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  1. 10:35 Nick asks Tim if he knows how the hankerchief works and TIm says ya you blow snot into it. but they are using it to accessories his outfit
  2. 10:26 Feeds are back and Gary tells everyone to sit down because it's Kelsey's moment to "walk down the run way" they all lover her blue dress and think she looks beautiful. someone comments she should shave her arm pits and Gary says that's evil Next are Brothers Tim says he loves Garry's Necklace because there's a lion on it, and Gary asks what everyone's fav animals is Tim comments that he is excited for a good Lunch and Phil says what's the Status on that Tim asks if Gary's shoes are heavy and he says a little bit.
  3. 10:15ish I see "Glitter" Gary from BB Canada season 1 helping Tim get all ready (guessin the Gala is tonight) next up was Kels and the feeds went down.
  4. 5:10 Tim and (Nick) I think are discussing that it's coming to an end but the excitement to getting back to the normal. Tim wonders what would have been happy he made it this far. Kels & Cass are in HOH and talk about how people are in the house, and how Cass went all dark saying she wanted to eat people.
  5. 4:30PM Kels has always wanted a long sleeved bull dog shirt and they want to play a joke on her and say Tim gave it to Joel for his purple shirt. She is currently in DR Brothers have gotten a few things from Tim and many things Philip has on they always say DJ Phil and he's a DJ looker and has a good look to be a DJ
  6. 4:10 Tim says he has many demin vests but they did not make it itno the house and he is happy that he's getting "rid of a lot of shit" Joel is looking on Kels is looking through some of his jewelry items
  7. 3:59 Tim put a skirt on (Cass's ) and couldn't get it off. He thought it was a dress Cass walks in and says you better not be going through her bag, and says if anyone goes through I'll lose it Kels asks to borrow a skirt and Cass says not if she's leaving They move from the Pink room to the Blue room Where Tim's items are Tim gives Cass the "gay boots" made in Australia. Cass really wants them TIm give Cass another "jumper" and it really suits Cass
  8. 3:36 Everyone has moved from the HOH to the Pink room where they are going through clothes and may trade items, Joel is just going to watch because he's got limited clothes to share, They are trying to figure out what to wear tomorrow THey make piles and Tim says you just hold it up, and say I want it or not want it The first question is are u willing to part they try things on and then "buy" it
  9. 3:26 the convo wierdly moves to bowel movements and they said they're "Shooting the shit literally" and Tim says the decision feels strange this week, Kels wonders if there should be more fighting but it seems quiet and then Tim mentions if the POV situation had not happened and ya never know where things will go in this game Phil says that honesty is the best policy and it can affect the Jury vote. Tim says the people in the Jury have the majority but the people in still left can help sway the vote.
  10. 3:14 Joel walks into the HOH room Tim said that Nick Philip and Joel have no secrets regardless of they want them to leave. He tells kels, Brothers and Tim is trying to think of some arguments for myself, and tells them they want to bring everyone down stairs and tells them the factors why he should stay, and after that the ball is in their court and the chips can fall where they may, but they have something before that they want to adderss or say he’s happy to listen Kels said that right now they are trying to figure out moving forward where everybody’s heads at., esp Tim Brothers and Kels know where they want to go, and the route they want to take, with Cass she thinks she’s leaving, he thinks that after yesterday his head is more on the chopping block, and what transpired in the hot tub and nothing is certain now. Kels says the more time they had to think about things the more they realized he’s played them the whole game, and doesn’t want him to think they hate him.
  11. 3:01 Philip is in the HOH bed listening to music \Cass leaves HOH and says come find me if you need me Nick and Philip leave HOH room Cass has joined Tim in the Blue room but there is no chatter Kels is now in the HOH bed listening to music
  12. 2:57 Cass is giving Nick (I think) a massage and he loves it he tells her how he loves how she goes for it. Tim is in the blue room in bed under the covers (nothing much really to report)
  13. 12:56 Brothers, Kels Tim and Cass are now in the Kitchen, talking about a sweater just general chit chat going on Kels asks how Joel is doing and says Joel is coming up with something good and Cass says ya he is.
  14. 12:54 Joel says he's hidden and kept things inside, and that is why he took the brunt and took a lot of shots yesterday and deservingly so (his words) Cass says "time to make some coffee" Joel thinks if he doesn't leave he'd have to win Cass says the same thing feeds go black
  15. 12:44 Joel says that Tim "did never say to me Joel you have my vote, until he had a personal talk with him and Nikki about his personal life, he interrupted and said "Joel you have my vote" Joel asked if he picked House guests choice would you fight or me" Tim told him he couldn't answer that but he would just give him that he would vote for him to stay over Mitch" He says he will talk to the HG and talk to them. Joel was in the DR most of the morning, and he's going to Bring everyone down stairs or dining room or living room and be like alright here's all the different things you guys think you are basing voting on and based on this I would be a better option to stay and then it's in their hands" Cass asks him what the factors are. He doesn't know the factors, (i don't' know why he's telling Cass these things) Who's more trust worthy, who's been more loyal, he doesn't feel comps really play into it, he doesn't feel either of them are a threat on a competition level , he says now that we're getting down to it there's only 2 or 3 comps, that have big steaks. The person who wins veto would hold all the cards, Cass asks him who he would save and he wants to get through this eviction, and if he does get through this eviction you can never know, and believes if he does get through it, he will have to win one of the two competition, in the final 4 to get to final 3. he think If I was sitting on the nomination couch after the Veto is done, whoever has the veto would save him.. i he doesn't go this week he'd go next week. Phil goes into the Pink room to find his laundry basket, and Cass tells him she brought it to the laundry room and is doing laundry. Cass says she may sleep in the Pink room tonight and asks what they're doing and Phil says just chilling