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  1. Would also like to say thanks to you all! Great job again this (and every) season.
  2. I really hope they play the goodbye message tonight and Ian tells him it was him that got Boogie evicted tonight. I also want Dan to expose the Quack Pack to him in his message. The look on Boogies face will be awesome.
  3. Wonder if Shane even knew her name when he put her up as the replacement? She needs to chill out and know that Boogie is the target.
  4. I like them only because they get under Branchels skin and I cannot stand Branchel.
  5. He trusted the wrong people. Troyzan tried to tell him that the girls were up to something but he would not listen. It was pretty clear when he was sitting around talking to the women about voting Alecia and a couple walked away and none of them made eye contact. He deserved to go.
  6. Wish the merge would have waited 1 week because they were going to vote her off and that would have topped off the night. Colton and her gone!
  7. Only thing that would have made him falling better is if it would have been Rachel!
  8. I totally agree. She had no intention of doing that challenge without some help and you could see that from the start as she was trying to snuggle up to the other 2 teams working together. The fake cry fest was awesome.
  9. Rachel meltdown coming soon. They showed her getting into it with another female racer and we all know how that ends. Should be crying in a bush real soon.
  10. I thought she said once she cannot drive so I can see the meltdown now. Him driving and her "trying" to read the map and tell him where they need to go. Should be epic.
  11. I am also happy they are gone. Loved the fact that the Dad did not volunteer to do the tasks but was great at everything after the fact. Wow!
  12. I think this team could be strong as long as she does not beat herself up too bad.
  13. I really like this team. They seem to be enjoying themselves while also remembering this is a race.
  14. I voted Annie. She never really got to play the game as herself. She tried too hard because of the whole Sab thing and got the boot early. Kind of liked her and would like to see what she could do without worrying about the Sab.
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