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  1. really he's a GUY??? where did you hear that rumor??LMAO
  2. You say that like you think it is PAST TENSE??
  3. Reaper, neither one of their PROPS are near enough... One bottle for the HARD drinking skank Rachel??? One box of TISSUES for Brenda??? This show goes on for like 13 weeks doesn't it??
  4. that is the UNDERSTATEMENT of the season!!
  5. What are you guys talking about??? Brenda is ALL man/male....he's just a little sensitive..lol After the tequila incident I can see them in Vegas after the show, BRENDA will be slumped in a corner passed out..while party girl Rachel will be dancing on the bar!!! He so didn't want to do the tequila shots,but rather than saying that, he let rachel whip him into doing them!
  6. You will never convince me for a nano second that Parv wasn't completely sure of what was going down that night,or she would have used the idol to protect herself... As far as Amanda cluing her in as to what was going to happen ,I don't see her trusting Amanda with her life in the game ,even if Amanda told her what was really going to happen,how they were really going to vote? Amanda told her on screen anyway (her edit) that she NEEDED to use the idol on herself that night! The info used to actually make that move and feel confident it wasn't going to get her voted out was provided by someone that KNEW exactly what was going to happen that night... the producers! On par with Russell finding 3 idols last year without a CLUE, as they wanted him to stay on the show! You might get lucky and find one in the wilderness without an actual clue, but 3? come on!!!
  7. Marty

    Hey hope you are doing OK. I miss having you to argue with.

  8. good- bye message you didn't see!
  9. CeCi , Unfortunately I didn't do these... my nephew found them, so I thought I would share..glad you liked them ..he did a series , at least one for each eviction. I'll post all of them here,if not appropriate feel free to delete Ronnie: Jessie: Lydiot: Russell: Chima: another gnat: and more gnat: Jordan:
  10. Good bye message to Michelle you didn't see!!
  11. gnat http://www.youtube.com/user/88BillTCat88#p...l/1/FGixiB26118
  12. jeff goodbye message you didn't see!!
  13. Same thought process jeff had about winning the POV!!! Had Kevin lost the final comp to Michelle ,it wouldn't have mattered,he still would have gone to F2!!! Yes winning that final comp would have put him in F2, but if he had strategically taken Michelle he didn't need to win to get to F2... He fully intended to dump gnat at F2 ,he was banking on winning the final comp and taking what he thought was an easy win, jordan to F2.. He put the cart before the horse... That is called playing the game stratgecially, rather than just thinking the game is ALL about winning comps, or being nice, or lieing good, but that is JMHO!!!
  14. Kevins' fatal mistake was NOT taking Michelle with him to F3...It made him a jury member casting votes, rather than being F2 and getting votes... It was at the least a 50 grand,maybe a 500 grand mistake on his part!
  15. TRUER words were NEVER spoken!!! I would have subsituted CLUELESS for Ignorance, as I don't think jordan is ignorant, just not the "sharpest crayon in the box"!!! Congradulations Jordan on the WIN....not bad, for not having a CLUE!!!
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