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  1. anyone know anything about the Realtytvfan.org site being down?
  2. Rex and Nicole are the two rudest people ever on a Realty show (besides Evil Dick that is). I can hardly stand to watch them. They think they are so much better than everyone else. Instead of telling everyone they did a great job with the Thriller performance, Rex had to say Mikey was out of step and going in the wrong direction. I think Mikey did an excellent job considering. And Kat wasn't as bad as he made it sound. He is just full of it.
  3. SerenityNow how about Lisa? I cannot stand Rex and his girlfriend. I think she is a golddigger. I don't think she really likes Rex. She turns her head when he tries to kiss her. He is very controlling. He is always kissing on her and petting her (what is that all about). I also like Rachel and think Mikey is so funny. I can't believe Mo has lasted as long as he has. I'm hoping Rex and Nicole are up for eviction this week. I feel sorry for Darnel. I don't blame Sara for liking Stu but don't lead Darnel on.
  4. Anyone missing Luke and anyone tired of Rex? I know Luke was a big gossip but he was funny. Rex is just full of himself.
  5. She was choosen as a Hevenly houseguest two times. Then 2nd time I said, "why". She has no personality, what is her appeal?
  6. No... I mean what's up with that? Was BB upset that their favorites were up against each other so they had to fix it. I thought you went to jail if you talked about nominations? When did they change the rules?
  7. I was very shocked to see who was evicted and at what? 65% or something like that. I mean they must hate her. Was it the Mohammad kiss or the talking bad about Rachel or just the overall brattiness. I did get several laughs with her in the house. I love the Uk Bb task.... I wish USBB would do something like that. I is so boring with just a food competition, POV and a short HOH. OH well.
  8. I finally was able to see it this morning... Couldn't wait to see who was evited
  9. And I know lots of people who don't watch the live fees, BBAD or read websites that have information about the live feeds ... they just watch the show when it comes on and they love it the way it is edited. For example, I know a lot of people who just watched the show who loved BB9.
  10. I care... thanks for the post. Happy to see Big Brother doing well in the ratings.
  11. Yes.... please bring it back in 2009. 2010 too long to wait. they did do an elaborate BB. Maybe they want to scale it down a bit. I'm not sure how I feel about the viewers voting.
  12. Where is tonight's episode? No one has posted it yet. Enjoying Uk Bb. They do interesting tasks and love how they sing while listening to their music.
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