendon (12)
  7. These 2 hrs finale are stupid!! All this stuff can be done in an hour tops. Hopefully they'll go back to an hour next season.
  8. I agree. BB is SOOO full of shit! They purposely made these questions easy to force a tie breaker. Boo!
  9. This season was by far the worst. It was TOTALLY predictable from the start and the HGs just weren't interesting. No power moves and everyone voted with the house, with the exception of Kathy on a couple of occasions. It's almost as if they were playing for the others instead of themselves. At least with season 9, you got a little drama and something to watch, regardless if it was in disbelief or not. Is it just me or does AG has some sick fascination with Jessie? Seems she always find a way to bring this meat head back for her own personal satisfaction! Arghhhhhh!!
  10. What point does it do to expose the Brigade? You still have 2 Brigade members voting and that's only going to add fuel to the fire and make them want to get rid of him even more. Brendon mind is set and won't be changed. Matt can do all the convincing he wants to Brendon and he is still going to vote him out. Keep in mind, Brendon's vote is personal for Rachel. I don't think there will be a tie and even if there is Britney is voting Matt out.
  11. I like to remain optimistic too but the fact is Matt is a strong competitor and Britney knows this. Trust me, if he goes up, he's going home. The only vote he will have to stay is Ragan. Brendon, Hayden, and Lane are keeping Enzo.
  12. I can't wait to see the outplay of this. I'm sure Britney is stressed about who to replace. She said she wasn't gonna put up Hayden so I think she'll keep her word about that. It would be in her best interest to put up Matt. Matt needs to go!
  13. Nothing to really end to be honest. I think the rest of the brigade members are kinda over him anyways. I think he jumped ship a while back. After the shock tonight they'll definitely be done with him. You'd think by him being a member of MENSA he'd put up Britney but obviously he wants to play safe and take the easy way out.
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