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  1. Catniptoy

    The Bachelorette

    I just couldn't bring myself to watch, after the disaster that happened with Jason, and finding out that Deanna dumped her guy. Am I the only one? Is it actually enjoyable this year? I have thought that I might try to catch up, but I'm not even sure it is worth watching, now.
  2. Hi, Georgie! Long time no write! I hope you are doing well.

  3. Catniptoy

    The Bachelor 13

    I was freaked out when I saw Deanna! I really liked Jesse and predicted that she would pick him, and now she's gone and broke his heart!!!!! I don't think that Deanna will be taken up on her offer, though. I read an interview where the host, Chris, says the following about her: "But Harrison says that Pappas has big Hollywood dreams. He says Pappas has been getting "bad advice" from people like "paparazzi guys, and other people that she's been running into that have filled her head with, you know, these dreams that she's going to come to Hollywood and make it big and do all this stuff. And I think her head's getting a little bigger than it should and I think that's led to this as well." I don't think that he would say that about her if there was a chance that she would be the one Jason picks. Plus, they really stressed Jason saying that Deanna wasn't the right thing for him, or for her. I've got to say that I was floored when I saw her, though!
  4. Catniptoy

    Are You Into This Season Or Not?

    I'm loving this season!
  5. I received a note from the board saying you left a comment on 8/05--Sorry I missed it. Feel free to leave it again and I'll try to be more punctual. I don't check here often enough.

  6. Hi, again!

    We have two dogs. The black lab puppy mix, and then an Australian Heeler that we rescued (both are rescue dogs). She's red and white (with red spots). And we've got two cats, too. Luckily, they all get along!

  7. Hey! My dog has yellow lab, plott hound, and german shepherd in her. Is that the only dog you have?

  8. Catniptoy

    Christina Applegate Has Cancer

    I was so sad to hear about this, but happy that they managed to find it soon, and hopefully she will be fine. She's a very bright woman, from the interviews I've seen, and I wish her all the best.
  9. Hi--I just saw your last comment, so sorry I took so long to respond! My dog is mostly black lab, with some kind of hound or terrier thrown in, but we're not sure about that part. How about yours?

  10. Hi! Just returning the profile visit! Do I know you? :)

  11. Hey Catnip..haven't seen you doing latenight updates like last summer..Anyway just stop by to say Hi

  12. Catniptoy

    Live Feeds Available (real Player)

    Gingersnaps, they are trying to get you to sign up for the long-term games pass and music thing in Rhapsody. So, with Superpass, you get $10 free music, and one game download a month, but you don't get to pick the game. They are trying to get you to sign up for the gamepass, which I used to have, and it costs $10 a month, basically. The Rhapsody is some kind of thing where you can listen to all of the music you want, but you don't actually own it, I think. You were right to just say no to everything. You'll still get your $10 music downloads if you want them, and you'll still be able to download the game of the month. Just have a look at the Superpass tab, and choose "games" or "music," I think.
  13. Catniptoy

    Sunday & Monday, July 13 & 14

    Angie's not really as safe as she thinks. Jerry's got her as a target and has broadcasted it to his alliance of 8 or 9, or whatever they really are--depends on which hg is talking at the time.
  14. BB is too confusing in the beginning. i'll like it more in a few weeks when we're down a few idiots!

  15. Hiiiii, Scuba-Doo!!!! (Waves frantically)

    How are you liking BB10?