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  1. mango

    The Real Gilligans Island 2

    This was my first time watching this show (and I didn't even catch the first half of it!) but I really was rooting for Gilligan Charlie (who worked hard each week to win the challenges) or Ginger Erika (who's a nice gal but probably has enough money). Congratulations Gilligan Charlie.......watch ouuuuut!!!
  2. mango

    Episodic Discussion

    Hmmmm, I guess they're really pushing for a John O'Hurley win..... :roll:
  3. mango

    Hilfiger's Reality Show 'The Cut'

    Thanks, DefntlyDiffrnt! I missed that part cuz I was off doing other stuff! I think I like Liz (is that her name?) - the one who designed the winning dress....
  4. mango

    Hilfiger's Reality Show 'The Cut'

    Couldn't stand him either, but poor guy, he put in so much work. I have a question, why did the other team use seamstresses but Tommy's team didn't? Is that allowed? If so, wouldn't Tommy's team have been better off getting extra help in too? :?:
  5. mango

    Welcome to the Neighborhood

    Damn, I really was looking forward to it. But if all it did was perpetuate stereotypes, then I'm glad we won't be subjected to it.
  6. What are you on about?? :?
  7. mango

    Kelly Monaco

    Lauren, I only just read what you posted this afternoon, and all I can say is wow, you are one smart cookie! :wink: Thank you for the analysis and background info. Initially, I too, disliked Kelly's character Sam on GH. But the way they've spun it now, has garnered a lot of public sympathy for "Sam". She really has become a lot more likable. Btw, I had no idea that she was on Port Charles before she came to GH..... Once again, I'll say what I said on another site, I think John will win but I also really really like Kelly and I think she's become an amazing dancer!
  8. mango

    Smallville (includes SPOILERS)

    Thanks for posting that ranster!
  9. mango

    Starting Over

    Well, she was put on probation (although most of the housemates wanted her gone). Then she violated the stipulations set out for her by her housemates and LCs (she continued being self-righteous, arrogant, condescending, picking fights/arguments with the women or needling them etc) and so she was finally asked to leave by the LCs, much to the relief of the rest of the housemates.
  10. mango

    Starting Over

    They're replaying the entire second season here too, but I have no desire to watch it again since it is still fresh in my mind. I love Starting Over. Or rather, I USED to love this show but this last season just kinda sucked, especially towards the end....
  11. mango

    I confess

    I've been hearing the same thing for the past few months, that they will be centering the stories around the hospital again. For me, GH went downhill after Brenda (Vanessa Marcil) left. I still like Y&R and I'm addicted to the Bold and the Beautiful because it's only a half hour long each day, ending well before I get bored.....
  12. mango

    Episodic Discussion

    Kelly was awesome...nice save with the wardrobe malfunction! She works hard and gets better and better each week. I'm glad that the judges finally appreciated her effort and her style. Her hip movements were damn sexy! John was uncharacteristically stiff tonight and I agree with the judges, his footwork was messy. Joey's goofy facial expressions (the one where his mouth is wide open and his eyebrows are raised in mock surprise) while he was dancing were annoying and he always puts just a little bit too much gusto into the dance routines. I really thought he'd be the one to go. Oh well. Rachel, I always said is a bit too tall and awkward looking to truly be graceful, although I do think that she's good. I was surprised to see her go.