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  1. The only thing was a slight surprise that the vote as that close. I thought KC would win by two votes. Maybe KC thought she would win by more votes too, otherwise might have rather have picked JC with an end result of swept the jury. Maybe her thinking was "I don't want to win if I can't beat the best"..... In sports, always go for sure win, rather than allow others have a chance to beat you. No coach would risk loosing the championship game by reducing their chances to win. If you have an advantage, always take it.
  2. It would be a very bold move for KC to take Tyler. I think she can safely beat Tyler by at least two votes. If it is KC vs JC, there is high probably KC sweeps the jury. I am not sure what JC can say to sway anyone on the jury. In his mind he likely perceives he manipulated everyone the entire game, thus deserves to win . Of course he didn't, but he does not know what all was going on behind his back. He got to the end because he never was a threat to the group of 6. He voted with them, but never was part of their team.
  3. JC makes it to final 2. KC wins if she makes it to final 2. If KC and JC are in the final two, KC sweeps the votes. If Tyler wins the final comp, he'll pick JC. Tyler is no dumby; he has no better than 50% chance to win BB if he sits next to KC in the end.
  4. Time for Sam and JC to be nominated. That is what I think KayCee will do.
  5. That was the dumbest individual move in BB history.
  6. I am not a fan of Battle Back because that is giving someone two shots at winning, and those who have not been evicted yet only get one shot. I also suspect that the Battle back is slanted so a fan favorite HG can re-enter the house. Not suggesting producers rig the game so a specific HG wins, but I suspect they create a game so the odds of winning are slanted towards a specific HG or HGs. Producers knows all the strengths and weaknesses of the HGs. With that said, I almost think Scottie should get a free pass back into the house because he was totally screwed over by dumb bell Faysal....lol
  7. i don't need to read the previous posts in this thread to conclude nearly everyone perceives that Faysal is the dumbest player in BB history, Surpassing fan favorite Kaysar from BB6 (2006).There maybe other canidates for "Dumbest HG", but I can't think of them at the moment. I have to speculate that the casting producers were able to identify the "spoiler" qualities he has in his personality.Each week he has totally screwed up his game and everyone connected to him. He is mind blogging bad player. Producers had know Faysal fit the role of :Dumb-as-shit guy who would be a fish out of water in his efforts to play BB. JC probably could convince Faysal to put himself (Faysal) on the block. Got to wonder how may of the remaining HGs want to take Faysal the end.
  8. That is what I thought, but its still not been fixed. Surely I am not the only one who has noticed it. Its going on 24 hours and the page has been updated a few times.
  9. Morty's update page say Nicole won the PoV and she used it, but it still lists Paul & Victor as being on the block. Am I missing something, how can use it, but the noms stay the same?
  10. Plenty of other software options that can be used to record BB live feeds.
  11. CamStudio. software is free. Subscription to feeds is required. http://camstudio.org/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPIxot2IAm4
  12. Don't be afraid of being banned on youtube. They only ban chronic abusers, after repeated warns. BB feeds clips are all over youtube, and are not to be pulled down very fast. I don't think CBS is too concerned unless posting full episodes. Clips posted on youtube promotes the show, so CBS is not looking to shut down fans who are helping increase ratings.
  13. It appears to me that the BB producers filter out nearly all wannabe actors\stand-up comic\etc, and rightfully so. Imagine the BBH filled with semi-professional entertainers looking to get their big break, they all would be show casing their individual talents for the cameras, and far less interested in playing the BB game. For those of us who have watched BB for many years, there there are profile types that get repeatedly selected season after season, or another perspective, there are personality flaws that tend to be in most seasons. And if its not obvious, most all the people who are selected, are selected because they a flawed in such a way that will make for high TV ratings. If not flawed in some obvious way, they are qwerty and popular with the audience.. If BB was serious about casting people who are really good manipulators, the show would be like watching people play chess 24x7. Nobody would say or do anything that would be worth watching, which is why the producers cast typical people we all know in our daily lives. We all know at least a couple flaming gay men, or men\women who must always be in control of everything, or the person who falls love based on almost nothing, or individual who can't handle any type of rejection and go on the war path against anyone who who not 100% on their side, etc.
  14. Can someone explain to me how the Twin Twist works, specifically what they need to accomplish for both to stay in the game? I know the basics; I understand they switch places at regular intervals and pretend to be one person. What is puzzling is what they need to do for both to stay in the BBH. At the moment, nearly all the HGs knows they are twins, and the rest are highly suspicious. Seems to me that pretty much means the twins aren't fooling any HG good enough for any of them to guess wrong if they were asked by BB.
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