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    Mike "Boogie"

    Is Boogie really mad at Will? Or is it just part of his strategy to make Erika think he wouldn't take Will to the final two if he won HOH?
  2. Can someone who knows the answer please fill me in??? I'm clueless
  3. Turtle

    Is BB rigged???

    Okay, cool. I know he said it wasn't rigged, but I still wanted to know what people thought because if he is a producer of the show, obviously he would deny something like that...
  4. Turtle

    Is BB rigged???

    Yes. I did, why?
  5. Turtle

    Is BB rigged???

    I personally don't think it's rigged. However, I do think that the producers do some kind of manipulating (or whatever you want to call it) to get certain results. Like many people have mentioned how they choose questions in a competition that they know a certain contestant will do better with, and previous houseguests have said that they try to get you to see things differently, or get mad at another houseguest, etc. in the diary room sessions. I know a lot of people were mad about the HOH redo a couple of weeks ago...because Janie won the only week that she could not play in POV...some people found that coincidence a little too suspicious. I still think they should have redone it, but without the contestants that answered incorrectly the first round (as opposed to just the slowest player to answer correctly) becuase they would have lost regardless... anyway...just trying to get the thread back on track. =) LOL, I think we may have caused that announcement... Anyway, I'm glad...thank's Jem =D (Where is the warning thingy? I don't see it...)
  6. Turtle

    Is BB rigged???

    There have been so many threads and posts about how BB is definitely/ definitely not rigged... I just wanted to see what the majority of BB fans thought. Also, if anyone has examples of how BB is/ is not rigged...feel free to post.
  7. Turtle

    Dr. Will - Evicted Week 11

    Thank you word_girl! =D
  8. Turtle

    Dr. Will - Evicted Week 11

    Does Will smoke??? And why does everyone call him Wilma?
  9. Turtle

    Should Ericka have been given immunity?

    I still think they should have redone the HOH competition, but with only the contestants that answered correctly the first round...
  10. Turtle

    Redo the HOH - SPOILER

    I wouldn't have had a problem with the redo, if they ever actually did them. The fact that so many comps have gone wrong with a "too bad so sad" result, why choose THIS one to redo? The ONE week where Janelle cannot play for veto? I agree 100%...couldn't have said it better myself. Kudos Moksha
  11. Turtle

    Thursday, August 10 Live Show

    By Julie telling Kaysar about James' alliance, does that mean there's definitely not going to be a jury of 9??? or are they allowed to know that kind of info?
  12. Turtle

    Thursday, August 10 Live Show

    OMG!!! Will's hair looks sooooooo stupid tonight... Is it just me?
  13. On tonight's show (8/8), when Will and Howie were outside shaving, what was Will's quote? I couldn't understand when Howie said something like..."Don't confuse ___ with ___? Did anyone catch this?
  14. There were at least two banner planes that the houseguests read during season two...the one read "Hardy, Will is lying to you." and Hardy flipped out...and the other one said something about Nicole cheating with Will -- it was from her husband and he said something about her deceiving him and they had to let her call him and explain everything b/c she was so upset...
  15. Turtle

    BB picture thread

    To BBFan100: Marvin from season 5 always used to say, "Don't piss on my leg and tell me it's rainin'." To Kimlyn: Will's official site: http://www.willkirby.com/ Kaysar's official site: http://kaysaronline.com/ Great thread btw!!!